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  1. A tedious movie about excitement.
  2. Perelman never overcomes the disjuncture of having two familiar actresses play the same grown character, and despite the endless crosscutting, the two halves settle respectively into ghoulish foreboding and murky psychological drama.
  3. Kasi Lemmons directed this tepid thriller, whose only genuinely creepy aspect is its cavalier and uninformed use of mental illness and classical music to heighten the meager suspense.
  4. The kids are impressively plucky, but Weihenmayer comes off as an egomaniac, arguing with his team and endangering the youngsters' lives. Lucy Walker directed this cloying and manipulative 2006 documentary.
  5. In middle age Jackie Chan can't keep coasting on boyish charm, as evidenced by this dreadful family comedy that does him no favors with its opening title sequence.
  6. This all-day sucker put me to sleep -- though it's possible I retreated out of self-defense.
  7. Now that Robin Williams has been emasculated--dangerously schizoid comic turned into nice-guy movie star--it isn't too surprising that a commercial hack like Chris Columbus would use him the way he does in this cutesy 1993 comedy: cutting between Williams trying on different voices rather than holding the camera on him as he lurches between these voices without notice.
  8. Grazer's writing team has filled up the film's 82 minutes with winking product placements, SNL-type goofs, PG gags premised on not quite cursing, a Smashmouth cover of the Beatles' "Getting Better," and a lame subplot about a scuzzy lothario (Stephen Baldwin).
  9. A more helpful title for this date movie would have been Couples, Retreat!
  10. This caper movie starts off as enjoyable guff before turning strictly formulaic and winding up as unenjoyable guff.
  11. The kind of ugly-duckling role that's long been ironic for her (Bullock).
  12. Little remains of the original but its weakest element - its overelaborate intrigue - and Hackford seems only to scramble it further.
  13. This is shocking only for its tepidness; except for some raunchy language, it's ready-made for basic cable.
  14. This interminable, poorly constructed drug thriller by writer-director Frank E. Flowers sat on the shelf for two years before winning a release.
  15. Having defused the fairy tale, first-time screenwriter Leigh Dunlap pads this out to 96 minutes with stale high school politics and the usual claptrap about believing in yourself.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Unfortunately the story lurches like the characters' beat-up T-bird...and the film's rebellious attitude wears thin long before its sentimental denouement.
  16. This remake takes an alternate tack from the original feature, expanding the story of "The Sitter" to a full 83 minutes, but the result is dull and painfully generic.
  17. This Mike Myers vehicle exemplifies American comedy's continuing slide into infantilism.
  18. Suzuki and Kaneshiro keep the first hour afloat with their easy comic interplay, but Yamazaki badly needs editing: the opening escape sequence is needlessly repeated later, and a slow drip of false endings drags this out to a tiring 118 minutes.
  19. "Soppy" doesn't begin to describe this 2004 drama by Quentin Lee.
  20. The sort of thing that makes you wish you were playing a video game instead.
  21. A kind of idealist fantasy that seems almost hamstrung by its plot.
  22. Milius has nothing to say: this 1982 film only hints at the romantic heroics of "The Wind and the Lion" and has none of the personal quality of "Big Wednesday."
  23. Unfortunately the movie's more interesting and challenging social aspects, which imply more than one "British-Chinese gay experience," are often overtaken by its smarminess--including an aggressively banal score and the way some actors have apparently been encouraged to overwork their eyebrows.
  24. Smug, uninsightful light drama.
  25. The high school is so sanitized that there are no drugs, cutthroat competition, or--inconceivably for a theatrical milieu--no gay students.
  26. Easy to take but even easier to leave alone.
  27. The script...and Rob Reiner's direction...bristle with phoniness.
  28. Would have proved the point if it weren't so mechanically scripted.
  29. A flimsy setup dooms this from the start, though its sheer awfulness is something to see.

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