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984 movie reviews
  1. If this film is nothing else (and it may be nothing else) it's funny and (ironically) fundamentally true. What certainly isn't true is what it purports to be, which is a legitimate course of study that analyzes the historic, international, socio-cultural, economic and psychological relationships between individuals, governments and corporations through the prism of physics and what has been loosely called metaphysics.
  2. Serves as both a sequel and a prequel, and the team Oren Peli has assembled deserves credit for beefing up and rounding out his original narrative without letting it mutate into something unrecognizable.
  3. The film wears its heart on its sleeve, but the drama falters when the tone grows over-earnest; additionally, Scott's direction fails to exert a tight grasp on his material.
  4. A small film about enormous fears.
  5. That sense of mischief and pleasure in the craft makes Bellamy a thoroughly intriguing and likeable experience. From Chabrol we would expect nothing less.
  6. A throwback to classic movies like Charade and North by Northwest where beautiful, sophisticated people answer life-threatening danger with bon mots and ingenuity.
  7. This rags-to-sequins tale may be schmaltzy in its sincerity, but 'tis the season. Glitter is optional, but certainly encouraged.
  8. These ladies - even at their weakest - carry themselves with the confidence of winners, and we cling to their strength like a life raft.
  9. To call this so-called family film dreadful is an understatement. Jaw-droppingly awful on almost every level, this is a movie to avoid.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    An uncomfortably honest portrait of a slow mental breakdown in self-consciously bohemian, twentysomething Brooklyn, Ry Russo-Young's You Wont Miss Me is so earnest the title's missing an apostrophe.
  10. This is one of Denis's most provocative films and also one of her most compelling.
  11. Cool It resonates, and gives one pause not just to consider the merits of the global warming question, but to consider the merits of all that we've decided to do about it, impending doom notwithstanding.
  12. The kind of grim, character-based movie that needs a strong performer to anchor it. Director Derek Cianfrance has been fortunate enough to land two: Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling.
  13. Jeon received the Best Actress at Cannes for her wrenching performance. She's the first Korean to receive an acting award at this Festival.
  14. The accessible story and fast-paced action scenes could draw a good arthouse audience, more than usual for a Romanian film.
  15. Boote's strong film will make you look at the floating plastic bag from American Beauty in a new, wholly suspicious way.
  16. Rogen isn't the obvious choice for a comic book icon but he forces his personality onto this material with an ingratiating ease.
  17. This is a wholly accessible story that most filmgoers will find pithy and generally well done.
  18. Araki's got a certain garish flare to his delivery that those more patient with the content will find appealing and Thomas Dekker offers an engaging performance.
  19. The feature directorial debut of Martin Zandvliet, Applause has moments of flourish and moments that reach towards something as pared down as Thea's play.
  20. It's a wonderfully moving meditation on the capacity of animals to inspire our imaginations and something applicable to educational markets as well as regular documentary audiences.
  21. An amiable endeavor, if something of a puff piece.
  22. The film is a really entertaining look at the Bieber phenomenon; the music in Never Say Never is great and Bieber proves himself to be the real thing as a musician and performer.
  23. Reilly delivers another one of his trademark "nutty pal" performances that continue to win him fans.
  24. Carancho's noir vibe stems from the scenario itself, plus claustrophobic cinematography and art direction.
  25. While Caruso will fail to win over adult reviewers, I Am Number Four will connect with teen moviegoers anxious for a new young adult fantasy fix to hold them until the next "Twilight Saga" hits in November.
  26. While the anthropomorphism Joubert employs to tell the lions' story may strike some as cloying, ultimately that doesn't distract from this tale of survival in an inhospitable environment.
  27. Having spent multiple summers in Kashmir as a child, he (Tapa) knows what the average Kashmiri wants and the difficulties they encounter trying to get it. It's what makes Zero Bridge a winning example of modesty in front of the camera and intelligence behind it.
  28. Wilson is nicely restrained as a loving husband caught in a middle-aged crisis, while Sudeikis makes a great foil as a guy in over his head.
  29. Almost as bad as we want it to be, which is to say, it straddles the line between campy and legit without winning over either audience.

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