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  1. The storylines are not so much entertainingly paced as they are merely interesting, representational or too often plodding.
  2. The problem is that financial idiots (hello!) will still be bewildered by the complicated wranglings and enormous cast, and people familiar with the crisis will be annoyed by the simplistic tone and fictionalized scenes.
  3. This "Ghost"-meets-"A Gifted Man"-meets-"Grey's Anatomy" has some fun, clever and emotion-stirring moments, but they're handicapped by cheesy montages and one too many scenarios designed to remind us of the importance of having hope.
  4. K-Ville's" heavy tone and sober acting capture enough of that essence to make it interesting.
  5. There's nothing original about the series that wasn't already covered in "L.A. Law."
  6. Man Up! has potential, especially if it stops belaboring its premise with Will constantly harping about his masculinity feeling threatened.
  7. Television shows about advertising, like most professions, are generally more compelling as fiction, not fact. That's certainly the case here.
  8. The bottom line is this isn't a show you tune into for sophisticated narrative, innovative plot twists and complex characters. It's a sexy, soapy period drama that's as fluffy as the tails on its buxom stars' backsides.
  9. Reality TV has blessed us with so many idiots to laugh at, it's overkill to have a couple of animated jackasses describe what a jackass Snooki is.
  10. NBC should consider scrapping Thursday's first episode.... But then come the second and third installments -- inspired, taut and funny.
  11. The real problem for "Medium" is that the whole thing plays much creepier than necessary. [3 Jan 2005]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  12. Good Vibes delivered some good laughs in between crotch punches and penis punch lines.
  13. It serves up 25 attractive women willing to sacrifice their dignity--and future--to win a possible husband in what amounts to a glorified game show. [22 Mar 2002, p.49]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
    • 57 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    The first episode's biggest flaw is that it lacks humor, a hallmark of Whedon's writing. Thankfully, this is rectified in future episodes.
  14. "Kitchen Confidential" holds more potential than tonight's decent if imperfect start, given Star's track record and casting.
  15. All in all, it might be worth sticking with Parks and Recreation, because there are lots of funny little moments that could add up to a great series.
  16. There's plenty of guilty pleasure to be had in watching she-wolves in Chanel and their sugar daddies go down week after week. But be prepared to put up with cheesy dialogue and spotty acting along the way.
  17. Not to say this is complicated, but it takes Alfred the butler a full three minutes just to explain who's who and what's what as prologue to the debut hour.
  18. This pleasant enough rom-com would be better if it relied less on predictable sex jokes and focused more on the fish-out-of-water angle that will ring true to anyone who’s lived abroad.
  19. Working the Engels is a decent little sitcom made more appealing by its likeable cast.
  20. The mostly intriguing premiere raises many questions, not least of which is: Will the story be too out there for a mainstream audience?
  21. Maybe the cast of this sitcom will come together with some "Community"-level chemistry. Right now, it's just awkward and borderline offensive.
  22. It could have been worse. It could have been "The Michael Richards Show" or Jason Alexander's "Bob Patterson." [25 Feb 2002]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
    • 54 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Hood comes across as brilliant but aloof. Young, meanwhile, seems to be angry, but the source of her anger isn't really explored (we can only assume that babysitting a scientist, no matter how brilliant, is not the job people sign up for when they go to work for the FBI).
  23. This female-skewing drama gets points for its actors' performances and its originality.
  24. The series is fun, slick and fast, but cheesier than it needs to be.
  25. "Army Wives" is better than it has any right to be.
  26. As a series, Treme is a tough slog. I was by turns confused, bored and sad.
  27. It's slicker, more ambitious and has more chuckles than expected.
  28. "South Beach" isn't the terrible waste of viewing time a cynic might expect. But it is a conventionally drawn, sudsy soap.

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