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4,420 movie reviews
  1. Derek Cianfrance, the film's writer and director, observes with great exactitude the birth and decay of a relationship. This film is alive in its details.
  2. Giamatti's performance is one of those achievements. He is making a career of playing unremarkable but memorable men.
  3. Chabrol as always shows a tenderness toward the lives of people who are exceptional only because crime touches them.
  4. Lee doesn't make exploitation films, and he doesn't find conventional answers. He is puzzled by the mysteries of inexplicable behavior.
  5. I Will Follow doesn't tell a story so much as try to understand a woman. Through her, we can find insights into the ways we deal with death.
  6. Good in so many subtle ways, I despair of doing them justice.
  7. He's (Fukunaga) a director with a sure visual sense, here expressed in voluptuous visuals and ambitious art direction.
  8. For me, it is too clever by half, creating full-bodied characters but inserting them into a story that is thin soup.
  9. An ingenious thriller that comes billed as science fiction, although its science is preposterous.
  10. Here we have an odd cross between a fairy tale and a high-tech action movie. It could have been a fairly strained attempt at either, but director Joe Wright ("Atonement") combines his two genres into a stylish exercise that perversely includes some sentiment and insight.
  11. If you are open, even in fancy, to the idea of ghosts who visit the living, this film is likely to be a curious but rather bemusing experience.
  12. Most people do not choose their religions but have them forced upon themselves by birth, and the lesson of Incendies is that an accident of birth is not a reason for hatred.
  13. Spellbinding.
  14. Siskel and Jacobs focus on the performances, which are inspiring and electrifying.
  15. What I enjoyed was the way the film summons up the pure obsessive passion that chess stirs in some people.
  16. He is one of the most prolific and generous of directors, and there is no word that summarizes a "Tavernier film," except, usually, masterful.
  17. Bridesmaids seems to be a more or less deliberate attempt to cross the Chick Flick with the Raunch Comedy. It definitively proves that women are the equal of men in vulgarity, sexual frankness, lust, vulnerability, overdrinking and insecurity.
  18. Meek's Cutoff is more an experience than a story. It has personality conflicts, but isn't about them. The suspicions and angers of the group are essentially irrelevant to their overwhelming reality. Reichardt has the courage to establish that.
  19. Owen Wilson is a key to the movie's appeal. He makes Gil so sincere, so enthusiastic.
  20. The animation is elegant, the story is much more involving than in the original, and there's boundless energy.
  21. The film is terrifically entertaining, an ambitious big-budget epic, directed with great visuals and sound by Takeshi Miike.
  22. A wonderful film, nostalgia not for a time but for a style of filmmaking, when shell-shocked young audiences were told a story and not pounded over the head with aggressive action.
  23. One of the pleasures of Beginners is the warmth and sincerity of the major characters. There is no villain. They begin by wanting to be happier and end by succeeding.
  24. Submarine isn't an insipid teen sex comedy. It flaunts some stylistic devices, such as titles and sections and self-aware narration, but it doesn't try too hard to be desperately clever.
  25. Here is a film that invites philosophical musing. Made without dialogue and often in long shots, it regards the four stages of existence in a remote Italian village.
  26. Cars 2 is fun. Whether that's because John Lasseter is in touch with his inner child or mine, I cannot say.
  27. Funny and dirty in about that order.
  28. The performances are pitch perfect, even including Gabriel Chavarria as Ramon, the man who steals the truck. It adds an important element to the film that he embodies a desperate man, not a bad one.
  29. The movie suggests that humans benefitted little from Project Nim, and Nim himself not at all.
  30. This movie is impressively staged, the dialogue is given proper weight and not hurried through, there are surprises which, in hindsight, seem fair enough, and "Harry Potter" now possesses an end that befits the most profitable series in movie history.

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