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  1. Ultimately, Fisher comes across like that overly intelligent, entertaining, articulate analysand who has her own story all figured out, but still doesn't know how to let it go.
  2. The series is animated mostly by the perfectly legitimate reason of invoking sheer wonder, but the scientific episode gives a fascinating glimpse of what scientists still have to learn from these creatures.
  3. Without any framing background information, this affectionate documentary and its continual monologues can feel a little too insidery and indulgent.
  4. The cinematography is beautiful, and there seems to be nowhere around the Big Apple's tents and trailers that the camera won't go. There's just not much in the way of drama here.
  5. Every scene, no matter where it's filmed, inevitably seems to become some kind of Palin political dispatch.
  6. There were no attempts during the hour to tweak the tiresome late-night moves for cable, to expand beyond what late night TV means on the networks.
  7. The Walking Dead may depend more on suspense, desolate atmosphere, and creative storytelling than fine acting. The show takes a nightmare generally told in movies and opens it up for the medium of TV. I'm optimistic that Darabont & Co. will continue to find ways to make the characters interestingly human as they dodge death's slow, ruthless pursuit.
  8. The plots are really secondary to the show's winning, easy-going style and its bittersweet tone. This isn't John Cassavetes, but there's something of the director's spaciously paced, slightly improvised technique about the way the men on the show interact as they take their regular hikes and breakfast at the diner.
  9. He is so relentlessly bitter in Lennon Naked that, ultimately, his bitterness has no emotional weight. The script, by Robert Jones, is remarkably spotty.
  10. It's an average piece of work, crammed with every frat-boy cliche you can imagine, and cast with actors who don't initially stand out.
  11. It has become a powerful, promotional machine, long on hype and short on the human feeling--the glee--that once made it so addictive.
  12. I was surprised at how much adrenalized horror there is to be found in the story, as it races forward into bloody human-zombie battles and scary entrapments. This isn't a wink-winkfest so much as a sly screamfest, with lots of post-apocalyptic misery and carnage afoot.
  13. Gabriel Byrne is in every minute of the show, delivering one of TV's most faceted and intriguing performances....All of the new characters promise to engage as their stories and backstories begin to unfold.
  14. A strange, fascinating, and sometimes brilliant contemporary take on the father of forensic crime-solving.
  15. If not for the narrative clunkiness, Blue Bloods has the potential to be a juicy multigenerational family drama set in a moodily evoked New York, with Selleck's furrier-than-ever mustache as a bonus.
  16. Like "The View," The Talk was an hour of plastic blatherers pretending to be a microcosm of American women.
  17. Burns and Novick know that what happens on the field makes baseball interesting--and what happens in the hearts and minds of its followers is what makes it great. That mingling of action and ardor (technical expertise, too) is what makes The Tenth Inning such fine viewing.
  18. The pilot is entertainingly lighthearted, but in a twist that I won't spoil here, a serialized back story begins to surface that could push the show down a more convoluted path.
  19. Dexter is a masterfully creepy-funny serial-killer series, and it continues to both frighten and amuse as it enters its fifth season.
  20. I do have a problem with the way $#*! My Dad Says is so blandly traditional, so predictably brash, and so lazy.
  21. It's trite and forced, a collection of cardboard types rather than characters.
  22. It's just a little novelty, much like the plastic body fluids its characters are selling.
  23. The potential to run into a rut, especially with the long-married Vicky and Joel, looms large. But when it does work, the relatable relationship tics of Better With You should wring a few chuckles from anyone who's ever been in love for any length of time.
  24. Sure, it's nice to see Belushi in a new incarnation, and if I were trapped at a car repair shop in front of an episode I might be happy. But there are much better shows out there right now, and only so many hours in my day--and on my DVR.
  25. The light-hearted international espionage series is predictable, pointless, and, worst of all, cutesy.
  26. For the most part, the procedural material is boilerplate stuff we've seen zillions of times already on "Law & Order," with right turns and smoking guns and unexpected witnesses. The pleasure to be found on the show is in watching Tierney and Morrow riff off each other like very competitive tennis players.
  27. There may be a smaller number of top-notch newbies this season, but Raising Hope, a celebration of parenthood and childhood, of small joys and big struggles, is certainly one of them.
  28. It's stupid, but not in the brilliantly stupid and farcical manner of "Arrested Development." It's just a fast-paced, empty, odd-couple comedy that is irritating before the end of the first episode.
  29. Ultimately, Detroit 1-8-7, ABC's new cop series just may have enough forward thrust and raw emotion to take off.
  30. They make an appealing team, and it doesn't hurt that they're chasing bad guys through the breathtaking--and HDTV-ready--beauty of Hawaii. There's nothing groundbreaking going on here, just old-fashioned action-adventure fun. New old-fashioned fun, that is.

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