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  1. The absurdity of an omniscient sophisticate still in short pants carries plenty of comedic potential.
  2. If you don't have a support group of pals to compare notes with, you could do worse than The Talk. Let's hope it stays lively.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    I'd rather watch just about anything other than "Fly Girls."
  3. The most confusing ensemble drama of the new season.
  4. This is annoying beyond my comprehension.
  5. The half-tense dramatic payoff is a pleasant surprise, but the bluster -- oh, the bluster and machismo are palpable.
  6. When Frank Caliendo does his Chris Farley imitation on the WB's new sketch comedy show, Hype, at least it's funny. Caliendo jumps out as the star of the 10-person ensemble behind this wildly uneven quick-cut version of Fox's "Mad TV". [6 Oct 2000, p.55]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
  7. All this obvious plot about baby showers, maternity peeing and big-belly clothing is unbearable.
  8. What's not fun? At least half of the rest of the show.
  9. My name is Clint, and I'm a big stupid doofus from Texas starring in a new "docu-soap" called Nashville, where me and a bunch of other country singers try to become famous, like those girls did on "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County."
  10. This overly ambitious series tries to do way too much and ends up doing nothing particularly well.
  11. It's got snappy writing and superior stars, but treat yourself by looking up the original shows.
  12. The only funny moments came from Omid Djalili, who plays a sub-dollar-store merchant and cat-tracking hobbyist.
  13. The only thing hokier than the show's preposterous premise is the writing.
  14. I expect more from you [Jimmy Fallon] than this insipid sitcom.
  15. I expect more from the creators of "Will & Grace" than this lackluster comedy.
  16. If Matt and Emily blow up, the show doesn't get a second episode. Because they'll be dead. Keep your fingers crossed.
  17. The first episode is OK. Predictable. Standard. But Garrett's funny, and he and Fisher work great together.
  18. It's slicker, more ambitious and has more chuckles than expected.
  19. The basic concept isn't bad. It's nice to see a captain of industry humbled, particularly now, but even that is unsatisfying in Hank.
  20. At first, this new comedy about four mostly wimpy dudes seems just stupid, but some of it is decent.
  21. The group's personalities and their exploits pale in comparison to the Ron Ron juice-chugging, Jersey Turnpike-dancing cast of the "Shore." And as those sunscreen-shunning, sloppy drunks will attest, pale is never good.
  22. It should get tighter as the season progresses. But I already laughed several times at the silliness of this week's first episode, which is more than I can say for most sitcoms.
  23. I think I could have written a better script during the two hours it took me to watch "Have No Fear." I think you could, too, and I don't even know you.
  24. Man Up! has potential, especially if it stops belaboring its premise with Will constantly harping about his masculinity feeling threatened.
  25. Aside from a few funny jokes padded between layers of groaners, there's quite a bit to hate--or at least strongly dislike--about Fox's new sitcom.
  26. Like the main character herself, the show is crude and rough around the edges, but you can see glimmers of potential.
  27. Prepare yourself for preachiness in the third degree. Mr. Smits went to Washington, and now is sharing his moral righteousness with the rest of us.
  28. Everything that made the original series distinctive, if not actually entertaining, has been ditched. ... The changes haven't made the dreary show... any funnier, just more conventional. [15 Apr 2003]
    • Chicago Sun-Times
    • 36 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    Satiric comedy only works if it's funny. And in this case, it's not.

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