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5126 movie reviews
  1. A Burning Hot Summer failed to persuade me of any reason for its existence.
  2. The movie is awfully sweet. The young actresses playing eighth-graders look their age, for once, and have an unstudied charm.
  3. The movie is that it's all surface and no substance. Not even the slightest attempt is made to suggest that the film takes its own story seriously. Everything is style. The performances seem deliberately angled as satire.
  4. I hasten to say this is not criticism of John Travolta. He succeeds in this movie by essentially acting in a movie of his own.
  5. The numerous sex scenes are so uninteresting and devoid of creativity or plot advancement, even the actors participating in said encounters seem bored.
  6. Overcrowded and overwritten, with too many shrill denunciations and dramatic surprises; we don't like the characters and, worse, they don't interest us.
  7. It makes little sense, fails as often as it succeeds, and yet is not hateful and is sometimes quite cheerfully original.
  8. The movie is probably ideal for those proverbial young girls who adore cats, and young boys, too. I can't recommend it for adults attending on their own, unless they really, really love cats.
  9. He can take a licking and keep on slicing. In the latest Halloween movie, he absorbs a blow from an ax, several knife slashes, a rock pounded on the skull, a fall down a steep hillside and being crushed against a tree by a truck. Whatever he's got, mankind needs it.
  10. [Garai and Luna] must be given credit for their presence and charisma in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, and together with the film's general ambiance, they do a lot to make amends for the lockstep plot.
    • 42 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Reincarnated seems more interested in showing us countless scenes of people smoking herb than in giving us details about the making of the album it purports to be documenting. Granted, Snoop is immersing himself in a culture where this is a customary process, but it gets old and tired very quickly.
  11. Talk about a mediocre mash-up. Much of We Are Your Friends plays like an Electronic Dance Music update of a very good John Travolta movie — “Saturday Night Fever” — with a liberal sprinkling of plot elements from a quite terrible Tom Cruise movie called “Cocktail.”
  12. The basic idea of Uncommon Valor is so interesting that it's all they can do to make a routine formula movie out of it. But they do.
  13. I believe it is as cruel and senseless as the killings in "Elephant," but while that film was chillingly objective, this one seems to be on everybody's side. It's a moral muddle.
  14. A turgid melodrama with the emotional range of a sympathy card.
  15. Compared with the sensational stunts and special effects in the Bond series, The Saint seems positively leisurely. The fight scenes go on too long and are not interesting, the villains aren't single-minded enough, and the Saint seems more like a disguise fetishist than a formidable international operative.
  16. It's not that I don't like it. It's that I don't care.
  17. A step or two down from the first and second, but it has some very funny moments, and maybe that is all we hope for.
  18. An ungainly fit of three stories that have no business being shoehorned into the same movie.
  19. It fails to make us care, even a little, about the characters and what happens to them. There is nothing at stake.
  20. Possibly the funniest movie ever made about Catholicism. It confuses the phenomenon of stigmata with satanic possession.
  21. Saw
    An efficiently made thriller, cheerfully gruesome, and finally not quite worth the ordeal it puts us through.
  22. There is undoubtedly a movie to be made about this material -- a different movie.
  23. The movie itself isn't as interesting as the conversations you can have about it. It duplicates Thomas' miserable world so well we want to escape it as urgently as Thomas does.
  24. Essentially just a promotional film for Jordan as a product. It plays like a commercial for itself.
  25. The movie has terrific if completely unbelievable special effects. The actors had fun, I guess. You might, too, if you like goofiness like this.
  26. When the hero, his alter ego, his girlfriend and the villain all seem to lack any joy in being themselves, why should we feel joy at watching them?
  27. Educating Rita, which might have been a charming human comedy, disintegrated into a forced march through a formula relationship.
  28. Sweet, in its meandering way. It has no meanness in it, no cynicism, no desire to be anything other than what it is, an evocation of the fun of living your life as a skateboarder.
  29. Then they annoy us by trying to deny the attraction while the plot spins its wheels, pretending to be about something.

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