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  1. Bell, who started out as a child actor, has matured into a compelling leading man and he seems capable of conveying Abraham’s troubling journey into the underbelly of the war effort.
  2. Less perverse than ``I, Claudius,'' more entertaining than ABC's toga twister ``Empire,'' Rome gets off to an uneven start. [25 Aug 2005, p.47]
    • Boston Herald
  3. Born spends a lot of time following the group as they socialize but is at its most compelling when it tracks the compli­cated bonds tethering these young people to their parents.
  4. Not much is different for the fourth season of FX’s most popular comedy, except possibly an uptick in the production budget and guests.
  5. The worse things get--and they get very bad--Lopez gets much better, withdrawing into herself, growing ever more still, as her character must spin lie after lie to stay ahead, to stay alive. Academy Award-winner Barry Levinson directed the first two episodes, and they are unusually taut. De Matteo makes a welcome return to series TV, but her character’s escalating marital woes seem a distraction.
  6. Series creator and writer Chris Lunt’s plots are more comfort food than cutting-edge, but not since Helen Mirren’s epic run in “Prime Suspect” has there been such a flawed, compelling female detective.
  7. With her understated, monotone delivery no matter the situation, Kelly just might be the comedic find of the season. Galifianakis delivers a finely tuned grump as Chip and an over-the-top shrew as Dale. Under co-creator, executive producer and director Jonathan Krisel’s sensitive care, Baskets is a funny show about sad people.
  8. No one expects "The Good Wife," but if the show is aiming for balance, it needs to step up its court game.
  9. Resurrection does something few dramas do today — it gives its characters breathing room to absorb and react to the fantastic in their lives, rather than forcing them to run from one plot point to another. Some will find this pace too leisurely.
  10. There doesn’t seem to be any trickery here, no video sleight-of-hand. Goodwin is upfront in his methods.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    It makes for good TV. [21 Feb 2003, p.S35]
    • Boston Herald
  11. [A] gripping premiere. [28 Oct 2003]
    • Boston Herald
    • 75 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    The show's concept is clever, and the pilot displays a blend of humor and drama with a bit of melancholy hanging over it. Shalhoub is excellent as the twitchy, mild-mannered Monk. But Monk can be an annoying character, and at times you may find yourself wanting to yell, "Snap out of it!" at the television screen. [12 July 2002, p.S36]
    • Boston Herald
  12. More accessible than “V” or “FlashForward,” “Happy Town” shows a sure hand with pacing and knows how to end an hour with a powerful cliffhanger.
  13. The dialogue is as arch as Desperate in its heyday.
  14. In the opener, “My Struggle,” Carter plays to fan expectations on all fronts as he suggests only the most sinister conspiracy ever, one that manages to shake the typically unflappable Mulder and could up-end the premise of the entire series. It’s just that juicy.... [The second episode is] a perfectly serviceable monster-of-the-week tale. It also features some dopey reveries about Scully and Mulder’s lost son William.
  15. A momentary lapse could lead to weeks of thought-provoking drama. The Slap echoes.
  16. Saints & Strangers is rich in character and detail and captures how arduous this adventure was for the pilgrims.
  17. Extant plays with genres, mixing sci-fi, conspiracy thriller and scenes from a struggling marriage. It also asks some daring questions about the collision of machine and humanity.
  18. There's something bizarrely addictive about The Hasselhoffs.
  19. The casting directors have found edgier contestants (one admits he’s only there because he has a gambling problem). Host Dolph Lund­gren alternately rags on the contestants or riffs.
  20. The cast mines genuine heartache in the mysterious.
  21. The new Netflix drama is burdened with so much annoying voice-over narration, the series at times falls somewhere between an audiobook and one of the more grittier Investigation Discovery crime shows. This dramatization of the rise of Pablo Escobar into the most notorious and lethal drug kingpin of South America is nonetheless compelling, and the story moves briskly, making it a great bingeworthy treat.
  22. Arquette is a cool presence onscreen and brings understated conviction to a character whose powers­ of observation border on superhuman.
  23. McShane might be the best part of this production, bringing life to the role of a man harboring dark regrets. ... Oh, yes, the period costumes and the locations are top-notch. After a jaunt around Greshambury, even the Crawleys would be feeling house-poor.
  24. This show is a bit too easy, given that its source material has become a parody of itself. For those who have grown sick of the Bravo formula squabbling, these antics may be a tonic.
  25. The Walking Dead in its sixth season premiere wants you to remember the nightmare started here, and this show owns it.
  26. If you loved this show for its split-second pop culture spoofs and absurd, sometimes sophomoric humor, then you'll be happy with the new, unimproved 'Guy.' [1 May 2005]
    • Boston Herald
  27. Many of his tricks here are explained, and the means of execution may only increase your appreciation for his genius. Less convincing is the miniseries’ speculation that the British intelligence agency MI-5 recruited him to act as a spy in the run-up to World War I.
  28. The first episode teases an exciting dynamic, with the possibility of forcing viewers to root for one monster over another.

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