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    An exercise in robotic filmmaking.
  1. The troubled star writhes her way through a red-lit pole dance in the opening credits and shrieks her way through a prolonged torture-porn sequence; after those lurid turns the movie settles into an indifferent mystery plot as the cops pressure the girl to help them find the culprit.
  2. A euphemism for the right of anyone to make movies just as awful as those of big studios.
  3. What emerges is oddly ineffectual and uninvolving.
  4. Doesn't do much with its pseudosavvy characters.
  5. Shameless exercise in high-tech sadism.
  6. The cynicism of the writer and director smacks of such self-hatred (fully acknowledged in the film's closing shot) that their disgust spills over onto all their characters (and their audience too), and inasmuch as everybody here is one kind of whore or another at virtually every moment, the fine moral distinctions this movie insists on making sometimes seem about as arcane and as loony as medieval theology about angels dancing on the heads of pins.
    • 16 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Writer-producer Paul Kimatian was once a still photographer for Martin Scorsese, who reportedly encouraged him to write this Italian-American soap opera. Given its tired dialogue, predictable situations, and vicious street fighting, Scorsese may wish he'd kept his mouth shut.
  7. The plot exposition gets laborious in spots, the period flavor is only occasional and approximate, and the direction tends to be clunky, yet the strong secondary cast helps to take up some of the slack.
  8. At least it has the decency not to pretend it's aspiring any higher than the toilet.
  9. This is one dull party.
  10. A straight exploitation story.
  11. Like the gods, the trading cards are capricious, with ever-changing rules and strategies so intricate that only Yu-Gi-Oh-ologists will fully enjoy this adventure.
  12. Angry fish travels to the Bahamas for the Christmas holidays, plotting revenge against the family of a vacationing New England widow (Lorraine Gary). Noel, noel, a charming gift idea with suggestions of inverted seasonal myth—until director Joseph Sargent swamps it all in antimythical literalism and predictable lunchtime theater.
  13. Romantic comedies should never be this exhausting. Despite a few good zingers, Mars Callahan's vitriolic take on the sexes sinks under the weight of its secondhand psychobabble and smug apercus.
  14. The plot somehow manages to be both hackneyed and convoluted.
  15. Formula thriller that exploits homosexuality better than murder-mystery clues.
  16. Like its methane-filled outhouse that explodes right on cue, this sequel to "Daddy Day Care" (2003) smells.
  17. Prinze and Stiles regularly talk to the camera, but that doesn't make their characters self-aware.
  18. The grasping novelty of the visuals doesn't rival the uncharismatic leads or the hopelessly, unironically banal plot.
  19. Aside from the waste of a talented cast, the only thing that really caught my attention was the tomblike silence of the audience--at least until the bong jokes started.
  20. Very, very stupid.
  21. Imagine combining bad imitations of the "Ace Ventura" and "Austin Powers" movies and you'll have a rough idea of this feeble Dana Carvey farce.
  22. For every jab at hypocrisy in law enforcement or in the media's crime coverage...there's a scene's worth of uninflected scatology or misogyny.
  23. The recut American version is truly awful, but a good 75 percent of the awfulness is attributable to Miramax, the film's distributor.
  24. This gross sex farce actually has a point, though about half the population won't like what it is.
  25. Seems like a miscalculation on multiple levels.
  26. This excruciating sequel tries to squeeze a few more bucks from the "Spy Kids" espionage formula.
  27. Brain-dead adaptation of a popular video game.
  28. The current vogue for all things vampiric is ripe for a satirical drubbing, but this repulsive comedy is part of the problem, not the solution.

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