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4,422 movie reviews
  1. The climax, featuring what's essentially a suspended roller coaster of closet doors, is as thrilling as it is imaginative.
  2. It's one of the most ferociously convincing physical re-creations of warfare ever put on screen.
  3. It's a simple story with complex reverberations and undercurrents, as secrets keep being revealed.
  4. It's a genteel film with a gun in its pocket, but it's also a film with a universal chord of feeling that keeps welling up from the dark surfaces and violent byways of the plot-and a final confession that both warms the heart and chills the blood.
  5. More flat-out funny than "Rushmore," but in neither film is the humor joke-based. What you're laughing at is the behavior of characters who are so fixed in their idiosyncratic worldviews that they can't help but careen into each other like out-of-control bumper cars.
  6. There's a zest and brilliance in Neil Jordan's racy heist thriller The Good Thief that makes it almost intoxicating to watch.
  7. So troubling and unflinchingly honest that watching it becomes a test of empathy and compassion.
  8. An excellent, unforgettable film.
  9. A rarity -- an intelligent and moving drama of ideas that becomes increasingly thrilling as the ideas unfold.
  10. The day after seeing it, you're less likely to fixate on the flaws than to find yourself experiencing chuckle aftershocks as you recall the most outrageous gags. In these days of mostly forgettable comedies, that sensation has become all too rare. [15 July 1998]
    • Chicago Tribune
  11. You will not forget The Piano Teacher. Nor will you forget Isabelle Huppert, a brave, brilliant actress who here plays her masterpiece.
  12. Casual moviegoers may enjoy it, too, if they follow a simple rule: Stop looking for the way out and let yourself get lost.
  13. Has the resonance, eloquence and formal rigor of a piece of great literature.
  14. As much fun as anything director/co-writer Jane Campion has ever filmed. Holy Smoke lets it all hang out.
    • Chicago Tribune
  15. There's a gentleness and open-mindedness in that touch and throughout the film that's a little at odds with the shallower script. But, in the end, that humanity pays. [27 Dec 1996]
    • Chicago Tribune
  16. A stirring, emotionally true testament to foolish bravery as well as shameful evidence of the severity with which it is so often punished.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    A film of great integrity, assurance and political passion, if not driving plot. [26 May 1993, Tempo, p.3]
    • Chicago Tribune
    • 84 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Resonates like the best of Southern fiction.
  17. This is a first-class muckraking melodrama: an admirable picture.
  18. Creates an atmosphere of frenzy that is both powerful and unforgettable, providing neither solace nor comfort.
  19. A bizarre, thrilling, warmly funny spoof of the WWII Steve McQueen prison camp thriller, "The Great Escape" remade for a near all-chicken cast.
  20. A romance incandescent, a fiery pageant of l'amour fou. Whatever its historical transgressions, it opens up a vein and lets life and blood pour out.
  21. It may be the most serene and optimistic film Rivette has made in France. Yet even the art-house audience may undervalue it, miss the beauty, style and wit.
  22. All the accolades Lyne got for "Fatal Attraction" -- and didn't really merit -- he deserves here.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    It's quite funny, though not in a predictably irreverent way, and it moves along briskly - a little too briskly toward the end.
  23. An animated tale equipped with heart, humor, blazing action and not a sappy song in earshot.
  24. Strange, funny and powerfully moving… Burton has found a way to move through camp to emotional authenticity, to communicate-through a concentration of style and an innocence of regard-a depth and sincerity of feeling that his deliberately (and often, comically) flat characters could not summon on their own. [14 Dec 1990, Friday, p.C]
    • Chicago Tribune
  25. Works better and cuts deeper than the mostly fictionalized "Hoosiers."
  26. Once again, as love dies and illusions crumble, this natural actress (Isabelle Huppert) shines with human fire. [26 March 1999, Friday, p.B]
  27. A film that comes close to re-creating the funny-but-serious environment of stand-up comedy.

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