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295 tv reviews
  1. May well be worth a look.
  2. Yes, this is more cover-your-eyes, cringe comedy -- the kind of funny that's hard to watch because it only works when innocent passersby, people like you, are manipulated and humiliated on camera.
  3. Though "Sunny" is admirably energetic, the comedy can seem repetitive after a while. [13 Sep 2007]
    • Chicago Tribune
  4. Nothing that happens next is particularly surprising, though the plot rolls forward with workmanlike efficiency.
  5. K-Ville is a solidly crafted drama with admirable focus and energy.
  6. Another workmanlike, reasonably decent thriller.
  7. It may not be blessed with the most felicitous dialogue of all time, but “Day Break” is a solidly constructed and fast-paced drama.
  8. Welcome to the Captain attempts a similarly shaggy, loose sitcom vibe, but isn't quite successful, though it's at least watchable.
  9. There's an uneven quality to the humor, and the snide putdown of "Leave It to Beaver"-land is starting to get old. [5 Aug 2005]
    • Chicago Tribune
  10. "Hex" takes a while to cast its spell, but it may yet prove itself worthy of viewers' attention.
  11. As solid and gentle a sitcom as the new season has produced. It is a show that tries for laughs not in the insult-throwing manner employed by far too many sitcoms or in unrealistic scenarios but in subtle, observational ways...That said, the show also is a feast of yuppie fatuousness.[20 Sept 1993, p.8]
    • Chicago Tribune
  12. If you don’t like hints of Harry Potter mixed in with fairly straightforward procedural elements, this may not be the show for you.
  13. Like it or not, this show is fairly amusing and not a blow against civility. [10 Sept 1990, p.C1]
    • Chicago Tribune
  14. Crowded, confusing and unafraid to be dull, "Sons & Daughters" also holds tremendous promise.
  15. And therein lies the main flaw of this otherwise entertaining show. Not much time is devoted to actually teaching the novices the top-notch technique that they'd need to make it in one of Ramsay's successful London establishments, let alone the restaurant that gives the program its name.
  16. For all its ferocity, and despite some excellent supporting performances, there’s a curious hole at the center of Sons of Anarchy. The character we’re supposed to be most interested in is something of a blank slate.
  17. The biggest problem with Fox's "Kitchen Confidential" is that star Bradley Cooper... is far too appealing to play a bad-boy chef.
  18. Mildly satisfying, but pretty formulaic.
  19. At least at the outset, there's more than just a lot of potential. There's a lot of everything.... Parental beatdowns! Sibling rivalry! Drug money! Terminal illness! Blackmail! Betrayal! Gold chains! It's all so much, so soon.
  20. Despite its jittery camerawork and souped-up graphics, "Justice" is just a reasonably well-made, meat-and-potatoes lawyer show.
  21. “Army Wives” is by no means a perfect show, but there’s a lot of potential material in the lives of these women.
  22. It's a rip-off of an earlier (and better) road trip series, Comedy Central's "The Comedians of Comedy," but worthwhile nonetheless.
  23. Barely a minute goes by in this new NBC sitcom ... without another gratuitous breast reference, as though the word itself is a riot. It's too bad, because if you can get past the sense that somebody wrote much of this with a Victoria's Secret catalog close at hand, there's actually a charming and perceptive comedy lurking inside, a neat counterpoint to all those series about urbanites on the make. [9 Jan 1996]
    • Chicago Tribune
  24. You expect the Big Moment on Grey's Anatomy, and the usual array of melodramatic developments in Thursday's two-hour season premiere. On the plus side, at least this episode isn't as padded and maddening as past two-hour Grey's episodes have been.
  25. Trekkies, beware. ... Nothing, but nothing, could match the 1966-69 original, right? Those of us who have been less diligent in our viewing habits, though, may see the spinoff as energetically entertaining sci-fi stuff, an alternately spirited and silly piece. [30 Sep 1987]
    • Chicago Tribune
  26. Even as you laugh at the clunky dialogue, cringe at the large hair, get annoyed by wardrobe stylists who think that the "Miami Vice" look was still hip in 1986, you will get sucked in to "Reunion's" murder mystery.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    Women will like the show because it's empowering and because television, for once, presents guys to ogle. Men will like it because Trista's pretty attractive herself. [9 Jan 2003, p.8]
    • Chicago Tribune
  27. An amiable, pleasant piece...While the film was manipulative and filled with obvious humor, Keaton managed somehow to transcend the commonplace, but Jackson just doesn't have the same comedic timing or the ability to juxtapose artfully toughness and cuteness. [9 Sept 1988, p.C2]
    • Chicago Tribune
  28. Millman... is kind of an irritating guy, and the conceit of the show wears thin pretty quickly.
  29. While fitfully entertaining, not only is "China Beach" derivative, but the series... suffers from a leading lady who is not particularly likable, as well as an overabundance of strained humor and forced-march poignance. [26 Apr 1988]
    • Chicago Tribune

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