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  1. You don’t have to be a comic book fan to enjoy The Flash, but if you are one, there are so many Easter eggs in the pilot--especially the one at the closing moment--that you just might go into nerdgasms. The Flash isn’t stopping for anyone.
  2. The womanizing, booze-guzzling, chain-smoking ad exec (played brilliantly by Jon Hamm) at the heart of AMC's Emmy Award-winning drama Mad Men has found a curvy sliver of joy in his life.
  3. Sunday's premiere episode is one of the most cleverly outrageous half-hours of TV I've seen in a while. [28 Jan 1999]
    • Boston Herald
  4. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. looks to be the most fun you’ll find in an hour of prime time this fall.
  5. If the script can at times seem slight, Douglas and Damon are 
  6. How far can Frank accommodate her when his own power base is splintering? That will be the most tantalizing plot to follow this season.
  7. Arnold's Beyond Scared Straight hews to the premise of the original and proves to be just as gripping.
  8. Her Patty knows how to spread the hurt. Get in on Damages' final round.
  9. Ordinary is super at capturing a middle-class family suffering from self-imposed Kryptonite poisoning
  10. Key for any great sci-fi show, Incorporated’s creators, brothers Alex and David Pastor (“Carriers”), excel at filling in the details of their world.
  11. Preacher is a black comedy, a horror funhouse, a mild meditation on belief and a wicked good time. There’s nothing left to say but: Amen.
  12. If The Lottery can keep up the promise of its premiere, it will punch a winning ticket.
  13. Time’s biggest takeaway is that cases like this--indigent defendants being abused by the judicial and then the corrections system--are more the norm than the exception.
  14. As a man struggling to find where he misplaced his heart, Perry makes angst seem easy. His sense of timing isn't rusty. The sitcom has a few clouds: Alonzo needs an edge and the show should make Jorge Garcia's ("Lost") facilities manager a permanent regular. But Mr. Sunshine could be midseason's brightest ray of mirth.
  15. The show's repetitive voice-overs are annoying. But you'll be sucked into this dangerous venture.
  16. Dead is always at its most unsettling--and poignant--when its characters have a moment to breathe and to address their dark, nightmarish world.
  17. King, Cudlitz and McKenzie carry this drama, in note-perfect peformances. They make Southland a worthy part of your Tuesday night stakeout.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Unlike most movie-inspired TV series - in which the TV version is usually a soggier incarnation of its movie original - this Buffy, created by Joss Whedon, an Oscar nominee for his "Toy Story" script, fulfills some of the promise sorely lacking in the 1992 big-screen version. [10 Mar 1997, p.32]
    • Boston Herald
  18. The three-hour production got off to a shaky start with camera work in the 1959-set Rydell High seemingly ready to trigger mass vertigo. But by the time the cast got to “Greased Lightnin’,” a frenetic dance number that kept building and growing so much, it threatened to spill out onto your floor, the show was rocking.
  19. When Jackie snaps over one patient's plight, she could be speaking for impatient viewers: "People gotta stop trying to save people who don't want to be saved." Same goes for TV characters stuck in the same shtick.
  20. Mr. Robot is like a computer virus that will worm its way into your consciousness if you’re not careful.
  21. Penny Dreadful’s set work is unparalleled, and this season the bright oranges and yellows of the Old West make for a welcome contrast to the washed-out blues and grays of Old London. Oh, there is action here.
  22. The sets and costuming are top-notch. The musical score is brash, if redundant. The personal dramas range from silly to 
  23. Face Off hews so much to the Runway formula, it practically falls over and busts a lip, but at least the pacing is fast.
  24. Primeval (which has already been renewed for a fifth season) doesn't ask you to think, just to enjoy the mayhem that follows when a rampaging behemoth is set loose anywhere in the United Kingdom. It's hard to find fault with a formula like that.
  25. With its frantic pacing, ­vicious masterminds and ­valiant law enforcement agents, Crisis might remind you of Fox’s “24.” Not the best seasons of “24,” but still. There’s a lot to be said for a show that works up a sweat trying to surprise you.
  26. As an actress, Lady Gaga wears clothes very well. That’s not the dis it seems. The extended 90-minute premiere doesn’t give her much chance to act, or speak, for that matter.... As Dr. Alex Lowe, John’s estranged wife, returning player Chloe Sevigny provides a welcome balance to the over-the-top bloodletting, but as good as she is, the bad soap opera dialogue just proves Murphy and Falchuk have no interest in writing “normal,” whatever that is. They’re here to deliver spectacle.
  27. The castmates aren't polished performers, but they know how to work a joke fast and move on. [4 Aug 2005]
    • Boston Herald
  28. The show runs rampant with rapid-fire dialogue and sly pop-culture references. The cast is strong.
  29. The dark tone might be the greatest barrier at first to viewers, but the cast rolls with the wisecracks.

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