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  1. Tierney and Morrow are both seasoned TV stars, but even they can't make The Whole Truth ring true.
  2. Wahlberg, a favorite here, needs to avoid David Caruso Syndrome. There's a bit too much posturing with the furrowed brow and hand-on-the-hip that has made a caricature of that "CSI: Miami" star. Moynahan is solid as the assistant district attorney, but her character's lefty politics seem at odds with her occupation and her family.....But Selleck as the bad guy in his own show? It almost makes you want to dial 911.
  3. Sister Wives practically twists and breaks its back assuring viewers how gosh-darn normal everything is. Still, there are some cracks in the crackpots.
  4. Visually, Los Angeles works. One forgets how dark and claustrophobic the New York shows can be. The sets seem more open, and the decor reflects an electric mix of modern styles. But the crimes--ripped from the headlines, naturally--might as well be culled from the funny pages.
  5. There's an undercurrent of desperation in this spinoff--the belief that a woman is only as good as her face and figure, and that there's always some pretty thing on her way up to take her place. These women know they are disposable. That's the ugly truth lining the sun-kissed streets of Beverly Hills.
  6. Sarah Palin's Alaska turns out to be a tepid travelogue of the former governor's home state's tourist attractions interspersed with homespun homilies and family downtime.
  7. With its relentless narration, Gold Rush: Alaska more often plays like download with stunning visuals of Sarah Palin's home state as a backdrop.
  8. Many of the scenes with the teens seem staged, especially tonight's climax. Still, the Bruces aren't anything like the delusional couples who populate Bravo's "Housewives" shows. This is a functioning family trying to survive a dysfunctional time.
  9. V is stuck in the past of a 25-year-old show. It needs to shed that skin.
  10. NBC's The Cape aspires to be "The Dark Knight" but unfurls more like the campy 1960s "Batman" TV series.
  11. You've been three rounds with this story before. Lights Out sets you up for a sucker punch.
  12. Comparisons to the BBC show are unavoidable since the first two episodes are practically a scene-by-scene reshoot of the original's opening. The stars even look like doppelgangers of the English cast.
  13. For a show that starts out with so much energy, Breakout Kings quickly settles into a procedural rut.
  14. Unfortunately, Iron's not in every scene, and the 100-minute premiere, after a promising opening, becomes bogged down in political intrigue as his rivals scheme to remove the new pope.
  15. Those who love the books will probably geek out on the series. The rest of us may have a harder time sitting through Game of Thrones.
  16. It's wonderful HBO is willing to subsidize so many artists, but Treme feels more like a tax write-off than an actual series.
  17. Why Not? With Shania Twain rings of a last-ditch effort to avoid counseling.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 58 Critic Score
    You just have to wade through a landfill of lame camp and gratuitous weirdness to get to the pop center of Gaga's HBO show.
  18. Becoming Chaz never really gets under its subject's skin.
  19. TNT bills Franklin & Bash as a dramedy, but it is more accurately a comedic bromance laced with pop-culture jokes and a dash of legal jargon to trick you into thinking you spent an hour on something of substance.
  20. The uneven 10-episode series shifts from pedestrian cloak-and-dagger to camp.
  21. Call me bored. Encore's adaptation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick, the cable network's first original miniseries, is about as thrilling as a three-hour tour of Boston Harbor while blindfolded on a sweltering summer day.
  22. This is dumb, not-so-much fun shoot'em-ups.
  23. This remake of a tart British sitcom of the same name starts with the moment that has killed many a show: its two main characters in bed, post-booty call. It's anything but romantic.
  24. Right now, Up All Night is the TV equivalent of a glass of warm milk.
  25. NBC, together with Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer ("A Beautiful Mind"), tries to duplicate the success of AMC's "Mad Men" but cribs the wrong details with a woefully untalented cast, mixed feminist messages and a melodrama that is at times laugh-out-loud funny.
  26. There are guilty pleasures and then there are ones for which you just feel guilty about sacrificing your valuable time. Revenge is the latter.
  27. It's hard to imagine viewers voting with their clickers for this pretentious political soap.
  28. Grimm has a low-rent Saturday Syfy vibe to it.
  29. Hell's greatest sin? It's often laugh-out-loud funny.

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