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  1. To embrace "Knights," you have to have a taste for the kind of comedy that teases because it loves.
  2. It’s thoroughly transporting.
  3. But the real question is: Will Dharma & Greg be able to expand its central, single joke into an entire series? An entertaining premiere, yes, but there may be a finite number of laughs to be had over those wacky hippies and the cold-hearted WASPs. [24 Sept 1997, p.C6]
    • Boston Globe
  4. At points, the new episodes strain to link past and present, with Thackery launching into didacticism about how addiction needs to be viewed as an illness, and not a moral failing. His argument seems a bit too forward-thinking, and it threatens the show’s hard-earned period authenticity. But generally, the writing pulls in still-festering themes effortlessly, blending them with plotlines that are never less than engaging.
  5. Tonight's premiere isn't one of the series' most cleverly wrought scripts; it's more of a welcome-back party than a gem.
  6. It’s a bit of a rarity, an intimate, sprawling, and at times touching procedural that makes the networks’ versions of the genre look like simple board games.
  7. Did portions of our Netflix marathon leave me underwhelmed, confused, and in gastrointestinal distress? Yes. Was it all washed away by the moments that worked, either as nostalgia or story progression, and a satisfying final episode ending in those much-talked-about four words that I’m not allowed to reveal? Yes.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The ABC drama starring Annie Potts is not only a vast improvement on the film, but also restores some of the integrity of Johnson's book. [30 Sept 1996, p.C10]
    • Boston Globe
  8. The show seems to have a light step this season without the heavy-duty silliness of Kim ... And it is refreshing to see many new faces at CTU. [8 Jan 2005]
    • Boston Globe
  9. This kind of material would wear thin after a while if the characters weren't as distinct and endearing as they are. [30 Apr 2005]
    • Boston Globe
  10. Chance is provocative, mysterious, overdone, and, bottom line, entertaining.
  11. As much as this is a story of the pressures facing teenage girls, it's also a striking, honest look at the parent-child relationship, with its ebbs and flows of communication and trust.
  12. The feverish action is as tantalizing as ever, and so is the script.
  13. Halter is also the most heartless of the principals, in a tough-love sort of way.... [But] Most of the time, though, this show makes you wish that the principals had sharper teeth.
  14. The Affair is still going to be a melodrama with pretty people having big feelings, but the potential to transcend that genre is happily in play. The first two episodes of Season 2 are rich, as series creators Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi expand the points of view to include those of Alison’s ex, Cole (Joshua Jackson), and Noah’s ex, Helen (Maura Tierney).
  15. Burns and Novick know that what happens on the field makes baseball interesting--and what happens in the hearts and minds of its followers is what makes it great. That mingling of action and ardor (technical expertise, too) is what makes The Tenth Inning such fine viewing.
  16. Mixon is great, and she’ll keep me interested. But her voice-over is excessive and her weight obsession is overcooked.
  17. I’m eager to see how Schur develops his amiable setup, beyond the amusing idea that there are no hangovers in heaven.
  18. The show needs some sharpening, but "Murphy Brown" looks like a winner. [14 Nov 1988]
    • Boston Globe
  19. By making seemingly real people do bad things, 'Larry Sanders' becomes an adept satire of corporate and human behavior as well as a delicious satire of a specific industry. [19 Sep 1992]
    • Boston Globe
  20. I want to be [hooked], because the actors are so charismatic. Remember Ehle with Colin Firth in PBS's 1995 "Pride & Prejudice"? But the New Agey ghost-as-conscience thing--done better with so much crazy verve in the hallucinatory "Eli Stone"--is strained by the end of the first episode
  21. This is a million miles from PBS and Mirren, but it works because of Bello's visceral energy.
  22. The first episode of Grandfathered is amusing and shows promise.
  23. The romance and the attractively stylized innocence of the era is addictive, but the espionage plot, with its link to political history, is absurd.
    • 79 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    It's a deliciously post-modern and surreal sitcom that succeeds both on a silly and an intellectual level. [2 Oct 2001, p.46]
    • Boston Globe
  24. The show falls somewhere between Woody Allen's film about the '40s, "Radio Days," and TV's version of the '60s, "The Wonder Years," both in time and sensibility. It doesn't have Allen's visual or verbal wit and it doesn't have the polish of "The Wonder Years." But it does have an honesty that "Wonder Years" lost when it ran away from sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll. [20 Sep 1991]
    • Boston Globe
  25. [An] restrained, eloquent, and artfully composed documentary.
  26. The most interesting feature of the program is how it stays specific to Smith's underclass style while fashioning a story that the whitest of white people can easily relate to. That's achieved, in part, by making Smith's relatives unbelievably broad. You've never met Boston Brahmins as preppy as these people. It's the weakest part of the program, but it allows Smith to have a great time playing Groucho Marx to his family's Margaret Dumont. [10 Sept 1990, p.35]
    • Boston Globe
  27. It does break your heart, to some extent, if you’re willing to let go of your cynicism for an hour.
  28. The cast is appealing, despite Bakula’s questionable accent.

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