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4,531 movie reviews
  1. The point of all this nihilism and grotesqueness? You got me. Perhaps Korine thinks he's getting at some harsh truth in showing troubled youngsters running amok without positive adult role models, but that's malarkey. There's a difference between unblinkingly observing reality and wallowing in degeneracy. [6 March 1998]
    • Chicago Tribune
  2. So excruciatingly awful, the word "dumb" could sue for slander.
  3. Has one point to make: Islam is a bad, baaaaaaaaad religion, and it's a miracle you're even alive and reading this, so intent most Muslims are on your destruction.
  4. Like its parade of predecessors, this Halloween is a gory slash-fest. It can't escape its past, and it doesn't want to.
  5. Offers the most onscreen explosions in recent memory. It's almost pornography for arsonists.
  6. This was a mission that should have been aborted long ago.
  7. The political movie satire from hell.
    • Chicago Tribune
  8. Put together enough pointless, random details, and you get Gigli, a movie that's less incompetent than bewildering.
  9. One hopes that this is Hollywood's last go-round with Swept Away. Watching this fiasco, I kept having nightmares about a possible cartoon version, co-starring Cruella de Vil and Shrek.
  10. The Devil Inside joins a long, woozy-camera parade of found-footage scare pictures, among them "The Blair Witch Project," the "Paranormal Activity" films and certain wedding videos that won't go away.
  11. Technically it does not qualify as one of the worst American-made movies ever. It only feels that way. The movie's offenses are too numerous to catalog.
  12. The preposterous 88 Minutes is a serial killer movie starring Al Pacino's festival of hair.
  13. Boring and banal, overwrought and undercooked, Hudson Hawk is beyond bad. [24 May 1991]
    • Chicago Tribune
  14. There’s nothing wrong with All About Steve that a rewrite couldn’t fix, as long as the rewrite involved a different writer, a different character and a different story.
  15. You watch the movie in a dumbfounded stupor. Why on earth was it made? [26 March 1999, Friday, p.A]
    • Chicago Tribune
  16. The film suggests Lohan probably (allegedly) should've gone after her agent the other night, not the mother of an ex-personal assistant.
  17. So filled with illogical twists and ridiculous turns, that eventually it evokes unintentional laughs.
  18. A pair of decent performances does not a movie make, however, as Mazur and Giovinazzo are surrounded by fourth-tier actors (Ventresca and Steven Bauer) and spotty directing of a mediocre script.
    • Chicago Tribune
  19. It's hard not to feel angry that you've spent almost two hours watching this moronic exercise.
  20. As scary and minor-chord heavy as FearDotCom can be, there's no big payoff, no logical resolution.
  21. In Harlem Nights, Eddie Murphy continues his one-man war against the female gender. Those women he doesn't kill outright are punched, maimed and slugged with garbage cans. But apparently they deserve it-there isn't a single female character in the film who isn't a prostitute. [17 Nov 1989, p.A]
    • Chicago Tribune
  22. The film's crude humor and violence -- cartoonish, but still violent -- should offend parents of younger kids. Yet its ultra-broad, pratfall-filled comedy will satisfy only the most indiscriminate teens.
  23. Just a schlock romance pumped with testosterone.
    • Chicago Tribune
  24. Resembles an old Nine Inch Nails video. Missing from the mix are any characters with whom you'd want to spend one minute around a campfire.
    • Chicago Tribune
    • 15 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    Shallow and repetitive.
  25. Unimaginatively recycles all the teens-in-the-woods gorefest conventions.
  26. Some movies should never have been made, and high on that list is the addled new remake of Rollerball.
  27. The sad truth is, I can say nothing to recommend this film.
    • Chicago Tribune
    • 14 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Insipid, ineffective, inept and insulting to our intelligence.
    • Chicago Tribune
  28. The direction is on auto-drive, the dialogue lacks wit and the story logic is non-existent. [03 Nov 1995]
    • Chicago Tribune

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