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528 tv reviews
  1. The pilot suffers from an identity crisis, straddling the fence between poignant comedy and eye-rolling farce.
  2. Cats, dogs, tigers, tortoises, snakes, penguins--they're all mined for laughs in this so-so sitcom set in a New York City animal hospital.
  3. I expect more from the creators of "Will & Grace" than this lackluster comedy.
  4. It’s just another police procedural pretending to be something bigger, and I don’t feel all that compelled to stick around and watch this golden boy grow up.
  5. Clearly inspired in style and substance by "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," its sick cases are more interesting than, say, NBC's new "Medical Investigation," but that's setting the bar awfully low. [16 Nov 2004, p.49]
  6. The quality of the material doesn’t measure up to the cast’s talent level.
  7. At times almost downright mesmerizing. But that, even coupled with Marg Helgenberger and William Petersen, is not enough to make CBS' flashy update on "Quincy" engaging. [6 Oct 2000, p.55]
  8. This undercooked stew gets bogged down in attempts to show the softer side of men, though Dotrice's dotty bromides are good for a chuckle. [6 Oct 2000, p.55]
  9. Littered with the Italian stereotypes that don't involve organized crime, it features Kent as a thirtysomething who throws over her idiot fiance (to the supposed shock and disappointment of her family and friends) and now looks to go to college. [6 Oct 2000, p.55]
  10. Visually interesting but otherwise blah. [6 Oct 2000, p.55]
  11. Spelling is infamous for launching shows that need at least a half-dozen episodes to find their footing, and this effort has plenty of room for improvement. It's not nearly as bewitching as it needs to be. [7 Oct 1998, p.53]
  12. Neither smart nor witty enough to sustain itself. Ted Levine and Bitty Schram are no help in by-the-numbers roles as the crusty cop who doesn't want to give Monk his due and the nurse-turned-Girl Friday, respectively. [12 July 2002, p.39]
  13. It's not quite up to the level of "The OC." Not yet anyway. [23 Sept 2003, p.41]
  14. We fear [Family Guy] already may be out of material. [9 Apr 1999]
  15. Bland ... Romano can be slightly amusing during his stand-up act, but his CBS sitcom is wallowing in wimpiness. [12 Sep 1996]
  16. It's disappointing because there was genuine promise here. Spader and Shatner each won Emmys for their work on "The Practice" last season. They're great together as soulless soulmates, partners in slime. ... Unfortunately, they take a back seat to over-the-top stories that -- like hearing "Tomorrow" from the musical "Annie" over and over -- begin to grate in short order. [1 Oct 2004]
  17. A long shot to return in September... It won't be missed. [4 Mar 1997]
  18. The shaky debut has a few funny moments and more than a few duds. [24 Sep 1992]
  19. Borrows heavily from both "Leave it to Beaver" and the original "Dennis the Menace." [24 Sept 1993, p.57]
  20. Despite two great character actors as support--Alan Rosenberg runs the legal clinic and Dabney Coleman is the dad--this manipulative and cloying series neither rings true nor strikes the emotional chords it all too transparently wants to pluck. [25 Sept 2001, p.47]
  21. [It] would be pleasant enough if someone hadn't decided it needed spicing up. Belita Moreno as George's phenomenally unlikable mother drags this whole proposition down. [27 Mar 2002, p.49]
  22. Spy games aren’t nearly as fun when you know who the mole is from the start. That’s the main problem with this unsuspenseful eight-part miniseries.
  23. Intelligence feels more like a dumb action movie.
  24. The dialogue is stuffy, the stories are predictable and, while the idea of a show all about beautiful gay Los Angeles women is interesting, this comes off like a second-rate "Melrose Place" with pretensions of depth. [16 Jan 2004, p.53]
  25. [It] isn't awful. Mostly, it's just too tightly packed, like those peanut cans kids open and giant toy snakes spring out. [11 Aug 2005, p.49]
  26. It’s decent material to mine for laughs in a two-hour movie, but it wears thin on a weekly basis despite solid performances by the rest of the cast.
  27. The series is artfully shot, superbly acted by Eva Green (“Casino Royale”) and boasts an impressive pedigree (producer Sam Mendes of “Skyfall” and “American Beauty”), but it lacks the compelling quality of the pulpy fiction that spawned its pejorative name.
  28. Instead of Ryan being a complex antihero with shades of gray, he’s more like a boring beige.
  29. Blanchard was witless and charmless in the original -- and so far unaired -- pilot program. But her performance as pampered Cher has improved in "As If a Girl's Reach Should Exceed Her Grasp,' tonight's debut episode. [20 Sept 1996, p.39]
  30. The only buoy that may keep you holding on week-to-week is the entertaining interplay between Blackbeard and honorable spy-surgeon Tom Lowe.

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