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    Season four is definitely a turning point for these characters, as we watch them reach for some semblance of adulthood, but this newfound maturity is shaky at best.
  1. Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous is a clever riff on the fanaticism and cynicism inspired by the network’s own reality slate, including “Teen Mom,” “16 and Pregnant” and “Buckwild.
  2. The Royals wouldn’t be watchable at all except for Queen Helena, played to the hilt by Elizabeth Hurley.
  3. Game of Thrones plays by its own rules--and remains irresistible.
  4. It’s like attempting to empty the ocean with a bucket. But this season of“American Crime makes the case if you aren’t trying, you’re the problem.
  5. Additional time would have made Verite more convincing. At 90 minutes, it runs short, especially as the family copes with its newfound notoriety
  6. While each night delivers some terrifically tense scenes, series creator Neil Cross’ scripts for nights three and four suffer from some flimsy foreshadowing and serve up slight characterizations of Luther’s antagonists.
  7. Cross The Bridge at your own peril. You just might get stranded in the summer’s best mystery.
  8. A dramedy poised to be the breakout show of fall — if it can only overcome the trying symptoms of treacle.
  9. Fresh Off the Boat is the funniest, most charming show of the season.
  10. The best new sitcom of fall, CBS' 2 Broke Girls is rich in laughs and snappy performances.
  11. Wilson, who writes and serves as co-­executive producer, brings a sense of innocence to the sometimes ribald shenanigans.
  12. It’s smart writing for smart characters. Six seasons in and Danes and the writers keep Carrie a complicated character who sometimes does the wrong thing.
  13. Nashville is the snarky showbiz drama NBC's "Smash" can only dream of becoming.
  14. Ellis is a good choice as the season’s biggest anti-hero, deftly playing sarcasm as well as the occasional pathos. As it gets rolling, Lucifer poses some theology-class-worthy questions about the nature of redemption, damnation and duty.
  15. What separates “Tara” from “Jackie,” of course, is that Tara’s family is aware of Tara’s problems and supports her. In creator/writer Diablo Cody’s world, even the most damaged among us can lead healthy lives if they are loved for themselves. That’s a comforting message.
  16. There were moments during the first two episodes in which I wondered if the series was doddering along like a blindfolded Miss Marple. Have faith. Each episode swings in unexpected directions.
  17. The pace and the performances carry the film.
  18. Engrossing.... Haggis, who directed all six hours, and Simon have walked this material before.
  19. In this, the last 10 episodes, the drama detonates long-standing alliances and brings to the fore grudges with lethal consequences. ... The premiere Sunday features three set pieces that are brilliant and terrifying.
  20. The Pillars of the Earth, a six-part, eight-hour miniseries debuting Friday with a two-hour punch, delivers enough surprises to enthrall any thriller buff.
  21. Aaron Sorkin can write crackling dialogue. Believable characters, not so much.
  22. It’s a shame “The Tudors” is coming to a close. As Hirst has noted, there are generations of stories yet to tell. Count on this series to end on a royally good note
  23. The series is so funny, it reeks of a setup.
  24. iZombie is superbly cast and displays wit and surprises you don’t often find in the comics-to-TV genre.
  25. Holmes is obviously meant as a temptation for Ray, but the mismatch between her and star Liev Schreiber is not worth dwelling on. Ray Donovan remains a potent mix of pathos and dark comedy.
  26. Feud edges at times to camp but always veers back into meatier fare.
  27. The characters carry themselves with the kind of decency, maturity and occasional playfulness that is virtually unseen on prime time.
  28. On "Grey's Anatomy," particularly in the first two years, Rhimes proved herself skilled at crafting gripping love stories. She's outdone herself here.
  29. Once Upon a Time gets off to a bewitching start.

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