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4,491 movie reviews
  1. Scene after scene in Calle 54 just knocks you out.
    • Chicago Tribune
    • 71 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    An extraordinary movie on many levels.
  2. The simplicity and idealism of The Color of Paradise are part of what makes it so attractive to near-jaded palates here. There are no evil characters in the film.
  3. A fine French comedy-drama.
    • Chicago Tribune
  4. An incredibly ambitious film and one of the most highly accomplished of the year.
  5. Combining the immediacy of the Internet and the wise perspective of history, proves that investing in real-life drama can reap rich dividends.
  6. Manages to find the magic through its documentary style, and manages to find the erotic in the commonplace. Not since the glory days of Italian neo-realism has lust among the peasants looked so good.
  7. This is an art film in the true sense of the term, engaging the mind, senses and emotions in a way that only movies at their best can do.
    • Chicago Tribune
  8. Showing us a world through a child's eyes, A Time for Drunken Horses speaks so truthfully and well that it breaks the heart and scars the conscience.
  9. One of the best realistic dramas of the year.
  10. (The film is) one of the most anguished, intense and weirdly brilliant of the year.
    • Chicago Tribune
  11. Wonderful spirit, humanity and humor.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Tells an inspiring story, unknown or forgotten by many, while bringing the past to life and illuminating issues that persist today.
    • Chicago Tribune
  12. A film that uses beautiful tableaux and convincingly raw actors to build to a climax of shatteringly understated poignancy and power.
  13. It's sensuality with a stinger, and Fat Girl is an adolescent sex drama that takes no prisoners.
  14. Another of those excellent foreign films that sometimes slip though cracks, considered too strange or eccentric for domestic tastes. Strange it is, but delightfully so
  15. The beauty of The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack lies in its ability to transform itself into a sad tale of loss, regret and missed opportunities while it also remains a solid documentary about a once-influential artist seeking his place in the sun.
    • Chicago Tribune
  16. Like a Bach toccata or a frosty drink on a sunlit veranda, a first-class movie spy thriller can offer one of life's cooler, more elegant treats. The Tailor of Panama fits that category.
  17. Announces the arrival of an undeniable talent (Meshkini) that has come of age.
  18. The concerts are hypnotic, the music is swell, and the entire package moves along at just the right pace.
    • Chicago Tribune
  19. A mad, resplendent peacock of a film, a cinematographic riot of color and sensuality that evokes its era -- the swinging mid-'60s -- as much as any movie made during those giddy years.
  20. A noir with a smile, and after all these years, its deft mixture of darkness and light still makes us smile.
  21. Intoxicatingly well-crafted entertainment about hunting down your enemy.
  22. Argentinean filmmaker Lucrecia Martel takes fundamental risks with form and style, and it pays off brilliantly.
  23. The beauties of Shower lie in its human observation, in its funny interplay, candor, lusty acting and hearty simplicity - and also in its warm imagery and the fascinating symbolic use it makes of water.
  24. A wonderful, heart-breaking movie.
    • 57 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Shares the characters' off-kilter yet human qualities.
  25. A harsh, spellbinding tale.
  26. His movie isn't a surgical attack at this problem and that; it's a cluster bomb intended to reap destruction, make a mess and jolt all who see it to react.
  27. Generates genuine tension because it's propelled by actual human feeling, which, these days, turns out to be a surprisingly thrilling prospect. [11 Dec 1998]
    • Chicago Tribune

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