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507 tv reviews
  1. Becoming Chaz never really gets under its subject's skin.
  2. It's not often that a movie that's important also manages to be educational and entertaining. Five is all three.
  3. The first two hours are marked by surprising twists and betrayals. TV's most cunning series is back in session.
  4. A delectable documentary. [29 Nov 2001, p.55]
    • Boston Herald
  5. The Good Place,” from “Parks and Recreation” creator Michael Schur, is the true heir to “Lost,” right down to the flashbacks, half-baked philosophy and Colorforms-simple metaphors.
  6. Schenkkhan abridges his teleplay to two hours and 15 minutes when this project might have been better served by going in the other direction, by making, say, a two-night, four-hour mini­series. ... There’s no comparing [Cranston's] performance to anything he’s ever done. All the Way is going to lead Cranston along a familiar path--right up to the Emmy podium come fall.
  7. Russell and Rhys seem adept at the disguises and stunts. But their characters are practically flipped from pilot to second episode, and some of the black humor here is awkwardly executed.
  8. After watching the first four episodes of the sixth season back-to-back--an endurance test I don’t recommend--it’s apparent Rescue Me is recycling plots.
  9. Gods has its own dark humor--as when the erratic widow of Shadow’s best friend tries to have sex with him in a cemetery. “I’m trying to get my dignity back here,” she says. Gods takes delight in magnifying images hundredfold--a match being struck, a tile being cleaned. This can get a bit precious.
  10. Things are about to get a lot worse on Penny Dreadful, and for viewers, that is a very good thing indeed.
  11. As Pops, the sitcom cliche of grumpy old grandpa, Laurence Fishburne (most recently on “Hannibal” and billed here a special guest star) squeezes every line until it coughs up a laugh.
  12. Cross The Bridge at your own peril. You just might get stranded in the summer’s best mystery.
  13. Documentary Now! is so good, you’ll be forced to reassess Meyers, whose comedy writing is so crisp and correct, he should give up his late-night NBC show because nothing he does there will ever be as good or as funny.
  14. Homeland now stumbles through familiar territory, and the view the second time around isn’t half as compelling.
  15. The new Netflix drama is burdened with so much annoying voice-over narration, the series at times falls somewhere between an audiobook and one of the more grittier Investigation Discovery crime shows. This dramatization of the rise of Pablo Escobar into the most notorious and lethal drug kingpin of South America is nonetheless compelling, and the story moves briskly, making it a great bingeworthy treat.
  16. King, Cudlitz and McKenzie carry this drama, in note-perfect peformances. They make Southland a worthy part of your Tuesday night stakeout.
  17. This Boardwalk is rife with treasure.
  18. Some things do [change]. Homeland deepens its story for its fifth season, and this journey might be Carrie’s most treacherous.
  19. This Is Us brims with some mighty acting. ... Creator Dan Fogelman’s script, however, takes the sting out of some major moments with some minor humor. There’s a huge twist in the final moments tonight that might have you rethinking everything you’ve watched, or might have you feeling like you’ve been played.
  20. The series gets off to a strong start as a black satire of not only D.C. but how politicians and journalists can leech off one another.
  21. While each night delivers some terrifically tense scenes, series creator Neil Cross’ scripts for nights three and four suffer from some flimsy foreshadowing and serve up slight characterizations of Luther’s antagonists.
  22. This is a packed episode that sets up the dynamic for a season long rivalry that New Directions will be hard-pressed to overcome.
  23. It's never a good sign when the main character is the least interesting player on the block. Fortunately, Empire's cast is rich enough for you to overlook that flaw.
  24. On its last call, Rescue Me has saved a few treats in its fire truck.
  25. Of the two series [Web Therapy and Episodes], Episodes is the most consistent and polished. It's also the one show that finds a groove and is happy to patter around its middling course.
  26. There’s much intrigue and backbiting going on in the small domestic household of the Dowager Countess, but that, too, ultimately goes nowhere. Fellowes hints at drama and pulls his punches.
  27. New Edition paved the way for New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men and *NSYNC. At the very least, this miniseries will get a new generation of fans grooving to their timeless music.
  28. The show toggles primarily from 2014 to the present, but some of the twists seem right out of Bad Thriller Handbook, especially the climax of the second night. ... Yet as these players elevate every turn and twist of this dark drama.
  29. Alias is one of those rare action dramas where all the elements - plot, characters, production design, costumes, soundtrack and performances - come together to form one perfect hour of television. [30 Sept 2001, p.56]
    • Boston Herald
  30. With the Under­woods at war, House of Cards opens the doors on its most diabolical season yet.

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