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  1. The marriage of opposites is a simplistic and overused premise for a TV series, and ''Head Cases" doesn't travel very far beyond it.
  2. To stand out from the pablum of domestic sitcoms, the series needs to lose the working-mom cliches and be more willing to be mean.
  3. The contestants are full-blown neurotics, and neophytes to boot: They're so young, inexperienced, and catty that they're difficult to like and even harder to watch.
  4. It’s a thoroughly uninspired remake.... The only promise of entertainment comes from Blair Underwood, who brings some slight layering to the role of Detective Robert Ironside.
  5. Ultimately, that episode leaves only a vague sense of the rich territory that In Plain Sight could have explored with better writing.
  6. Everything aside from Pacino in this movie is surprisingly ordinary and lacking.
  7. 'Numb3rs' is strained... You can practically hear them groaning with effort as they milk the action potential out of a brainstorming nerd banging his chalk against a blackboard la 'A Beautiful Mind.'
  8. It's subject matter that speaks to the train-wreck spectator in all of us, and designing a weekly show around it is a little uneasy-making. It's dangerously close to "reality" programming. That said, Special Victims Unit is an uneven hour that could improve with some aggressive fine tuning.
  9. Ultimately, the show is a silly, flimsy, and occasionally fun summer diversion for Spelling-Garth fans. Everyone else can pass on solving this Mystery.
  10. There is no sense of who Cheney is, beyond his restatements.
  11. All of these actors are pros when it comes to timing, moving quickly past the worst jokes before you realize how bad they are.
  12. The movie looks great, like a very extended perfume commercial. But it has no substance.
  13. It's not a complete disaster, thanks to supporting actress Allison Janney and a smooth single-camera tone. But it's a quintessential "so what?" sitcom that practically begs you to damn it with extremely faint praise, mincing your words down to the blandest of neutrality.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Given how starved the show is for laughs, it's hard to believe that it was created by Steven Levitan, who established himself as a writer for such superior programs as "Frasier" and "The Larry Sanders Show." Add in the considerable comedic talents of George Segal and David Spade, and the failure of "Just Shoot Me" becomes even more troubling. [4 Mar 1997]
    • Boston Globe
  14. It amounts to little more than a hokey infomercial for her brand.
  15. There's probably a good, breezy romantic comedy somewhere inside The Ex List. But the premiere just made me cranky.
  16. [The show] isn't bad, but it's the sort of humor that has become so institutionalized it feels safe.
  17. Like everything else in A&E's Bag of Bones, it is hollow and--boo!--not scary.
  18. American Odyssey has one gripping tale to tell. The problem is, there are three tales embedded in its framework, which includes familiar elements--the tension of “24” and the intrigue of “Homeland”--that add up to something less than the sum of its parts.
  19. The stubbornly conventional scripts, the overfamiliar characters, and the old-fashioned, machine-gun comic timing undermine any possibility of freshness.
  20. With its population of must-love oddballs, the series drowns its cool sci-fi concept in a flood of "Northern Exposure" quaintness.
  21. The production doesn't engage the ears, the eyes, or the laugh muscles. It engages only the snooze button.
  22. NBC's new anthology horror series is, like far too many TV horror anthologies before it, just not scary enough.
  23. The show remains a poorly conceived piece of work that throws a whole mess of relationship and medical cliches at us and hopes for the best.
  24. The creators of the show, some of whom were involved in the movie, have done little more than throw together familiar sci-fi fantasy influences, including H.G. Welles, "The Time Tunnel," "Quantum Leap," and even the movie "Mad Max," and then presented these elements without much intelligence or brio, despite the slick futuristic gadgetry and the moody, "X-Files" lighting. [22 Sept 1997, p.C9]
    • Boston Globe
  25. On just about every other, deeper level--plotting, acting, dialogue--Hannibal is lousy.
  26. The problem is almost everything around [Sarah Chalke], including the title, which is cutesy on a stick.
  27. A pretentious exercise in cheap thrills, by great talents who've been allowed to run amok. [11 July 1997, p.D1]
    • Boston Globe
  28. Sure, the show will raise awareness of organ donation; but it is certainly not going to raise the profile of good TV drama. Casting and nuanced writing might have helped, but neither are in evidence here.
  29. One Tree Hill needs a lot of work. The characters are painfully one-dimensional, as they fall on either the good or the bad side of the fence. Their actions are predictable based on whether they've been designated as angels or devils. The writers need to humanize them - especially the brothers - by giving them mixed feelings and unexpected lines. Also, some humor please. [23 Sept 2003, p.D14]
    • Boston Globe

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