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1,454 movie reviews
  1. Every decade or so, someone proves animation can tell a serious adult story.
  2. The script expertly captures kids' behavior.
  3. Mangold has been smart or fortunate in casting, and personalities sustain interest even when the narrative flags.
  4. The film soars in the right places, especially when powerful newcomer Jennifer Hudson sings, and the charismatic supporting cast keeps it chugging forward.
  5. Chuck and Buck: A fungus among us.
    • Charlotte Observer
  6. Outdated before it opened today.
  7. The two male leads, bulwarks of the Danish film industry for more than a decade, play off each other like the veterans they are.
  8. The movie seemed a disappointment at first, until I decided I was missing the point: It’s actually a drama about the way people treat a celebrity – with fear or reverence, as a source of income or reflected glory– and the way their own personalities change around him, while his stays the same. In that way, the film’s a small triumph.
  9. A rarely honest, funny movie.
  10. This picture won't attract white audiences. I doubt that blacks would flock to a Jerry Seinfeld concert film. But we'd all get along better if we realized we had the right to laugh at each other's foibles
  11. Impassioned concert sequences with Ben Harper, Chaka Khan, Gerald Levert and especially Joan Osborne prove the Brothers' balanced approach still works on Motown chestnuts.
  12. The film’s fast, amusing, good-looking and not overlong, which is all sensible non-geeks ask of such movies.
  13. Mitchell keeps the direction simple and well-behaved, usually just pointing the camera at the speaker, but you can see why this topic appealed to him.
  14. Steven Zaillian never seems completely at home with these characters, not because he's white but because he's a cerebral screenwriter frustrated with a story that gives him little that's meaningful to say. Like Washington and Crowe, he's a chef functioning here as a short-order cook: The meal's perfectly edible but falls short of delicious.
  15. Superbad simply isn't. It isn't super, as it intersperses crudely funny gags with an equal number of dry spots. It isn't ever truly bad, because even the lame segments pass quickly.
  16. Slight, enjoyable comedy.
  17. It's ploddingly directed, indifferently acted and insufficiently frightening.
  18. If you ride the paranoiac tide, letting Jonathan Demme's assured direction carry you along, the sardonic humor and anxiety-inducing message work on you.
  19. Here’s a paradox: The millions of people who have read Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo are the panting target audience for the Swedish-language film adaptation. Yet they’re also likeliest to be disappointed by this carefully crafted drama, while people who haven’t read the book are likely to enjoy the movie and wonder what the literary fuss is about.
  20. A loving interpretation of C.S. Lewis's beloved parable for children, and it's almost perfect in every detail. Yet there's the one difficulty: It's almost perfect in every detail, fully realized in too few.
  21. Hank Greenberg was to Jews what Jackie Robinson was to African Americans: a great athlete, handsome and hard-working, who took the first line of abuse from bigots and proved that his people belonged at the highest level of professional sports.
  22. British director Stephen Walker approached this project with wide-eyed good humor.
  23. Unobtrusively satisfying.
  24. Winterbottom has darkened the tone: The final scene takes place during a golden sunset that brings no closure to either man.
  25. Watching Lovely and Amazing is like coming into a long-running, well-written television series where you've missed the first half-dozen episodes and probably won't see the next six.
  26. A horror film that doesn't wear out a moment of its welcome.
    • Charlotte Observer
  27. Top honors go to Guinee, who steadily builds his character from tiny details, and Reaser, who's understood through eyes and attitude while speaking a hodgepodge of German, Norwegian and English.
  28. There may not be much meat in Hodges' stew, but the sauce was so tasty I felt satisfied after the light meal.
  29. The film isn't quite as striking as its star, but it's just as honest.
  30. To adapt it for a 130-minute movie, Irving ruthlessly cut away subplots, eliminated supporting characters and pared down the traits of the ones that remain.

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