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  1. This is a picture in which the barf scenes standard in the usual crude youth comedies aren't gratuitous. They're logical climaxes.
  2. Does not know when to quit. Nor does it extract much fun from a cockamamie story provided by George Lucas.
  3. Folks, I confess: I'm coping with a mild case of arachno-apatha-phobia, defined as the fear of another so-so "Spider-Man" sequel.
  4. The problem with the movie is that all this improvisational verisimilitude never finds its way into fully developed stories.
  5. Despite a blue-chip cast, Aloha is just frustrating. It can barely tell its story straight, and Crowe's attempt to get back to the days of "Jerry Maguire" and "Almost Famous" is bittersweet in ways unrelated to the narrative's seriocomic vein.
  6. Too cute, too transparent, too precious and ultimately too much.
    • 62 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The horrors of apartheid deserve a better treatment than this.
  7. Who would have believed a film with this much skin and reckless, life-threatening excess could end up a rather dull muddle?
  8. Unambitious and transparent, but that doesn't mean it won't warm the hearts of audiences on both sides of the Atlantic.
  9. The beautifully shot but dramatically strained I Am David falls prey to the defect of all poor road movies: In gluing together unbelievable but convenient episodes with sugary sentimentality, it loses most of its credibility.
  10. At times playful and inventive, at others simplistic and silly. Ultimately, Werner Herzog's free-form, idiosyncratic devolution of the documentary is beautiful but dull.
  11. Seems a little lightweight, even for a kids' movie.
  12. The script of Shrink, written by Thomas Moffett, plays like "Crash" without the angst or the perpetual racial conflagrations.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Stick It reels from its own frenetic pace. The music is loud, the camera cuts are incessant and everything seems geared toward distracting us from what's going on onscreen. Which is not much.
  13. Flockhart, as an actress desperate to show the world her talent but lethally unsure if she has any, embodies the obsessively driven personality it must take to make it, or to try to make it, in pictures. She's the personification of what The Last Shot could have been.
  14. Takes us to familiar lands but without any of the original's magic.
  15. More happens in Eclipse than in the previous "Twilight" zone, "New Moon," and yet it's duller
  16. The movie, directed by veteran Jonathan Kaplan, has enough in common with such American-in-foreign-jail movies as "Midnight Express" and the recent "Return to Paradise" to make you wonder why it ever got made.
  17. As Cruel Intentions progresses, you may come to realize that if a bomb suddenly blew up everyone on screen, you wouldn't particularly miss anyone.
  18. Most of this doc is content to wander through Franken's recent show-biz resume, to no particular end.
  19. The movie doesn't deserve any of the talent bestowed on it, from Reiner's amiable direction to the occasional grace notes in the performances of Hudson, Marceau and David Paymer.
  20. It's a movie that robs the story of its politics and point and never really matches the charm of the '60s film.
  21. My favorite thing in the movie is the way co-star and Korean action icon Byung Hun Lee uses his feet of fury to hoist a paint can and send it flying.
  22. Making her feature-film directorial debut, Grant is going for an everyday conversational texture and a sense of life's curveballs. But the results wander and you never really believe them.
  23. An interesting misfire. It's also the victim of lousy timing.
  24. Warming up this material, as Johnson tries to do, doesn't make it warmer; it just makes it seem warmed-over.
  25. Hobbled with pedestrian direction, a dull visual style and a last act awash in obvious bang-bang melodrama.
  26. This seems to be a movie made by people who love the old classic movie swashbucklers but don't have a clue how to make or modernize them.
  27. By the time Perfume arrives at its ridiculous mass orgy, staged at the gallows where Grenouille is supposed to meet his end, you really would rather see him meet his end than endure a ridiculous mass orgy.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    What a vivacious-looking, tartly-scored bore of a movie.

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