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  1. Some of the dialogue, as is Kelley's wont, goes a step too far. ... But the pace is fast and no case served up in the preview episodes (one and four) is less than compelling. [3 Mar 1997]
    • Chicago Tribune
  2. This year, there’s more to enjoy than the usual (and often funny) riffs on nerd culture and spy clichés. Chuck’s more assertive and seems to actually enjoy his secret-agent status.
  3. Satisfyingly edgier than its cousin "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" premieres ... with a moneyed high-tech look and great special effects, a cast of interesting and weird-looking characters and, wonderfully, a heart and soul. [3 Jan 1993]
    • Chicago Tribune
  4. Hotel Babylon supplies an attractive cast, a cheeky attitude and just enough depth to keep you coming back for more.
  5. That sense of saucy transgression married to surprisingly effective character development -- the magic formula of the first two seasons -- is a bit wobbly this year, but Nip/Tuck is more or less back on track, and the Carver is thankfully nowhere in sight. [5 Sept 2006, p.1]
    • Chicago Tribune
  6. Still, despite Chuck’s zippy pace and fun dialogue, this nerd-friendly "spy-fi" show from "O.C." creator Josh Schwartz has plot holes you could drive a truck through.
  7. The curious thing about True Blood is that, even if you’re not that interested in their relationship, there are other things to enjoy, notably the supporting performances and the mostly efficient plotting.
  8. The show’s pace is brisk and efficient, and Headey (“300”) and Glau bring welcome intelligence and energy to their roles as very protective women.
  9. Back for a second season after receiving way too much praise in its first, the plastic-surgery drama Nip/Tuck continues to be as garish as its Miami setting. [22 June 2004, p.7]
    • Chicago Tribune
  10. It's good news that much of Season 4 will focus on Brenda's investigative team and on police department politics.
  11. Purely as a cop show, Life on Mars is competent but not that compelling, though O’Mara does a fine job as Tyler.
  12. The show, so far, doesn’t have quite the right ingredients--it could use something more combustible in the mix.
  13. Everything about "Andy Barker"... is lovingly created. And there are some laughs, but the show fails to truly catch fire.
  14. The results may not hit the mark every time (stories about Jack, Liz and Kenneth usually work, while those concerning Tracy and Jenna are hit or miss), but there are enough pointed, smart and effective barbs to make this show a must-see comedy even as it enters its fourth season.
  15. If audiences get less misogyny and more of the clever, clear-eyed social observation he is capable of, they may come to understand why he has been forever on the brink of stardom. [22 Jan 2003, p.10]
    • Chicago Tribune
  16. The series would fall apart if Al-Farik were a cardboard cutout villain. Who’d want to watch eight hours of this man’s journey if he were just a shallow action-movie bad guy? But thanks to Fehr’s brave, layered performance, it’s impossible to ignore Al-Farik or the ideas that motivate him.
  17. Shrek the Halls may not be an instant holiday classic--nothing can really compete with the Grinch, the Peanuts Christmas special or the various Rankin-Bass offerings--but it’s enjoyable enough and likely to induce at least a few giggles.
  18. A delightful program. [14 Sep 1997]
    • Chicago Tribune
  19. Though it’s kid-friendly, there are things for adults to enjoy. Henshall is a quietly appealing actor, the pace is crackling and the dialogue has its share of witty asides.
  20. The HBO comedy has become a bloated caricature of its first-season self.
  21. While fitfully entertaining, not only is "China Beach" derivative, but the series... suffers from a leading lady who is not particularly likable, as well as an overabundance of strained humor and forced-march poignance. [26 Apr 1988]
    • Chicago Tribune
  22. Probably the best of this genre since the network's "Survivor." [5 Sep 2001]
    • Chicago Tribune
  23. Like most ABC shows, Eli Stone could stand to prune its cast and deepen its writing. But that's focusing on the glass half empty. So let's just be glad that this good-hearted show made it through the previous TV season and "Big Shots" didn't.
  24. In other words, same old '24,' for better in the initially intriguing plot and worse in the way much of the story seems to derive from other shows, including 'The West Wing' and the narcotics mini-series 'Kingpin.' [28 Oct 2003]
    • Chicago Tribune
    • 72 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    HSM2 is better than the original, and not only because its production budget is reportedly triple the first cable movie. The songs are bolder.... The acting by the returning well-scrubbed cast is better.
  25. In Season 2, the show, brought back by fans who vociferously protested its cancellation, has become more topical and even more intriguing.
  26. Appearing in her first TV series, Bergen brings in a full-court-press performance-stylish, sardonic and funny. Couple that with English's crisp dialogue, which consistently veers off just at the point it seems to be settling for the formulaic, and "Murphy Brown" comes up as a bright, promising half-hour. [14 Nov 1988]
    • Chicago Tribune
  27. As on "The Simpsons," there is never the feeling of a joke being settled on, but rather it is worked over (and over and over) until just right. And there is the sense of a masterful hand guiding things, making creative choices that are both surprising and right. [28 Mar 1999]
    • Chicago Tribune
  28. The biggest problem is that by now some elements of 24 are distressingly predictable.
  29. What elevates "Mad About You" is that it twists the reality of marriage in the '90s with restraint and wit. It is not going for the big laughs, or those based on insults, but rather for laughs of recognition. In that, it succeeds quite well. And it doesn't hurt that the two stars are charmers. [23 Sep 1992]
    • Chicago Tribune

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