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985 movie reviews
  1. Like "The Blind Side," this is an inspiring and compelling true story. Harrison Ford is at the top of his game in this remarkable film.
  2. A superbly well-crafted film, faithful to its cultural and cinematic heritage, and easily one of the most enjoyable entertainments of a still nascent 2011 post-holiday season.
  3. With a razor-sharp script and Jennifer Garner winning laughs in a nice change-of-pace role, this cynically funny and pointedly pertinent not-so-subtle spin on the national battle between right and left wing politics scores lots of comic bullseyes.
  4. How often can you see Cheech Marin nailed to a cross or Lindsay Lohan in a threesome with Trejo and the actress playing her mother?
  5. A family drama that looks for answers in coincidence (is it really ever coincidence?), this endearing and breezy comic fable watches Jeff's coming of age and promises nothing after his moment of truth.
  6. Predators is sometimes silly and hardly original, but it delivers the thrills.
  7. Reiner has crafted the perfect summer film in The Magic Of Belle Isle. No, not one with a lot of noise and battles and comic book heroes, but rather a wonderfully laid back family story set around a gorgeous lake, about the everyday problems of real people from 7 to 70.
  8. A powerful and provocative look at the seismology of the Iranian social order and the connective tissue that sustains Iranian women in particular.
  9. Step Up Revolution has again found some of the most kinetic talents in the country.
  10. It's full of really subtle dichotomies and internal conflicts, but what makes Julius' story seem authentic is how totally incongruous it feels.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Abolishing obvious innuendo and employing a deft handling of script and character, the film has all the fixings to play like a sleeper in arthouses.
  11. As uninhibited as its heroine, this film is full of clever surprises.
  12. It's a mood piece more than a conventional documentary and it should do comfortably above average business on the theatrical documentary circuit, particularly given its location on the list of Oscar nominated documentaries.
  13. The Invisible War is that rare, issues-driven documentary that is so powerful it's apt to change minds.
  14. A tough psychological drama, it may stretch some audience sensibilities.
  15. What makes this movie truly special is that the source of Buck's uncanny gift is actually an acute childhood sorrow.
  16. Although its claims about Hildegard's modernity and relevancy should be taken with a grain of salt, one readily imagines Vision attracting a cross-section of the curious, not limited to feminist cinephiles and true believers.
  17. Tirador ’s frenetic style and locale will remind many viewers of Fernando Meirelles’ much-admired City of God.
  18. Writer/director Tim Blake Nelson manages a finely tuned balance that is rare in cinema. Moving from the far reaches of comedy to the nether regions of drama, he never skips a beat or sets the pitch too high.
  19. In his densely constructed and pretty damn brilliant film The Juche Idea, Finn takes aim at North Korean president Kim Jong-il's theories on cinema and how its ultimate purpose is to advance political ideology and party loyalty.
  20. Wacky and good-humored, Go Go has a seductive visual appeal that Ferrara exploits to the fullest.
  21. Country Strong is a charmer that makes you forgive all of its false notes simply because the talent plays them with conviction.
  22. This revved-up movie version offers a perfect mix of non-stop thrills and clever dialogue, mixed with an engagingly light touch. Nobody is taking anything too seriously here, and that's the fun of it.
  23. Is the result - a slapstick, bizarro melodrama where Ferrell plays the Mexican born and bred scion of a wealthy farmer - meant more for Spanish speakers or stoned and giggly Americans? It's a tough call.
  24. Educational rather than entertaining.
  25. With his (Herzog) idiosyncratic blend of serendipity, bluntness and mischievous irony, he's able to get at deep questions like no other documentarian.
  26. With the stranger in a strange land motif, the movie plays a little bit like the 2007 Israeli dramedy "The Band's Visit" and Liev Shreiber's "Everything Is Illuminated" rolled into one.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The more traditional haunted house feel and fresh focus should please diehards and pull in new fans.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The film has a narrative grip and pitiless portrait of idealism run amok that's hard to resist.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    The film reaches way beyond the usual activist crowd by making itself as formally compelling as it is tightly argued.

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