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  1. The Fault in Our Stars beautifully captures the hesitancy, shyness masked by outward confidence, feelings of unworthiness and quiet intensity of teenagers in love.
  2. Director Matt Reeves, working from a script by Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver and Mark Bomback, elevates the apes to primary importance in this intelligent thriller.
  3. The most important thing, though, is that we come away feeling we know him. He died on Christmas Day eight years ago, and people listening to samples of his music in rap and hip-hop may have no idea why he mattered. Now they’ll see.
  4. It’s the rare animated film that might amuse adults and kids while slipping a useful message to the latter.
  5. Gone Girl offers interesting, even amusing audio cues: the sound of a distant mourning dove when we suspect Amy’s been killed, or Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” playing on a car radio as Nick returns his obnoxious father to an assisted care center.
  6. Why on earth didn't Warner Bros. release this movie in time for Oscar consideration? Sure, it's bleak, depressing, sometimes painful to watch. But it would have been one of the best pictures of the year, and Nicholson (who hasn't done work of this caliber since "The Crossing Guard") might have been on the podium again.
  7. The effect is as potent as a straight right to the solar plexus.
  8. Few white directors depict racial interaction in a thoughtful, non-exploitative way, but Sayles has always been one of them.
  9. (The Coens have) never again achieved the one-two punch of Blood Simple and "Raising Arizona" - the first darkly cynical, the second light-headedly comical.
  10. A love story more involved than I can easily explain.
  11. Picks up steam from the ominous opening scene and ends as a quietly suspenseful thriller.
  12. To adapt it for a 130-minute movie, Irving ruthlessly cut away subplots, eliminated supporting characters and pared down the traits of the ones that remain.
  13. Best of all, Billy (Jamie Bell) is that rarity in a film distributed by Hollywood: a real boy, confused at 11 about almost everything.
  14. Charming Stuart Little improves on original tale.
  15. The coolest film in town offers industrial espionage, power struggles, thwarted romance, betrayal and suspense - and best of all, it's true.
  16. Yi Yi is an intimate movie, for all its length and complexity.
  17. A taut, consistently surprising political thriller with a sting in its tail.
    • Charlotte Observer
  18. Can be unbearably moving or annoyingly mawkish, sometimes in the same scene.
  19. Hank Greenberg was to Jews what Jackie Robinson was to African Americans: a great athlete, handsome and hard-working, who took the first line of abuse from bigots and proved that his people belonged at the highest level of professional sports.
  20. The director lingers over images, watching builders at work or Baran at her chores; the camera often seems to daydream, like Lateef. No grand climax caps the film, but the small incidents have a cumulative effect.
  21. Shows the fate of Sicilians who moved to the Italian industrial city of Turin 40-plus years ago, and it suggests that the experience of relocation is universal.
  22. A horror film that doesn't wear out a moment of its welcome.
    • Charlotte Observer
  23. If you're put off by deliberate filmmaking (or subtitles, though the movie doesn't have much dialogue), you're in the wrong spot. If not, you'll see why voters gave "Atanarjuat," as it's officially called, a 2002 Oscar nomination for best foreign film.
  24. Director Stephen Frears...drops down to the underclass in "DPT," examining the ways in which educated illegals fight off despair, poverty and extradition.
  25. A feature film as odd, personal and sometimes mundane as his (Pekar) comics.
  26. It comes from Pixar, the animation studio that scored with the "Toy Story" series and "A Bug's Life," and it has more zip and a tad less soul than those predecessors.
  27. Evans makes a terrific raconteur, imitating voices and putting us behind the scenes.
  28. Despite Hunter's terrific acting, the mom seems too unaware.
  29. The songs are pure joy, for them and for us.
    • Charlotte Observer
  30. Disney's updated, animated version respects its source material while aiming at kids who grew up with extreme sports and edgy music.

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