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  1. Brando doesn't so much walk through this movie as coast, in a gassy, self-indulgent performance no one else could have gotten away with.
  2. Competent formula entertainment, but doesn't make that leap into pure barminess that inspired "Anaconda."
  3. Pitch Perfect 2 strains to find some plot conflicts while balancing the line between satire and rousing musical numbers.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Told in flashback, with David revisiting the past as he rides into his future on an artifically lit train, The Neon Bible glows darkly on the outside, but its pilot light is barely flickering. [05 Apr 1996, p.33]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  4. All of the characters are treated sincerely and played in a straightforward style. It's just that we don't love them enough.
  5. It's strange about Stir Crazy. We go in with big expectations, and we laugh so much at the beginning that we're ready for the movie to launch itself as a hit. And then it all goes flat and we come out disappointed.
  6. There are a lot of logical gaps in this movie.
  7. The comedy bogs down in relentless predictability and the puzzling overuse of naughty words.
  8. Almost nothing about Illicit rings true — but thanks to the likable, earnest and attractive cast, and the semi-salacious, soap-opera vibe to the proceedings, my attention never wandered, and I’ll admit I was mildly curious about how everything would play out.
  9. The acting is actually pretty solid. These characters are never in the same room, so the performances amount to a collection of solo scenes. But these kids aren’t likable. Perhaps director Gabriadze and writer Nelson Greaves intended to create a Social Media “Scream” and a commentary on cyber-bullying, but Unfriended comes across as disdainful of millennials.
  10. There’s gratuitous nudity, lots of partying, zippy camera moves, plenty of product placement and did we mention all those celebrity cameos? It all feels more like a rerun than a fully formed, stand-alone movie.
  11. As we switched relentlessly back and forth between A and B, I found that I wasn't looking forward to either story.
  12. It is not what's there on the screen that disappoints me, but what's not there.
  13. Follows the "Lock, Stock" formula so slavishly it could be like a new arrangement of the same song.
  14. A gorgeous but plodding and borderline ludicrous period-piece weeper.
  15. I praised "Lovely & Amazing," which also features a romance between an adult woman and a teenage boy. But "Lovely & Amazing" is about events that happen in a plausible world (the adult is actually arrested). Tadpole wants only to be a low-rent "Graduate" clone.
  16. The movie cuts back and forth between two preposterous plot lines and uses the man on the ledge as a device to pump up the tension.
  17. You may be able to find parallels between these characters and those in "The Breakfast Club." On the other hand, you may decide life is too short.
  18. There may be possibilities here, but they're lost in the extraordinary boredom of a long third act devoted almost entirely to loud, pointless and repetitive action.
  19. Wants to make larger points, but succeeds only in being a story of derangement.
  20. Hoogendijk is a guest with more tact than curiosity about why a three-year plan went so over schedule.
  21. What might have been a slick, smash-mouth, fast-paced piece of entertainment clocking in at 90 or 100 minutes somehow turns into a bloated, half-baked pie that drags on for 2 hours and 20 minutes.
  22. There seem to be two movies going on here at the same time, and December Boys would have been better off going all the way with one of them.
  23. Begins with a thought-provoking idea from Philip K. Dick, exploits it for its action and plot potential, but never really develops it.
  24. Spacey does what can be done with the material, but it never achieves takeoff velocity.
  25. I liked the music. I would rather have the movie's soundtrack than see Groove again--or at all.
  26. Intended as a farce, but lacks farcical insanity and settles for being a sitcom, not a very good one.
  27. There is a reason to see the movie, and that reason is Piper Perabo.
  28. The Identical evangelizes and entertains with sincere mediocrity. If the style is unremarkably mainstream, the message is theologically murky.
  29. The movie is too pat and practiced to really be convincing, and the progress of Ariel's relationships with the two grumps seems dictated mostly by the needs of the screenplay. But Matthau and Lemmon are fun to see together, if for no other reason than just for the essence of their beings.

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