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  1. When Allen revives his plodding "Manhattan Murder Mystery" as the even duller Scoop, I snore.
  2. "Man" is like a sour, half-formed version of a TV sitcom full of dislikable, disconnected characters.
  3. Yet even the language, finally, becomes as inauthentic as the accents.
  4. Writer-director Barry Levinson leaned on Robin Williams the way a one-ring circus relies on its lone acrobat. So they're jointly responsible for the film's utter failure.
  5. Writer-director Coppola and her production team have gotten the look of the late 18th century right...But they've gotten almost everything else wrong.
  6. Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe attempt light romantic comedy in A Good Year, and the results are as grindingly discordant as a punk band writing a suite of waltzes.
  7. Harsh Times contains exactly 30 seconds of novelty.
  8. It's "Braveheart" without historical significance and "Passion" without spirituality, though it dabbles in both, and it represents as brazen an act of career suicide as I can recall from a star director. If he were a first-timer, he'd never work again.
  9. The only interesting character is the dragon, who grows from an adorably dependent baby to a protective, intelligent adult voiced by Rachel Weisz.
  10. This movie is made by and for people who don't care about good storytelling.
  11. Errors in logic will delight the attentive.
  12. Attaching Chris Rock to I Think I Love My Wife is like chaining a Kentucky Derby winner to the merry-go-round in a petting zoo. His humor is hobbled, his personality dulled, his energy depleted. Who's responsible for this lapse in judgment? Chris Rock.
  13. The filmmakers' ineptitude is staggering.
  14. The storytelling is inept and illogical.
  15. It's marginally possible that Nancy Drew is spoofing high school adventure movies, and I almost hope so. Otherwise, it's unwatchable on every level.
  16. Quirkiness is as essential to a small indie film as beef stock to French onion soup. But if you don't have enough of any other ingredient, you end up with a watery, barely edible broth.
  17. Plays like some uninformed seventh-grader's view of gay men.
  18. It's almost impossible for a movie to go irrevocably wrong during the opening credits, but the ceaselessly irritating The Jane Austen Book Club does just that.
  19. You'll have to swallow this gooey confection whole or spit it out after the first couple of bites.
  20. The final sad joke is this: Weitz took a wonderful story about the danger of severing a soul from its otherwise empty body and did that very thing to his source.
  21. Lee sleepwalks through his part, even in romantic scenes with equally bland Cameron Richardson.
  22. The film is a saggy, oddly mean-spirited takeoff of "Walk the Line."
  23. No movie this year will better embody Macbeth's description of life itself: "a tale ... full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
  24. Of COURSE it's bad. It was always going to be. But it's worse than necessary.
  25. Director Doug Liman and a trio of writers eventually forget the rules they set up and hurl combatants to places they could never have seen or even known about: Who'd willingly project himself into the middle of a Chechnyan war zone?
  26. Just Will Ferrell doing the same man-boy shtick he usually does.
  27. The script by Kristofor Brown and Seth Rogen and the direction by Steven Brill have a careless, never-gave-a-damn feel that's as insulting to viewers as the film is dull.
  28. Speed Racer is chaotic as a six-ring circus, gaudy as a transvestites convention and soullessly cute as a robot puppy.
  29. As a film, it's flabby and utterly predictable.
  30. Sandler proves even a hardened Israeli secret service agent can be an imbecilic juvenile.

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