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  1. Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe attempt light romantic comedy in A Good Year, and the results are as grindingly discordant as a punk band writing a suite of waltzes.
  2. Flat as a Moravian cookie, flat as a sailor's wallet after a month in port, flat as the average European's impression of the Earth in A.D. 800.
  3. I once said I'd watch Chiwetel Ejiofor act in any piece of disposable fluff, and now I have.
  4. Movies can certainly be worse than bad sitcoms, and this is one of them.
  5. Abbott, Petroni and director Michael Rymer do exploit the visual and aural cliches of vampire movies from the last 20 years: The creatures wear tattoos, shave their heads, listen to blistering rock and dress in black leather. For a band of societal outsiders, they're pathetically conformist.
  6. Heavy-handed symbolism permeates the picture, down to the leading lady's name.
  7. Cowardice and cliché - not a tasty combination.
  8. As a film, it's flabby and utterly predictable.
  9. Speed Racer is chaotic as a six-ring circus, gaudy as a transvestites convention and soullessly cute as a robot puppy.
  10. As lame as a three-legged mule.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    Naive but ambitious, it comes across as a "Battlestar Galactica" vetted by pacifists, "Clone Wars" neutered for Saturday morning kids' TV.
  11. As a vegetarian, I'm grateful that Around the Bend -- an extended commercial for KFC passing itself off as a heartwarming family drama -- is a loser.
  12. This isn't nitpicking. Every bit of the tale is as full of holes as a wool sweater at a moth convention, and Shyamalan telegraphs each potential surprise.
  13. When Elle Woods watches "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" for inspiration in the middle of Legally Blonde 2, you have to admire the nerve of the people who made this comedy: "Smith" is to LB2 what jumbo jets are to ultralight gliders. But nerve is all they've got.
  14. Rarely connects with reality.
  15. Director Doug Liman and a trio of writers eventually forget the rules they set up and hurl combatants to places they could never have seen or even known about: Who'd willingly project himself into the middle of a Chechnyan war zone?
  16. A mediocrity at any time, because of its implausible script and bland characters.
  17. It's a disconnected, implausible story that aims for a tone of magic realism and falls short on both counts.
  18. Harsh Times contains exactly 30 seconds of novelty.
  19. I don't know if the new movie is Smith's weakest. It's certainly his most disposable, a warmed-over hash of jokes that will have Mewes fans rolling with laughter and the rest of us rolling our eyes in disbelief.
  20. The filmmakers' ineptitude is staggering.
  21. Might have been funnier if it had been put together with more care.
  22. The film seems almost intentionally bad in most ways, as if Gilliam were expressing a suicide wish for his directing career.
  23. Once, for no reason, Franklin whirled the camera around 360 degrees while two people were having an ordinary conversation. I suspect he must have been as bored by then as I was.
  24. The movie feels not only calculated but tired.
  25. The rest of the film couldn’t convince a sixth-grader it might happen. CIA agents search a home for evidence but leave the front door unlocked and unguarded, so Devereaux sneaks in and knocks them out.
  26. What do you get? A reboot of "The Lone Ranger” that metaphorically drags this noble story – and literally drags its title character – through a steaming heap of horse droppings.
  27. It’s hard to stay connected to a disaster film where the biggest disaster is the script.
  28. Totally underwhelming.
  29. It's as French as a half-smoked Gauloise and, like a half-smoked Gauloise, it stinks.

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