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  1. Writers Pamela Falk and Michael Ellis aim for the soufflé-style comedy audiences ate up greedily 40 years ago, but the film falls flat.
  2. Lawrence plus latex equals laughs.
    • 33 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Sinks or swims with the actors. Gallner makes a very convincing boy-about-to-die; Madsen is his properly stricken mom; and Donovan, an under-used leading man, plays the stressed, guilt-ridden dad well.
  3. There's nothing wrong with Simpson's performance that a head transplant wouldn't cure, and the grinning Reynolds looks Botoxed into immobility.
  4. Like the star's acting, the movie is bland, full of good intentions and generally as stiff as a fireplace poker.
  5. Messing may simply be one of those actresses who's the right size for TV and the wrong size for the big screen.
  6. A punch-drunk lightweight. Inside the ring, it lands some forceful punches. Outside the ring, it stumbles around, swinging wildly at nothing, until it collapses.
  7. About 45 minutes into Swordfish, the picture degenerates permanently from drivel to sleaze (only a short drop).
  8. Wilson brings low-wattage amiability to his part, as always. Hudson's mismatched with him but tries to set him afire.
  9. Someone Like You is from Hollywood's bottomless box of cliches.
  10. It relies on short bursts of Lawrence's zaniness, punctuated by an occasional joke about stinking feet or vile breath. For his admirers, that will be plenty.
  11. By refusing to take anything seriously (including himself), Shatner lifts the movie to a truly funny level of absurdity. Soon, though, it goes back to being the type of buddy picture Hollywood stamps out like stale cookies.
  12. The best way to sit through Max Payne is by using minimal brain.
  13. It honors the tone of that wonderful comedy while setting it in present-day New York City.
  14. Better than you might expect, if you didn't expect it to be any good.
  15. The movie briefly suggests Viola is an incestuous psychotic.
  16. It's cheerful nonsense from blithe beginning to obvious end.
  17. Has any movie this millennium had less reason to exist than First Daughter?
  18. Creature is refreshingly and intentionally silly, in an era when horror has devolved mostly into torture porn and high-tech, computer-generated assaults on our senses.
  19. I'm afraid it just stinks.
  20. Randolph and Parker play fair with us, setting up a motive early and clearly. Yet whether you buy the motive or find it far-fetched, it almost immediately tells you who's responsible for the death.
  21. That’s the problem with Winter’s Tale, which tries to cram too many conflicting stories into one space and ends up defying us to believe any. Call it magic unrealism, a well-intentioned but clunky genre.
  22. The writers supply character traits that seem to point toward a pay-off but never reach one. People all end up as tight-lipped, indistinguishable automatons who plummet 50 feet down jagged rocks with scarcely a scratch.
  23. Director Rob Cohen shoots believable action sequences, too. Nobody jumps the gap between skyscrapers or falls 40 feet, then gets up and runs away.
  24. As dry as a high school history book, solemn as a funeral service, humorless as a Politburo meeting, bloated as a waterlogged corpse and unbalanced as a bout between a debutante and a sumo wrestler.
  25. What a riveting movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen might have been! And what a rickety mess it turned out to be when the people responsible lost faith in the origin of the material!
  26. Abbott, Petroni and director Michael Rymer do exploit the visual and aural cliches of vampire movies from the last 20 years: The creatures wear tattoos, shave their heads, listen to blistering rock and dress in black leather. For a band of societal outsiders, they're pathetically conformist.
  27. It's yet another warm, fuzzy, New-Age tale that cozies us into believing the grave doesn't mean oblivion.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    It's choppy and cheap-looking, and it has dead spots like the Sahara, but it also has a surprising number of genuinely funny bits, most of them slapsticky and gleefully rude.
    • Charlotte Observer
  28. The film works best as an extended "Twilight Zone" episode.

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