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  1. Ringer at times straddles camp--Bridget stays briefly in the "Double Nickel Motel," a wink that the two women truly are flip sides of the same scarred coin --but never succumbs to it, thanks to Gellar's muted performances.
  2. The best new sitcom of fall, CBS' 2 Broke Girls is rich in laughs and snappy performances.
  3. [Caviezel] and Emerson make for one of fall's most formidable odd couples.
  4. Series creator/writer Neil Cross continues to spin dark strands that stray unexpectedly into unsettling territory.
  5. It's not often that a movie that's important also manages to be educational and entertaining. Five is all three.
  6. In its second season, The Walking Dead remains the most suspenseful show on any TV network.
  7. Once Upon a Time gets off to a bewitching start.
  8. Series creator and writer Julian Fellowes has a habit of using dialogue to telegraph the obvious.
  9. With Milch holding the reins, Luck seems a lock for the winner's circle.
  10. The womanizing, booze-guzzling, chain-smoking ad exec (played brilliantly by Jon Hamm) at the heart of AMC's Emmy Award-winning drama Mad Men has found a curvy sliver of joy in his life.
  11. On "Grey's Anatomy," particularly in the first two years, Rhimes proved herself skilled at crafting gripping love stories. She's outdone herself here.
  12. Many young women, if they're being honest, will see themselves here. And many parents will see their daughters.
  13. Ultimately, Sherlock doesn't play fair, but the game is so enjoyable, you'll be happy you joined in.
  14. Cynthia Cidre's smart take on the prime-time soap (1978-1991) pays homage to the past while moving the battle to the next generation.
  15. Aaron Sorkin can write crackling dialogue. Believable characters, not so much.
  16. Web Therapy is far more entertaining [than Episodes], but, alas, wildly uneven, probably in part due to the need to weave new material around the Internet series of the same name that spawned it.
  17. Her Patty knows how to spread the hurt. Get in on Damages' final round.
  18. Week is about as much a serious social experiment as "Survivor" or "Kid Nation," but the production qualities are strong for a cable reality show and its subjects are fascinating as they react to the new world order
  19. Copper spins somber stories of gold.
  20. The pilot, directed by co--executive producer Jon Favreau ("Iron Man"), poses numerous questions, and to the credit of everyone involved, delivers some surprising payoffs that other shows would hold for weeks, if not seasons.
  21. If the first two episodes are any indication, this season of Homeland will be about Carrie not only recovering her balance but finding a measure of redemption. That's a trip worth taking.
  22. Nashville is the snarky showbiz drama NBC's "Smash" can only dream of becoming.
  23. Arrow has so much going for it, it doesn't need to linger on the past.
  24. Dead is always at its most unsettling--and poignant--when its characters have a moment to breathe and to address their dark, nightmarish world.
  25. The Girl ensures you'll never watch "The Birds" the same way again.
  26. The show's repetitive voice-overs are annoying. But you'll be sucked into this dangerous venture.
  27. The series is so funny, it reeks of a setup.
  28. You think you know how this story will end, but trust DeKnight and his company of players to surprise us to the last bloody moment.
  29. The series gets off to a strong start as a black satire of not only D.C. but how politicians and journalists can leech off one another.
  30. Community is still kicking, with more gas and laughs than just about any other NBC sitcom.

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