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2011 movie reviews
  1. This audacious hybrid of cinematic styles is pure entertainment.
  2. For audiences, two things keep the tension from becoming too excruciating: the presence of the survivors in front of us and the knowledge that in the grip of Macdonald's humane, lucid filmmaking, we're in the best of hands.
  3. As a documentary, The Agronomist, in its excitingly fractured, modern manner, does what Lawrence of Arabia and The Leopard do: It traces the upheaval of a civilization in the profile of a magnificent individual. It's a 90-minute nonfiction film with the impact and the greatness of an epic.
  4. Hathaway carries you on an emotional whirligig that can be horrifying and funny, hopeful and devastating.
  5. Chicago is the zingiest, most inventive movie of its kind since "Cabaret."
  6. Pawlikowski's heart may be with Mona, but his art is closer to Tamsin. He luxuriates in his sensibility without delivering a movie that pays off in originality or insight.
  7. An unconventional and engrossing French thriller.
  8. Strip away the portentous style and lush views of nature in The Return and all you've got is a slender nightmare of a family gone haywire in an outing that turns into survival camp.
  9. A handsome, accomplished piece of work, but it drove me from absorption to excruciation within 20 minutes, and then it went on for two hours more.
  10. A solid, satisfying movie.
  11. Until the final shot, the movie keeps you wondering how it will turn out.
    • Baltimore Sun
  12. A beautiful display of celluloid bungee-jumping.
  13. An absorbing glimpse not only at the phenomenon of punk rock but also at British social history and the rock star mystique.
    • Baltimore Sun
  14. Eastern Promises is intensely anti-dramatic.
  15. A History of Violence is a hollow story from an empty graphic novel.
  16. A dizzying - sometimes frustrating - marvel of moviemaking instinct and ingenuity.
  17. The triumph of A Mighty Wind is that it makes an audience love the sing-along catchiness of folk and still break up at its banalities. This tiny titan of a movie is a perfect melding of form and content.
  18. The movie has been hailed and marketed as this year's Little Miss Sunshine, but it has none of that movie's empathy and comic surprise. Too much of it is like a subpar episode of Freaks and Geeks, padded out to 92 minutes with pseudo-witty dialogue.
  19. The movie dazzles with its slick lines, but there's a situational intelligence at play too -- little vignettes involving minor characters are begun at one wedding and then evolve into major events at the next.
    • Baltimore Sun
  20. When it comes to the oft-doomed genre of seafaring adventure, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World is a spectacular throwback and a great leap forward.
  21. The Station Agent has craft and pace and that far rarer quality, fellow-feeling.
  22. It's the talk...and the extraordinarily expressive faces of those who do the talking, that accounts for its engrossing, enchanting powers.
    • Baltimore Sun
  23. Bright Star delivers a prismatic depiction - tart, funny and piercing - of the romance between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne in the three years before he died, in 1821, at age 25.
  24. A first-person documentary with the subterranean pull of a superb confessional novel.
  25. It's not hard to imagine these characters in a straight-faced Hollywood blockbuster. And that's the source of Hot Fuzz's genius, pointing out the thin line that separates convention from farce when Hollywood starts throwing its special effects around.
  26. You have to grasp at straws to make even "poetic" sense of the narrative.
  27. This movie has an aura of forced tragedy, like a fourth-generation version of "Requiem for a Heavyweight."
  28. Grisly, stylish and often weirdly funny, Blood Simple is a reminder of how rarely an original artistic sensibility is announced to the world and how much better movies are when that sensibility is allowed to keep going its own way.
    • Baltimore Sun
  29. It gives you such an intense hit of creativity that afterward you may find yourself trying to jete out of the theater and into the street.
  30. Too bad the bulk of Rowling's humor goes down a black-magic drain.

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