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502 tv reviews
  1. The show is mildly entertaining at best, with a few pluses--unusual story lines, particularly the one set after World War II, some gorgeous scenery, and one or two likable performances--counterbalanced by a few negatives. Least tolerable among the negatives: the occasional Harlequin Romance moments that have you waiting for the lass to shed her corset while the evening wind blows through Fabio’s hair.
  2. The atmosphere is suitably creepy--the show features that famously cinematic Pacific Northwest drizzle and Bear McCreary’s ominous score--and there are some tantalizing bits that make you wonder how the intruders work their mojo. But with so much heavy lifting required by viewers, it could prove difficult to let Intruders in.
  3. Nothing appears to be particularly lived-in, but the look of Breathless is nonetheless breathtaking. That’s very good news for a story that tends to linger on the surface.
  4. When The Chair highlights the differences between its two stars, it is engaging and enlightening.... However, the show is significantly less interesting during some of the conversations that surround some of the decision-making.
  5. It’s just another case-of-the-week procedural, and McPhee seems out of place.
  6. It’s too simple and straightforward for its own good. Adapted by screenwriter Richard Christian Matheson, the narrative travels from A to B to C with nary an unexpected twist or subtle discovery.
  7. Benched isn’t awful, but it’s much too formulaic.
  8. State of Affairs is simply an efficient, if warmed-over, drama that features a lot of scribbling, typing, hushed conversing, hand-wringing, ominous intoning, and watching of special ops footage by Heigl and other CIA analysts.
  9. Fox’s wildly uneven, but potentially addictive new nighttime soap, Empire, feels like an anachronism.
  10. Standup comic Cummings has potential, but no one could overcome these dated relationship cliches.
  11. It should be more original, and the characters should be less forgettable.
  12. You have to be a huge Gruffudd fan to stick with this one. And I’m not.
  13. [Messing] sells the tenacity and smart-alecky charm even if the crime she’s investigating is not that engrossing. But every time we head from the precinct house to Diamond’s actual house, it gets tougher to stick with The Mysteries of Laura.
  14. The marriage of opposites is a simplistic and overused premise for a TV series, and ''Head Cases" doesn't travel very far beyond it.
  15. [The show] isn't bad, but it's the sort of humor that has become so institutionalized it feels safe.
  16. When the show isn't creeping us out with its grim atmosphere and effects, it's undermining its own potential with a self-consciously cutesy gang of heroes, ill-advised humor, and illogical situations.
  17. It's a formulaic, lazily devised legal series that fails to surprise or amuse.
  18. It's not a cool-science show, but its crimes blur together with what we already see on the ''CSI" series, and its supporting cast is indistinct.
  19. Some viewers will be put off by the many unbelievable aspects of ''Commander in Chief," and not least of all by Geena Davis.
  20. Despite the actresses' happy energy, ''Hot Properties" falls into terribly familiar comic territory.
  21. OK, ''Four Kings" isn't the worst of its type, in that some of the jokes hit their mark.
  22. These two extraordinary talents have done an average job with what is a surprisingly unimaginative premise.
  23. "The Class" will never be smart, or clever, or original, but it does have a chance of becoming inoffensive and diverting.
  24. "Freak Show" aspires to be both infantile and yet politically and socially astute, and it falls short on the latter. The satire doesn't quite hit its marks.
  25. "Day Break" doesn't quite work, not only because of its redundancies but because its story line becomes simultaneously convoluted and pointless.
  26. Despite its formal ambition, "Big Day" is disappointingly ordinary.
  27. A tonally mixed-up disappointment.
  28. It's a heavy soap opera that's so obsessed with the death of innocence, it forgets about the comic absurdities of decadence.
  29. "Top Design" is so derivative of "Project Runway," from the setup to the structure of the judging, that it's impossible not to make a point-by-point comparison, with the new show falling short on every level.
  30. Ultimately "The Black Donnellys" pales in the light of its lofty influences.

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