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  1. The sets may at times look fake (is that Afghanistan or Vancouver?) and savvy viewers will spot the traitor in Mike's story line early on, but Traffic deftly puts tiny human faces on global problems. [23 Jan 2004]
    • Boston Herald
  2. To be fair, Last Resort does not insult ideology--it merely knocks your intelligence.
  3. There were moments during the first two episodes in which I wondered if the series was doddering along like a blindfolded Miss Marple. Have faith. Each episode swings in unexpected directions.
  4. If their melodrama isn't always gripping, Nip/Tuck rushes in an array of guest stars as distractions. [5 Sept 2006, p.36]
    • Boston Herald
  5. HBO's True Blood rises from the grave of last year's uneven season, smarter, spookier and sexier than before.
  6. Nip/Tuck is unabashed in its portrayal of the flawed ways people conduct the private sides of their lives and how the professional bleeds over in unexpected ways. [21 June 2004, p.43]
    • Boston Herald
  7. Bunheads has the potential to have that cross-generational appeal. To thrive, the series must find its own tune to dance to.
  8. Additional time would have made Verite more convincing. At 90 minutes, it runs short, especially as the family copes with its newfound notoriety
  9. Moore's impersonation of Sarah Palin is the hook to reel you into HBO'S latest truelife political thriller.
  10. The Big C doesn’t traffic in miracles, but it does deliver small pleasures worth pondering and savoring.
  11. Episodes has funny moments, [but] like "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the satire is an acquired taste and seems to be too inside showbiz to find a mass audience.
  12. Elementary turns the myth into CBS' answer to "Castle," with a shade more intelligence.
    • 73 Metascore
    • 91 Critic Score
    Mozart in the Jungle, which was adapted from Blair Tindall’s memoir of the same name, is surprisingly good, whether you’re into classical music or not. In fact, it’s almost as good as something you might find on HBO, which is what Amazon needs if it wants to succeed in the online television business.
  13. You don’t have to be a comic book fan to enjoy The Flash, but if you are one, there are so many Easter eggs in the pilot--especially the one at the closing moment--that you just might go into nerdgasms. The Flash isn’t stopping for anyone.
  14. Photographer and filmmaker Timothy Greenfield-Sanders accessorizes his picture with some vintage clips, but his Face could do with fewer mouths.
  15. Looking might be the most provocative series of 2014. It’s just not original or memorable.
  16. This admittedly over-produced series has one of the toughest elimination rituals to watch: Each of the three finalists walks to check out a callback list to discover if they are still wanted.
  17. Arrow has so much going for it, it doesn't need to linger on the past.
  18. The settings never seem authentic for the Big Apple, and accents veer like partygoers after last call.... Still, Maslany shows skill in her many alternate guises, and the show has a dark sense of humor.
  19. You've seen this game before, but not played with this level of desperation. There are moments when the boardroom feeding frenzies might cause you to step away from the table. There's something to be said for escapist TV after all.
  20. [The] premiere serves as a rocky reboot to the once robust hit.
  21. Once the show tones down the voice-overs, Balfe is quite good in the part of a time-tossed lassie.... Heughan swaggers in his kilt about as well as “The Simpsons’” Groundskeeper Willie (that is not a dis), but he and Balfe generate about as much heat as two piles of wet peat.
  22. Being allowed inside the cerebrum of Ally, I feel some sympathy for her. I like her more than I would if she were the typical TV cipher. But I don't like her enough to want to watch this flawed show about a lawyers-in-love triangle week after week. [4 Sep 1997]
    • Boston Herald
  23. This bleak depiction of hospital work locates the show about two degrees south of “St. Elsewhere.” And yet, after I finished the first three episodes, I realized I was hooked; I wanted more.
  24. Lone Star, created and written by Kyle Killen, centers on a con man who lives a double life--with two beautiful women--and is so full of plot holes you could drive a motorcade through it with a parade of elephants behind.
  25. Count on Hit & Miss to find its targets.
  26. All this twee is verging on twaddle.
  27. Louis-Dreyfus won Emmys for both "Seinfeld" and "The New Adventures of Old Chrstine," and seems the best candidate to win another for her work here.
  28. Like Amy’s “Parks and Recreation,” the humor is never mean.
  29. Seduced is many things: a funny road trip, a canny look at Cannes and the industry, a conversation with directors about their epic battles to get their masterpieces on screen. If it had stuck to one idea, it might have made a terrific documentary.

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