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440 tv reviews
  1. Everything--the characters, the action--seems stubbornly flat.
  2. It's sad, really, how unimaginative Howie Do It is. Given all the resources at NBC's disposal, and given the fact that NBC is desperate to regain ratings footing, this is the best the executives could come up with?
  3. Domestic comedy doesn't get more generic, more insipid, or more pointless than "Surviving Suburbia," and no, I haven't forgotten about "Gary Unmarried" or "In the Motherhood."
  4. Private Practice is just plain McLousy, from its stock cast of whiny healers down to the hokey, gimmicky medical cases of the week.
  5. Watching 13 - Fear Is Real, I was, like, shaking, too, from giggling at the awesome flimsiness of this new horror reality show--when I wasn't bored out of my skull, that is.
  6. [The subject of hard economic times] has been mined successfully in the past on shows like "Good Times" and "Roseanne." But there was a humanity to those projects that Work It sorely lacks.
  7. Bowler and Lohan never approach the kind of magnetism that a movie about Burton and Taylor must conjure in order to be convincing.
  8. Freakylinks stinks, mostly... Created by a "Blair Witch Project" producer, Freakylinks includes hand-held camera shots that try to add creepy realism. Alas, they only drive home the show's creepy amateurism. [6 Oct 2000, p.D1]
  9. The show isn’t exactly “reprehensible,” but it is definitely “tired,” “forced,” “predictable,” “lazy”--choose your own critical adjective that means “bad.”
  10. [It] isn't very good at all, even for a frothy nighttime serial.
  11. Has absolutely nothing going for it.
  12. Each character on ''Love, Inc." is a one-joke affair.
  13. At times during ''Ghost Whisperer," the sentiment is so thick you might want to go away from the light -- the light from the TV set, that is.
  14. It's hard to quibble with such a philanthropic series, even while its motives are, of course, Nielsen-based. But it's easy to quibble with the condescension, fraudulence, and manipulation of ''Three Wishes," as every single scene is ruthlessly choreographed to put a lump in our throats.
  15. A TV commercial for lips, hair, and clothing products.
  16. It has been given a little more direction and clarity of vision (directly onto Anderson's upper torso), although it's still fully awful.
  17. Turns the pope into a pious stick figure.
  18. A do-good reality show that makes a big deal about how morally superior it is.
  19. It is so mediocre it's almost fascinating to behold, ''almost" being the operative word.
  20. You haven't seen ''Teachers" yet. But in a sense you have, on every other fifth-rate workplace sitcom ever made.
  21. Portrayed by actor Dougray Scott, Moses is so lacking in leader-like charisma and confidence that he seems ready to break into tears at every sand dune.
  22. Not a single note in the premiere of "Brothers & Sisters" rings true.
  23. This new CW series cranks out brash jokes that evaporate upon hitting the air, winds them into situations where women submit to their men, and leaves no aftertaste when it's gone. It's on TV, but it's never truly on.
  24. In truth, there's nothing wrong with partisan humor, as long as it's actually funny. But here, even the less-political jokes are hopelessly obvious or old.
  25. "The Winner" isn't, by any stretch of the imagination, and it's sad to see Corddry pour his likable comic style -- a form of ironic cluelessness -- into such a feeble and misguided project.
  26. Watching HBO's surfing drama "John From Cincinnati" is like sitting through a bad play at a tiny experimental theater.... In short, if Gary Busey were a TV series, he would be "John From Cincinnati."
  27. Big Shots is an extremely unflattering showcase for these actors, particularly McDermott, whose overacting as the show’s bad boy puts the mug in smug.
  28. The show is a full-fledged Fox flop.
  29. Shannon and Blair have none of the clueless peas-in-a-pod chemistry of the actresses in the Australian original. Shannon is wound too tightly, and Blair is terribly miscast.
  30. The show, executive produced by self-labeled momma's boy Ryan Seacrest, is totally stupid, but you knew that already.