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  1. The show may not quite be as immersive as it was at its best; we may not see the likes of FNL’s breathtaking first season again. But in Season 3, it’s more evident than ever that many of FNL’s most powerful moments occur when there’s no dialogue at all.
  2. The show’s pace is brisk and efficient, and Headey (“300”) and Glau bring welcome intelligence and energy to their roles as very protective women.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Even if the big story strikes you as too arty for its own good, a student film on a professional budget, it's worth watching for the tone-perfect production design. [12 Sep 2003]
    • Chicago Tribune
  3. It brings with it last season's same gift for immediately innards-knotting suspense, fate-of-the-free-world plotting and page-turning viewing, if such a metaphor can be mixed. It also hits the implausibility buttons much earlier in its run, although part of '24's' genius is that it drives so relentlessly forward that it leaves no time for contemplation. [29 Oct 2002]
    • Chicago Tribune
  4. This version of “The Andromeda Strain” is paced well; it gives Crichton’s story a hint of blandness but it also marches through the plot with no-nonsense efficiency.
  5. Meeting the Walker clan and getting a glimpse at their personal lives... is like being led to a table of tantalizing appetizers. Even as you take a sample of these introductory delights, you’re wondering whether the main course will live up to your expectations.
  6. Some of the dialogue, as is Kelley's wont, goes a step too far. ... But the pace is fast and no case served up in the preview episodes (one and four) is less than compelling. [3 Mar 1997]
    • Chicago Tribune
  7. Despite the fine work of Pace and Friel--who convey tenderness despite the director’s efforts to stamp it out--the sheer quantity of forced whimsy and visual razzle-dazzle can be exhausting.
  8. The show, so far, doesn’t have quite the right ingredients--it could use something more combustible in the mix.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 70 Critic Score
    Addicting, like watching a really grimy train wreck, this sorry, sordid tale of Harris' obsessive love and descent into prescription pill addiction is icy, ironic and typically HBO in the frankness of its sex talk.
  9. Spade's character... could grow quickly tiresome, but San Giacomo has a nice touch with comedy and the feminist in the halls of fashion is a promising premise. [3 Mar 1997]
    • Chicago Tribune
  10. "Cop Rock" is less innovation than next logical step (some might even say overdue step) for an increasingly music-conscious medium. [26 Sep 1990, p.1C]
    • Chicago Tribune
  11. Some episodes feel a little padded, and the show occasionally skates nervously over the more painful aspects of these girls' lives, but High School Confidential is a mostly compelling study of the lives of 12 girls in a middle-class Kansas community.
  12. Has enough chuckles to make it worth your while, providing you have an irreverent sense of humor. [29 Apr 2005]
    • Chicago Tribune
  13. Branagh directs his actors through the intricacies of Shakespeare’s language with a sure hand, though I sometimes wished during the forest scenes the camera didn’t swoop and swivel quite so much.
  14. As it is, Trust Me, which perks along energetically but lacks emotional heft, may be one of those shows that stacks up on my TiVo, along with other shows I don’t get around to viewing.
  15. The problem is, though this good-natured show doesn't lack for energy, Cupid is a little bland and formulaic.
  16. I tend not to watch it after the first few episodes of each season, because it tends to travel somewhat repetitive storytelling roads (i.e., every week, science goes awry, then science is used to fix what went awry)....I like the implications of that bigger arc, which promises more depth, which Eureka needs.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    Though Linney can't be anything but amazing, The Big C feels like a more or less competent assemblage of elements we've seen before on various Showtime "comedies."
  17. This pleasantly low-key drama has little trouble creating an atmosphere, but the pace is sometimes slack in the first four episodes.
  18. The Unusuals doesn’t have the balance between the comedy and the serious stuff right yet, but Terry Kinney lends a welcome acerbic note as the station’s seen-it-all leader, Sgt. Harvey Brown.
  19. Eleventh Hour does what it sets out to do: It puts a talented actor (Rufus Sewell) through his crime-solving paces on rain-slicked streets, in dark warehouses and in spooky labs that look almost identical to the rain-slicked streets, dark warehouses and spooky labs on almost every other CBS drama.
  20. The rest of the new or new-ish faces are occasionally funny one-note characters....Still, the old crew made me laugh on more than one occasion as I watched the first two episodes of Season 9 (the Todd made me giggle every time he turned up).
  21. As guilty pleasures go, Harper's Island may hit the spot. Though perhaps it would have worked best as a summer series?
  22. Rachel Blanchard plays Cher (Emma), and while she still isn't up to Alicia Silverstone's standard for merging self-involvement and philanthropism she does a much better job with the new, stronger material, tonight dispensing bad advice in a guest stint as her school paper's Ann Landers. [20 Sept 1996, p.1]
    • Chicago Tribune
  23. The Gates actually moves along at a brisk enough clip, and though it's bland around the edges, it introduces enough mysteries to keep things more or less interesting (there are allusions to a "code" residents must live by, and presumably that doesn't refer to local regulations on lawn care).
  24. The first episode of Enemy ended up being a relatively compelling hour of television. As competent as it is, though, it’s hard not to think that the premise contains some holes.
  25. The rest of Breaking Bad doesn’t consistently reach the level of Cranston’s performance. But for some, his depiction of Walt’s earnest desperation may be enough.
  26. Swayze’s performance is almost reason enough to tune in--if you don’t mind the show’s more derivative elements--the actor’s co-star, Fimmel, is often the least interesting thing about The Beast.
  27. Given that the love-hate scenario between Beckett and Castle is fairly predictable, Castle’s success may ride on the quality of its murder mysteries, and it’s encouraging that the show’s second episode is better than the first.

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