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  1. This is "King Arthur Begins." Fiennes seems determined to play the Joker. Whether this interpretation of the sorcerer will cast a spell over viewers is uncertain.
  2. The show needs to work on building the urgency to its stories and cutting away the treacle.
  3. If you dwell too much on the plot, you’ll fall into a chasm of disbelief.... Flowers doesn’t look like a Lifetime film, and that’s a compliment. The production moves at a brisk pace, and unlike the children’s predicament, never feels claustrophobic.
  4. In its best moments, the drama has the grit of something more likely to be found on cable channel TNT.
  5. Serenity arrives in surprising ways. Whether Mike makes it in this arena or not, Taking on Tyson suggests he's already won his toughest battle.
  6. At times, the show careens from black humor to near tragedy and then back again.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 67 Critic Score
    'Real World III' seems to have learned from the past. While there is the requisite amount of conflict, this group seems to be able to deal with it without the angst, the anger or the attitude of its predecessors. These roommates seem - hang on to your flannel shirts - mature. [23 Jun 1994]
    • Boston Herald
  7. Like a lot of reality shows ranging from the silly "Real World" to the loathsome "Jersey Shore," All-American Muslim ends up reinforcing some stereotypes while defying others.
  8. Witches of East End is the campiest hot mess on TV.
  9. A&E reboots the legend of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho,” but Bates Motel plays like a slow-burning riff on David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks” sparked by some fascinating, nuanced performances.
  10. Elementary turns the myth into CBS' answer to "Castle," with a shade more intelligence.
  11. Spartacus fetishizes violence even more than it depicts sex and nudity, which is often. There’s a whole lot of B.C. banging going on here.
  12. Of the cast, Winger seems to be the weakest link, brittle and uncertain, but it's too soon in her arc to write her off. The series is like a mystery novel, but the crimes of the heart here are ones the patients unwittingly inflict upon themselves and the lengths they'll go to hide from the truth. Watching Byrne's sullen shrink match wits with Ryan's cool therapist is the best reason to book an appointment with In Treatment.
  13. Sit through TNT’s The Hero and “72 Hours” and REELZ’s “Race to the Scene” back-to-back, you realize how much the genre lives on the tired bone marrow of “Survivor” and "The Amazing Race."
  14. If the show can strike a balance between chuckles and capers, Covert Affairs won't be a secret. It will be USA Network's biggest hit.
  15. Telenovela can be fun, if only the show knew the difference between silly and dumb.
  16. Carter’s journey is rushed. If the show just pumped the brakes a bit, it might discover a heart worth following.
  17. The X Factor is "America's Got Talent" with lockjaw, "The Voice" with a smoker's hack and "American Idol" on steroids. It is a garish, crass spectacle, and just might produce America's next superstar.
  18. The twist in the final moments suggests the series already could be catching a case of the stupids, in which case, no cast, no matter how talented, will be able to save this show.
  19. A&E’s Wahlburgers is a thick heaping of Boston baked silliness starring two of Hollywood’s biggest stars and their beloved mom.
  20. Quibbles about the premise aside, Ritter makes and sells this show. He balances the pathos and the comedy. In lesser hands, this hour just would not be appealing.
  21. The second season of Direc­TV’s MMA fighter family saga Kingdom circles familiar territory, but the third episode is a knockout, with a swerve that could permanently divide this fractured family.
  22. [Jane] Buckingham is likable and, in a genre better known for its bombastic Chris Harrisons, presents good tips and doesn’t make the show all about her.
  23. Oh, you'll laugh. But you probably won't remember much of it the next day.
  24. Is the show still funny? Sure. But it now seems about as cutting edge and relevant as "Alf" or "Suddenly Susan."
  25. Stan Against Evil toys with horror cliches and assures you that whatever you fear, something worse--or funnier--is right around the corner.
  26. The stories move briskly and come together in a surprisingly emotional finish. “Me” is smart enough to realize you can’t exist on brains alone. You need a little heart.
  27. The talking-head portion plays like a video Kickstarter pitch for Elon Musk’s SpaceX, his private rocket company determined to get man to Mars and keep him there in a sustainable community. The drama plays like a low-budget Ron Howard film, which it is, sort of.
  28. Plotting is not Fellowes' strength, but Downton's appeal is visual.
  29. The Newsroom manages to be both precious and irritating at the same time, and Sorkin’s characters still have that habit of talking over each other, which might be realistic, but makes it hard for viewers to understand what the heck they’re sparring about.

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