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458 tv reviews
  1. Oh, you'll laugh. But you probably won't remember much of it the next day.
  2. Is the show still funny? Sure. But it now seems about as cutting edge and relevant as "Alf" or "Suddenly Susan."
  3. Plotting is not Fellowes' strength, but Downton's appeal is visual.
  4. The Newsroom manages to be both precious and irritating at the same time, and Sorkin’s characters still have that habit of talking over each other, which might be realistic, but makes it hard for viewers to understand what the heck they’re sparring about.
  5. Deschanel is utterly con-vincing as this off-kilter gal, and of the supporting cast, Wayans sparks the most as Coach.
  6. By now, you’ve grasped Poldark is a soap, a four-letter word by PBS’ standards.
  7. Even offering a slightest knock of this show feels about as kind as, say, throwing a rock at a Haitian orphan. This viewer, however, is not convinced there’s a one-hour series here.
  8. What I kept looking for in Queer As Folk was a transcendent story line or sex-neutral message to lift this drama higher than the sum of its body parts. I couldn't find that deep thread of meaning...There are shreds of stories but, basically, it all comes back around to men bumping like bunnies - or wanting to bump like bunnies, or talking about bumping like bunnies.[30 Nov 2000, p.47]
    • Boston Herald
  9. While some of the best dramas can dovetail a character's work and personal lives, Prime Suspect might be better off, at least in the beginning, focusing on solving the weekly case.
  10. So long as the dinos roam, Terra Nova has a future.
  11. Judd, who serves as series co-executive producer, makes for a surprisingly convincing action hero. It's when she stops to emote in full mommy mode that the show drags.
  12. The miniseries, allegedly based in fact, is one great big advertorial for the company, not that it doesn’t have its pleasures, chief among them some thrilling road contests that suggest the chariot races of “Ben-Hur.”
  13. Hate touches a comic nerve, the war of independence between teenage girls and their moms, but invariably settles for a hug when a few more slammed doors might be funnier.
  14. Go beyond the in-your-face, outrageous title here, and you'll find a somewhat sweet show struggling to create some real laughs.
  15. It’s a treat being able to enjoy their black comedies back-to-back Monday nights, but “Nurse” shows symptoms of a serious malady: serial recidivism. We’ve seen all this before. It’s time for Jackie’s world to come crashing down, the sooner, the bigger the laughs.
  16. Detroit's on-location shooting aids its authenticity, but the show goes awry when it goes for a joke. For example, medical examiner Abbey Ward (Erin Cummings, "Mad Men") carries bruises from her after-hours avocation: roller derby. Detroit 1-8-7 is one of those shows that is going to need some time to finds its destination.
  17. Boy is often silly, but this cast is just so likable.
  18. Some things do [change]. Homeland deepens its story for its fifth season, and this journey might be Carrie’s most treacherous.
  19. In its personal vignettes, Weight illuminates, but too often the segments are a numbing array of statistics from well-meaning talking heads.
  20. On its last call, Rescue Me has saved a few treats in its fire truck.
  21. It’s not the end of an era. It’s the end of a good, occasionally great show that overstayed its welcome.
  22. Skins feels raw and gritty. The characters' pain is often palpable. Only the show's target audience will know how true its portrayal of adolescence is, but it should make many parents pay closer attention to what's going on in their teenagers' lives.
    • 74 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    It's a shame--but not a surprise, perhaps--that directors Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato don't delve deeper.
  23. Mad doesn't stray far from "Mother's" formula
  24. The premiere prologue gives away too much, and the mini’s pacing­ drags at times.... It’s a tale that never gets old.
  25. Becoming Us suffers from poorly cut segments that might give you flashbacks to the ’90s seasons of MTV’s “Real World.”
  26. There are a number of bad wigs and beards on display here, but much of the cast surmounts the costuming problems. The pace and the depth of the story might have been helped by extending this film into a two-night event.
  27. Awkward is adept in some quick cutaways, as in a classroom scene that echoes "Ferris Bueller." Rickards works so hard to emulate "Easy A" star Emma Stone, she just might end up in a full body cast by the end of the season. But with the tide going out on such reality drivel as "Jersey Shore," Awkward is a cagey move for MTV.
  28. Crossbones rises and falls on Malkovich’s inspired delivery and is under­cut by the show’s joyless, convoluted plotting, especially in next week’s episode.
  29. You've seen this game before, but not played with this level of desperation. There are moments when the boardroom feeding frenzies might cause you to step away from the table. There's something to be said for escapist TV after all.

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