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    Too many scenes in European Vacation peter out about a gag or two short for the film to be as funny as it ought to be. But the basic amiability of the humor is as pleasant as it is surprising.
  1. This is the debut feature for Columbia College graduate Gilio, and it shows great promise.
  2. For the record: Josh Duhamel brings some welcome exuberance to the role of the goofball suitor, Hobart. Like Oh, he's fun to watch. This is something never to be underestimated
  3. A roughly mixed but interestingly plotted offshoot of "Death of a Salesman."
  4. Directed, frantically, by Jaume Collet-Serra, written by Brad Ingelsby, Run All Night promises a sprint punctuated by a lot of gunfire, and bleeding, and bodies. Mission accomplished.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    It has moments of Guest-like faux earnestness that instantly mark it as one of the smartest and most insightful comedies of the year. But imitation only takes you so far, and by the film's sagging final 30 minutes, it's evident "NBT" isn't quite up to the master's standards.
  5. The results fall short of the grown-up comedy about seven-year itches it could've been, asking the Hamlet-like question: to scratch or not to scratch?
  6. It suddenly morphs into one more overly slick, empty show.
  7. The film's occasional toe-dips into real-world politics, sectarian conflict and the horrors of war are demure and unruffling. What's missing is a point of view beyond Hallstrom's interest in making his actors look as attractive as possible.
  8. It's a real disappointment: too hasty, too scattered and superficial, and, in the end, disappointingly sappy and sentimental.
    • Chicago Tribune
  9. The tweaking here feels affectionate, yet you soon suspect that these subjects make for awfully easy pickings.
  10. The material settles for amiably familiar observations about the difficulties of growing old and the glories of being surrounded by beautiful music.
  11. A grim and fairly effective cross between "The Martian" and "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"?
  12. Fairly inventive and exceedingly manic.
  13. If the romantic comedy Morning Glory clicks with audiences, the McAdams factor surely will be the reason why.
  14. Russian Dolls, like "L'Auberge," has an excellent cast (mostly the same one, in fact) and an impish style and speed that gives it more obvious audience appeal than the average French film.
  15. Notoriety, they won. The revolution, they didn't. That perhaps is the secret message of the film. Dylan was right. You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.
  16. Falls prey to the all-too-contemporary problem of complicating the tale until the ending is not only obvious, but prayed for between yawns. [9 February 1999, Tempo, p.2]
    • Chicago Tribune
  17. The best thing about the film is Viggo Mortensen’s performance. A stealth talent of many shadings, Mortensen has a way of fitting easily into nearly any period, any milieu.
  18. As is, it's worth seeing, but you may get frustrated at the way Dellal raises provocative questions about ancestry and prejudice, only to lose them in the shuffle of so many mini-portraits of musicians, getting to know each other and each other's foreign yet familiar musical language, on a long 16-city tour.
  19. It's fun to see that charming underreactor Neve Campbell, looking about 20 minutes older, back as Sidney Prescott.
  20. Wong Kar-wai made a much more dynamic film, "Happy Together," five years ago. Lan Yu suffers by comparison.
  21. Sky Blue slows things down, creating a ponderous, almost languid movie-going experience.
  22. It’s fairly entertaining even when it doesn’t quite work, directed for maximum pace by Cruise’s “Edge of Tomorrow” cohort, director Doug Liman.
  23. The surreal and silly sequel to the hit 2015 comedy skates on the well-known but still-appealing comic personas of stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg and their zany chemistry.
  24. Is the movie itself good? Half-good, I'd say - the second, more openly sentimental half.
  25. A movie can be unreasonably formulaic and still be reasonably diverting, and A Bad Moms Christmas is the proof.
  26. The jokes are dirty and wildly inappropriate, but are thoughtfully played.

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