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  1. The plot strands don’t always come together smoothly, some of da Vinci’s mystical, drug-addled visions are pretentious, and the CGI re-creating 15th-century Florence is spotty. And the general tone of the show will not satisfy anyone looking for a serious take on a historical figure or era. But Da Vinci’s Demons is an entertaining series with one huge factor working in its favor: Unlike so much of what we see on TV lineups, it aims to be different.
  2. Together, they [Dakota Johnson & Nat Faxon] bring a whole mess of cute.
  3. The show is what it is--no surprises, no disappointments.
  4. It's a light half-hour of adults acting like teens, and teens acting like teens, that won't trick you into thinking or rethinking much of anything important.
  5. It is a treat, if not a revelation, for fans. This is very well plowed ground, after all. As for the as yet uninitiated, what they don’t find baffling they’ll likely find excessive.
  6. "Sons & Daughters" is a sitcom whose method -- a script embellished by actors at play -- celebrates the unexpected comedy that can emerge among talented people.
  7. It never quite dazzles, even as it impresses, and it misses some of Austen's ironic turns. But this is certainly a worthy adaptation, summoning all that is enduring about Austen.
  8. It will engage--though not obsess--those of us who enjoy parsing out the morals and manners of another time and place.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Stiller and company's satire, though too [TV-]oriented, is stylistically spirited and fresh. It's feisty without being nasty, and the show has an air of improvisation that plays into Stiller's easy, look-mom-I've-got-my-own-show persona. [8 Nov 1992]
    • Boston Globe
  9. America Ferrera is instantly and consistently likable as Betty.
  10. It’s a sly, low-key comedy, one that makes affectionate fun of Americans and Swedes with equal vigor.
  11. It’s sweet but not syrupy. The pilot is so beautifully written and acted that it’s difficult to offer any kind of resistance, flaws and all.
  12. They’ve done a smart job of building a cryptic, threatening world around the disturbing relationship at its center.... Highmore is just right as Norman.... I’m less convinced by Farmiga, who doesn’t seem to have a strong fix on Norma’s motivations.
  13. This promising series is really about a failed optimist, driven by the recession and his own midlife depression to sell his body to rich ladies.
  14. The mood is bright and whimsical--easy to take and just as easy to forget.
  15. If you're an avid fan of any of them, there's probably something here for you, especially if you like to monitor subtext.
  16. While Allegiance covers some of the same ground as both FX’s excellent period drama “The Americans” and Showtime’s resurgent “Homeland,” Nolfi and crew do a good job, particularly within the constraints of a broadcast network, differentiating their show’s mission.
  17. Louis-Dreyfus fits easily and naturally into the leading role of a vehicle built for one. She makes it a pleasure to watch Ellie - and to listen to her, too, when she sings in each episode. [26 Feb 2002]
    • Boston Globe
  18. It is a smartly conceived look at the populist side of fashion.
  19. The gang of five -- star Vince, brother Johnny Drama, dude-in-waiting Turtle, manager Eric, and agent Ari -- has jelled into a dynamic unit.
  20. Fox's strongest newcomer this season.
  21. Parks and Recreation has many distinctions, not least of all the hugely talented Poehler from "Saturday Night Live," who promises to develop Leslie slowly, without the haste required in sketch comedy. And the show has the potential to become a flip, witty political allegory.
  22. Over the course of the premiere episode, [Paul] Gross grew on me, as did the show itself.
  23. It's a happy mix, a breezy, playful half-hour that has the potential to open up into something special. Only time will tell if Breaking In can break out.
  24. The characters and the plotlines offer almost no surprises. They are generic and much too “Smash”-ish.... And yet, it is enormous fun watching Bernal steal the show.
  25. The particulars of USA's Traffic are different enough to make it feel like a new viewing experience, as well as a satisfying one. [26 Jan 2004]
    • Boston Globe
    • 60 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    This is a far campier and cartoonier RoboCop than the original. Even when the wit is blunt, the writing is snappy; and the acting is just broad enough to poke a little fun at itself. [16 Mar 1994]
    • Boston Globe
  26. Although flawed in its heavyhanded and unrelenting use of prejudice against alien beings as a metaphor for prejudice against blacks, Alien Nation packs a punch and could be the cult action show of the year - if it survives "Monday Night Football." [18 Sept 1989]
    • Boston Globe
  27. While there are bouts of facile speechifying, some of the twists are predictable, and the plot gears are greased a little too easily in the pilot--the various OPA employees know, and have dirt on, everyone from cops and mobsters to politicians and reporters--it's a satisfying, fast-paced, well-acted hour with flashes of humor.
  28. This is a place holder that looks a little like an infomercial. But The Glee Project, has heart, too, as it takes you behind the slick, overproduced veneer that is "Glee."

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