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  1. A clutter of clunky dialogue that sucks the life out of [Flockhart] and other usually skilled actors.
  2. At first blush, "Help Me Help You" looks like it will be terrible, but it's not. The actors are talented. The language and pacing are playful.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Though the characters on this show, premiering Friday on CBS, are relatable and watchable, the slow pace might prove to be too much of a cultural divide for an American audience used to the quick cuts and immediate resolve seen on American cop shows.
  3. Since there's no "Twilight" movie in theaters right now, there's no point in resisting The Vampire Diaries, some prefab filler premiering tonight.
  4. Reggie doesn't need gunshots or explosions when she can talk her foes to death. [15 Sept 1995, p.53]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  5. The Dick Wolf-produced drama is darker than its sister show, but it packs potential for fun with the city’s cops and firefighters crossing paths both on and off the job.
  6. [A] soapy, silly adaptation of Melissa de la Cruz’s best-seller.
  7. The Kennedys is eight hours long, trying to strike an uncomfortable balance between high-minded and trashy. It does not succeed.
  8. The idea is inventive and almost makes me want to keep watching, except I already did and I couldn't handle the awkward bad choices characters made.
  9. The show has similarities with the movie "Knocked Up," but is missing its most important ingredient: humor.
  10. The series is highly relatable and, at times, pretty funny.
  11. This "Ghost"-meets-"A Gifted Man"-meets-"Grey's Anatomy" has some fun, clever and emotion-stirring moments, but they're handicapped by cheesy montages and one too many scenarios designed to remind us of the importance of having hope.
  12. Since just about every character is neurotic, cartoonish or annoying, you end up rooting for them to remain dateless.
  13. "Blade" could work as an earnest fantasy. It just doesn't, yet.
  14. Is he worth sitting through the entire show? It depends on how desperate you are for companionship.
  15. It's hard to muster up a sense of urgency about V. Mainly, I admire all the pretty people as I wait for the stunning bursts of violence.
  16. It's "The A-Team" meets ... really good writing.
  17. "Grey's Anatomy" creator Shonda Rhimes brings us another soapy doctor drama, set in a lush jungle instead of a hospital.
  18. This tale of a twisted family’s misguided quest for love and money is still creepy and atmospheric enough to make for pulpy television fun.
  19. It's essentially "John & Kate Plus Eight." Minus the divorce. Plus cavorting grizzly bears.
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  20. Neither pilot [Intelligence or Killer Women] left me with a desire for more.
  21. The actors are good, the writing's fine, and it's pleasant enough to watch. It's just that it all adds up to a series of pale imitations.
  22. The premise is intriguing, although it's difficult to watch without backseat driving.
  23. It’s a poor man’s “American Horror Story: Coven” but with more shrieking and less fun. On the upside, Janet Montgomery makes for an intriguing sorceress.
  24. K-Ville's" heavy tone and sober acting capture enough of that essence to make it interesting.
  25. At least season five starts better than Italy ended. The brood is back where they belong.
  26. Silly misadventures. [9 Sept 1996, p.39]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  27. The show is clever in parts, but it's just not that funny.
  28. Running Wilde never reaches the same level of genius [as "Arrested Development"], but maybe that's because we have Puddle narrating the action, not Ron Howard. You can't re-create the magic--but I like that they're trying.
  29. The relationship jokes come off stale and cliched (men can't be monogamous!), and you're left feeling like you watched a raunchier--and less funny--version of "Friends."

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