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5293 movie reviews
  1. A throwback to the family films of the 1970s, like one of Disney's goofy capers crossed with "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."
  2. Just a schlock romance pumped with testosterone.
    • Chicago Tribune
  3. Soft and predictable -- which might be OK if there were more laughs and insight.
    • Chicago Tribune
  4. No revelation, but it’s a more honorable, interesting effort than many of the crass, dopey recent big-studio schlockfests like "Say It Isn’t So" or "Tomcats" that tell similar coming-of-age tales.
  5. Overall, The Brothers is glossy fun, but it should have given us more ideas and energy.
    • Chicago Tribune
  6. Heartbreakers itself is something of a con game: an expensive imitation of older, better films from older, often better times.
    • Chicago Tribune
  7. Aside from providing a lesson about movies with titles that provide their own bad review, Say It Isn't So gives low humor a bad name.
  8. It's worth seeing simply to make the acquaintance of Tobias, a really extraordinary old guy.
    • Chicago Tribune
  9. A physically gorgeous production with a strong, clear conflict at its center. It's grueling but also exhilarating. Perhaps its ambitiousness is the film's biggest problem. Trying for dramatic sensitivity, historical scope, touching romance and shocking violence and suspense, it gets stretched too thin.
    • Chicago Tribune
  10. A puzzle movie in which the puzzle is actually worth the time and effort to solve.
  11. The kind of movie some audiences are starved for, a comedy with a human face, warmth and spirit.
    • Chicago Tribune
  12. Delivers that rare combination of winning traits. It's a low-key comedy with a risque hook -- a seemingly straight woman dabbles in lesbianism -- yet it maintains an old-fashioned faith in literate dialogue, believable behavior and themes that reach beyond the plot points.
  13. This is only a movie. But a good one. May Roddy Doyle give us many more.
  14. An engaging character study, steeped in religion, demonology and community politics.
  15. The surprise here isn't that 15 Minutes isn't a masterpiece; it's that the movie works at all.
    • Chicago Tribune
  16. Of all the movies I've seen in the past several years, this is one of the ones I love the most.
  17. A cute, well-acted film that tries to mix tones sharply.
    • Chicago Tribune
  18. The movie loses its magic by the time the solution is revealed.
    • Chicago Tribune
    • 55 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Series 7 does exactly what independent cinema should -- challenge audiences while it entertains.
    • Chicago Tribune
  19. Manages to find the magic through its documentary style, and manages to find the erotic in the commonplace. Not since the glory days of Italian neo-realism has lust among the peasants looked so good.
  20. Give David Arquette credit. He shares nearly all his screen time in See Spot Run with a clever canine and a cute kid and still manages to pull off his usual nutty-slapstick routine with gusto.
  21. Plays like a drawn-out outline of a better movie; no one got around to fleshing out the details or providing some soul.
  22. A mind-numbing, bloody, ridiculous experience.
    • Chicago Tribune
  23. Isn't much more creative than your average gross-out comedy.
    • Chicago Tribune
  24. A film that celebrates simple human kindness. If the ending feels somewhat unsatisfying, it is perhaps because one hates to see this too-brief film end at all.
  25. Has the resonance, eloquence and formal rigor of a piece of great literature.
  26. This rich, gorgeous music and the wistful pastoral scenes create a rhapsodic mood that the rest of the film doesn't really sustain.
    • Chicago Tribune
  27. The political movie satire from hell.
    • Chicago Tribune
  28. An amusing and entertaining animated feature, and it's harmless enough for the elementary-school set.
  29. Nice to look at but too calculated and clichéd to resonate beyond its surface slickness.
    • Chicago Tribune

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