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  1. Compared with the superhit "Sweet 16," "The Hills" is more refined in its celebration of materialism, though no less celebratory.
  2. The acting is good, and the direction and settings are solid, but the saga of the Caffee brothers tends to plod more than it intrigues.
  3. Everything about "Andy Barker"... is lovingly created. And there are some laughs, but the show fails to truly catch fire.
  4. Still, for all its ferocious ambition to be more than just another heavily corseted, respectful historical drama, "The Tudors" falls flat in more than one arena.
  5. It's only June,? but I can confidently state that you won’t see a weirder show than "John From Cincinnati" all year long.
  6. Bionic Woman, the disappointingly average remake of the Lindsay Wagner vehicle from the ’70s, comes to life.
  7. Carpoolers isn’t terrible; it’s tolerable and even mildly funny at times.
  8. Though Oprah’s Big Give is supposed to be celebrating the power of giving, it’s more likely to prove that not everything can or should be turned into a contest.
  9. Well, it wasn’t “Masterpiece Theatre,” and it wasn’t outright terrible.
  10. It’s not surprising that Ball gets the mixture wrong a fair amount of the time; what’s surprising is that it’s possible for such a strange gumbo to work at least some of the time.
  11. What a disappointment to find that the third season of Dexter is all over the map and lacks the crackling tension the drama had supplied in previous years.
  12. It’s more unfortunate when good actors are stranded in shows that don’t quite work, as is the case in The Ex List.
  13. This new show is at least better paced than the horribly wooden prequels, but little about Clone Wars is involving.
  14. Still, despite the witty dialogue and capable performances, everything on this wispy show is resolved a little too easily.
  15. Purely as a cop show, Life on Mars is competent but not that compelling, though O’Mara does a fine job as Tyler.
  16. The show clearly wants to say something complicated about race and class in Los Angeles, but a number of the situations and characters on the show feel like situations and people we’ve seen before (starting with the movie that lends the series its name).
  17. The biggest problem is that by now some elements of 24 are distressingly predictable.
  18. The brittle hipster lingo that almost all the characters spout at one time or another gives Tara a patina of cleverness, but it doesn’t add a thing to our understanding of the characters or their plights.
  19. It’s hard to invest much in Sam when his behavior is contradictory or gullible and when he seems downtrodden much of the time.
  20. What comes across as charmingly spare on the page frequently ends up lacking complexity on the screen.
  21. The stereotypes are so predictable that the comedy is too, even if the humor is sometimes dementedly subversive.
  22. Hung, despite some droll humor and the occasional dry insight, is even more of a disappointment.
  23. Dexter’s life as a suburban dad feels claustrophobic, and the show has become repetitive and predictable.
  24. Stories aren't particularly dense or surprising, and some of the conflict feels quite contrived
  25. There are a few confrontations or comedic moments that catch fire, but mostly "Men" just ambles along, sometimes perceptively and sometimes lazily observing the lives of these guys, who have stumbled into middle age and its grinding routines and hard-won but significant satisfactions.
  26. Messing is an appealing actress, and Starter Wife isn't really a bad show, just a victim of bad timing, and of possibly overstaying its welcome.
  27. NBC has some good workplace comedies, most notably "30 Rock" and "The Office." If you do watch Better Off Ted, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself comparing the ABC program to those two shows and finding Ted wanting.
  28. Ron Swanson's (Nick Offerman) short “tour” of his office--a loose, throwaway moment at the end of the episode--is the funniest thing about the otherwise strained Parks pilot.
  29. Alas, it may end up being addictive for hard-core fashionistas, but The Fashion Show needs work before it is truly ready for the runway.
  30. Though the show apes “Burn Notice’s” beachside vibe, the new program is too predictable to make much of an impression.

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