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5295 movie reviews
  1. The skullcap moment appealed to me. It was new. Not much else is new in Survival of the Dead.
  2. A screenplay with the depth and insight of a cable-TV docudrama.
  3. Suicide Squad does have its moments of beautiful comic-book visuals.... Those are just tantalizing hints of a better movie that never materialized.
  4. Spike Lee misjudged his material and audience. He doesn't find a successful way to express his feelings, angers and satirical points.
  5. You have to be very talented to work with Meryl Streep. It also helps to know how to use her. The Iron Lady fails in both of these categories.
  6. About the best Friday the 13th movie you could hope for. Its technical credits are excellent. It has a lot of scary and gruesome killings. Not a whole lot of acting is required.
  7. The film expends enormous energy to tell a story that is tedious and contrived.
  8. It's a rambling, unfocused biography of Wyatt Earp, starting when he's a kid and following his development from an awkward would-be lawyer into a slick gunslinger. This is a long journey, in a three-hour film that needs better pacing.
  9. Slides too easily into its sentimentality; the characters should have put up more of a struggle.
  10. We got two gold-record singers and they don't sing? So? We got five Oscar-winning actors, and they don't need to act much.
  11. The movie is more concerned with the story line (premiere-fire-threat-rescue) than with painting the time and place.
  12. Careful What You Wish For is aiming for lusty, lurid, B-movie titillation, but it’s not nearly as sexy nor nearly as clever as it would like to be.
  13. G
    The problem with G is not merely that the ending doesn't work and feels hopelessly contrived. It's also that the plot adds too many unnecessary characters and subplots, so that the main line gets misplaced.
  14. Possesses the art and craft of a good movie, but not the story.
  15. The film's redeeming feature is that it knows how sad these people are, and finds the correct solution to their problems: They meet in the flesh.
  16. The problem this time around is the plot is particularly idiotic, the supposedly snappy quips are lame and come at some weirdly inappropriate moments — and it’s all delivered in an extremely bloated package.
  17. For Your Eyes Only is a competent James Bond thriller, well-crafted, a respectable product from the 007 production line. But it's no more than that.
  18. It tries to be the best bad movie that it can be.
  19. A splendid movie while its hero is preparing for his flight and actually experiencing it, but it's not nearly as interesting once he descends to earth.
  20. The individual parts never come close to fully meshing into a quality team effort.
  21. Despite an excellent ensemble cast of comedic treasures as well as veterans of drama taking a walk down a lighter aisle, A.C.O.D (i.e. Adult Children of Divorce) delivers only a few sporadic chuckles amidst a slew of clunky scenes.
  22. The actual case isn’t all that complex or compelling, and the eventual explanation for what happened is almost an afterthought. By the time all the ghosts and feuds have been put to rest, it’s surprising how little we care about these characters.
  23. A love story about two people with no apparent chemistry, whose lives are changed by a stranger who remains an uninteresting enigma. No wonder it just sits there on the screen.
  24. Its hero upstages anything the plot can possibly come up with.
  25. It's so determined to be crude, vulgar and offensive that after a while I grew weary. Abbott and Costello used to knock out funnier movies on this exact intellectual plane without using a single F, S, C, P or A word.
  26. Crimson Peak is a gorgeous mediocrity.
  27. The charisma of such actors as Gandolfini, Pitt, Liotta and Jenkins depends largely on their screen presences and our memories of them in better roles.
  28. The movie is curious in how close it comes to delivering on its material: Sequence after sequence seems to contain all the necessary material, to be well on the way toward a payoff, and then it somehow doesn't work.
  29. Actually two movies, one wretched, the other funny. The funny one involves the Jennifer Tilly scenes.
  30. OK, OK. They're good dancers, and well-choreographed. You can see the movie for that and be charitable about the moronic plot.

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