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4,719 movie reviews
  1. Utterly clueless about its tone and has no idea how relentlessly it is undercutting itself. By the time we arrive at the obligatory happy ending, which is perfunctory and automatic, I felt sort of insulted. If Chandrasekhar thinks his audience will laugh at his vulgarity, why does he believe it requires a feel-good ending?
  2. A perfectly good idea for a comedy, but it just plain doesn't work. It's dead in the water. I can imagine it working well in a different time, with a different cast, in black and white instead of color--but I can't imagine it working like this.
  3. The screenplay is so murky, indeed, that I was never sure whether the Kids hated the Hitler Youth lads because they were Nazis, or simply because they didn't swing.
  4. A flat and peculiar film.
  5. Here is the most uncomfortable movie of the new year, an exercise in feel-good smut.
  6. A terrible movie, sappy and dead in the water.
  7. Stupefying dimwitted.
  8. Here is a movie that will do for cheerleading what "Friday the 13th" did for summer camp.
  9. A fog of gloom lowers over The Whole Ten Yards, as actors who know they're in a turkey try their best to prevail.
  10. No Such Thing is inexplicable, shapeless, dull. It doesn't even rise to entertaining badness.
  11. No one in the movie has a morsel of intelligence. They all seem to be channeling more successful characters in better comedies. This would be touching if it were not so desperate.
  12. Everyone in The Boy Next Door has to behave like an idiot at least once or twice, just so the movie can keep going. It’s an act of mercy when it finally grinds to a halt.
  13. An almost unendurable demonstration of a movie with nothing to be about.
  14. I would rather eat a golf ball than see this movie again.
  15. The Lazarus Effect is nothing but a cheap horror film cloaked in scientific mumbo-jumbo.
  16. Like a cocky teenager who's had a couple of drinks before the party, they don't have a plan for who they want to offend, only an intention to be as offensive as possible.
  17. I see so little there: It is all remembered rote work, used to conceal old tricks, facile name-calling, the loss of hope, and emptiness.
  18. Desperately unfunny.
  19. This film is about violence. All violence. Wall-to-wall violence. Against many of those walls, heads are pounded again and again into a pulpy mass. If I estimated the film has 10 minutes of dialogue, that would be generous.
  20. I realized there was no hope for the movie because the plot and characters had alienated me beyond repair. If an audience is going to be entertained by a film, first they have to be able to stand it.
  21. A sad-sack movie about the misery of a married couple who fight most of the time. Watching it is like taking a long trip in a small car with the Bickersons.
  22. The really good superhero movies, like "Superman," "SpiderMan 2" and "Batman Begins," leave Fantastic Four so far behind that the movie should almost be ashamed to show itself in the same theaters.
  23. One of those movies that never convince you its stories are really happening.
  24. These actors, alas, are at the service of a submoronic script and special effects that look like a video game writ large.
  25. A fourth-rate "Pulp Fiction" with accents you can't understand.
  26. Any plot discipline (necessary so that we care about some characters and not the others) has been lost in an orgy of special effects and general mayhem.
  27. Has the added inconvenience of being dreadfully serious about a plot so preposterous, it demands to be filmed by Monty Python.
  28. The Expendables 3 is proof a movie can be exceedingly loud and excruciatingly dull.
  29. A lame and labored comedy.
  30. Scrooged is one of the most disquieting, unsettling films to come along in quite some time. It was obviously intended as a comedy, but there is little comic about it, and indeed the movie's overriding emotions seem to be pain and anger.

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