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  1. "Hidden Palms" would be more engaging and addictive if the acting were more distinctive.
  2. The mildly amusing animated series would have packed more of a punch back when Americans were still a little shocked about Bush's seeming arrested development, but these days it comes off as merely facile.
  3. The Company delivers no real chills, just a quaint Cold War amusement park ride.
  4. This comedy is painfully broad, not to mention unimaginative and derivative of every newsroom sitcom from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" to "LateLine" to "NewsRadio" to "Less Than Perfect."
  5. The show might even have been engaging, if the one-liners came less frequently and the characters had a little more dimension. As it is, Sheldon and Leonard are merely laughable, if sweet, and they are even less fleshed out than the characters on "Two and a Half Men."
  6. Despite a good cast led by Jonny Lee Miller as Eli, and despite the happy San Francisco setting, Eli Stone is a bag of too-familiar tricks.
  7. The show doesn't ever really develop a comic center, or a heart. It's just a bunch of pointless monkey business.
  8. Recount should be tight and tense, or, perhaps, wildly satirical. Instead, it just rehashes the mess all over again, in detail, with lots of news footage to support the dutifully invented backstage scenes.
  9. Ultimately, that episode leaves only a vague sense of the rich territory that In Plain Sight could have explored with better writing.
  10. It amounts to little more than a hokey infomercial for her brand.
  11. This show amounts to yet another example of the pains people will take to appear on TV. By the end of the premiere, even the crabs are starting to look a little bored.
  12. The movie looks great, like a very extended perfume commercial. But it has no substance.
  13. There's probably a good, breezy romantic comedy somewhere inside The Ex List. But the premiere just made me cranky.
  14. The premiere is sloppily made, as it careens loosely among plotlines and characters, but Morgan is a worthy character played by a promising young actor.
  15. Valentine is sweet and amusingly cheesy but quite forgettable.
  16. The crass gags--some of which I laughed at--ultimately overwhelm everything else. Better to dole out the tastelessness carefully, so that each crude zinger has some value.
  17. The contestants are full-blown neurotics, and neophytes to boot: They're so young, inexperienced, and catty that they're difficult to like and even harder to watch.
  18. It's the kind of story that asks you to either take off your thinking cap or be bored and indifferent.
  19. The NBC talk show wasn't a legendary late-night train wreck so much as a train stalled between stations, going nowhere, filled with impatient passengers.
  20. To stand out from the pablum of domestic sitcoms, the series needs to lose the working-mom cliches and be more willing to be mean.
  21. Thomas, who has shown more originality with "Veronica Mars" and his new Starz series "Party Down," seems bent on making this concept work, despite its impossibly flat premise.
  22. It's a stubbornly mediocre product that really, really, really wants to be "House" in a hospital psych ward.
  23. The middling show plays too much like “The O.C.’’ with swords, crowns, and a cheesy CGI dragon (voiced by John Hurt).
  24. Very little here feels original or even pregnancy-specific, from the farcically miserable boss (Chris Parnell, uncharacteristically unfunny, even when playing off a small dog) to the sassy best friend (Cheryl Hines, trying her best and smoking up a storm) to the see-it-from-a-mile-away office romance that threatens to unravel once the truth is revealed.
  25. The pilot is clearly half-baked. Whether that’s due to Barton or deeper creative problems is unclear.
  26. Where "Scrubs'' managed to plumb some truth about medicine and camaraderie Cougar Town is less funny, and sometimes kind of creepy.
  27. Watching this show was the worst kind of sitcom experience--mediocre material, piercing laugh track noise, wasted talent, and a memory-impaired father who is fascinated by the fact that some men shave their “wiggly-dos.’’
  28. For the characters and for the viewers, the miniseries is a plodding excursion on the road to nowhere.
  29. It’s actually kind of depressing just how obviously “The Deep End’’ has been constructed of used parts from the likes of “LA Law,’’ “The Practice,’’ “Boston Legal,’’ “Damages,’’ “Eli Stone,’’ and “The Good Wife.’’
  30. Those hoping to see a focus on fashion may be disappointed, but the show has one very strong element in its favor: Surprisingly likable taskmaster/boss Kelly Cutrone, head of the PR firm People’s Revolution, is the glue that holds the chintz together.

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