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  1. The pace and the performances carry the film.
  2. The Pillars of the Earth, a six-part, eight-hour miniseries debuting Friday with a two-hour punch, delivers enough surprises to enthrall any thriller buff.
  3. Aaron Sorkin can write crackling dialogue. Believable characters, not so much.
  4. It’s a shame “The Tudors” is coming to a close. As Hirst has noted, there are generations of stories yet to tell. Count on this series to end on a royally good note
  5. The series is so funny, it reeks of a setup.
  6. iZombie is superbly cast and displays wit and surprises you don’t often find in the comics-to-TV genre.
  7. The characters carry themselves with the kind of decency, maturity and occasional playfulness that is virtually unseen on prime time.
  8. On "Grey's Anatomy," particularly in the first two years, Rhimes proved herself skilled at crafting gripping love stories. She's outdone herself here.
  9. Once Upon a Time gets off to a bewitching start.
  10. The latest comic book adaptation to hit TV, NBC’s Constantine is a nifty spookfest with dark humor and some genuine chills.
  11. Those who long for a replacement for “How I Met Your Mother” (back when that show was good) might find a good match here.
  12. This is dark material, yet Faris balances it with a genuine winsomeness, able to wring laughs out of the most innocuous lines.
  13. Arrow has so much going for it, it doesn't need to linger on the past.
  14. The remake of "Hawaii Five-0" is the best kind of throwback--to the buddy cop films of the 1980s. Think "Lethal Weapon" with a tropical twist.
  15. Series creator and writer Julian Fellowes has a habit of using dialogue to telegraph the obvious.
  16. Series creator/writer Neil Cross continues to spin dark strands that stray unexpectedly into unsettling territory.
  17. Ringer at times straddles camp--Bridget stays briefly in the "Double Nickel Motel," a wink that the two women truly are flip sides of the same scarred coin --but never succumbs to it, thanks to Gellar's muted performances.
  18. The humor is more subversive than ever. [13 Aug 2007]
    • Boston Herald
  19. There’s something hilarious and twisted about outcasts running a school and turning out to be as much idiots as the typically popular kids. Faking It is the real deal.
  20. Ultimately, Sherlock doesn't play fair, but the game is so enjoyable, you'll be happy you joined in.
  21. The series gets off to a strong start as a black satire of not only D.C. but how politicians and journalists can leech off one another.
  22. The 75-minute “super-sized” premiere might leave you feeling a bit bloated, but Top Chef is still a satisfying treat.
  23. Suspense, surprises 
and crackling dialogue: True Blood is pumping strong again.
  24. [Caviezel] and Emerson make for one of fall's most formidable odd couples.
  25. If the first two episodes are any indication, this season of Homeland will be about Carrie not only recovering her balance but finding a measure of redemption. That's a trip worth taking.
  26. Sunny is now in its ninth season, but is not showing its age.
  27. Cynthia Cidre's smart take on the prime-time soap (1978-1991) pays homage to the past while moving the battle to the next generation.
  28. Rest easy: The premiere is good; next week’s episode is flat-out superb.
  29. A new day is approaching, and Don seems unprepared for what lies ahead.
  30. Copper spins somber stories of gold.

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