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4,542 movie reviews
  1. You have to have faith that kids will recognize a bad movie when it's foisted on them -- and they don't get much worse than The New Guy.
  2. For years I've criticized Murphy for not working with the best directors or powerful female co-stars. But he does that here, and his movie is still a clunker. Relatives are listed in the credits; maybe he needs to stop trying to completely control the films he makes. Either that or it's time for another stand-up concert film. [27 Oct 1995, p.B]
    • Chicago Tribune
  3. A sincere but clumsy attempt to capture the pain of a man trying to cope with loss and divorce through the ages. [06 May 1994]
    • Chicago Tribune
  4. The usual bad movie sometimes gives a few chuckles, amuses audiences by making them feel superior. But young director Leonard makes a different kind of bomb. Fascinated with technology, Leonard makes cutting-edge techno-turkeys, with wildly elaborate visuals and ridiculous plots. [4 Aug 1995, pg. I]
    • Chicago Tribune
  5. In scenes such as hundreds of Natives being slaughtered by U.S. troops behind Gatling guns, we have Tonto and the Lone Ranger acting like a couple of comic-relief ninnies, screwing around aimlessly for laughs on a handcar. It's as if the movie were having a nervous breakdown. At one point the masked man gets his head dragged through horse manure. Watching The Lone Ranger, you know the feeling.
  6. It's just a matter of holding your nose until the whole thing is over.
    • 14 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Insipid, ineffective, inept and insulting to our intelligence.
    • Chicago Tribune
  7. A fatally compromised, half-realized execution. [ 10 Jul 1992]
    • Chicago Tribune
  8. That this bit of pustulence is based on a video game of the same name is no surprise. It explains the thin plot, characters and abundant gunplay.
    • 25 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Sadly, the concept of dialogue is totally lost on the makers of Venom, a laughably bad example of teen-scream movies.
    • 23 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Spends its first three-quarters confronting us with one of the most dislikable characters in recent memory.
    • Chicago Tribune
  9. This latest version is le pits.
  10. X
    Could be the most overblown and confusing example of anime yet, as it piles one pretentious story element on top of another.
    • Chicago Tribune
  11. Not-funniest comedy of the year so far.
  12. Although Banderas occasionally shows flashes of style, individual elements too often go together like grits in a puff pastry.
  13. A big techno-dud.
    • Chicago Tribune
  14. A whopper this isn't. It's not even a Whopper Junior. It's the paper the Whopper Junior came in.
  15. The aftereffects of watching Lockout include an inability to focus or to complete a simple declarative sentence without an ill-timed cutaway in the middle.
  16. Throws its obvious predecessor, "Waiting to Exhale," into relief, making that 1995 syrupy revenge fantasy look positively Shakespearean next to the moronic Two Can Play That Game.
  17. The preposterous 88 Minutes is a serial killer movie starring Al Pacino's festival of hair.
  18. So many romantic comedies come and go without making the slightest impression. Elizabethtown is not one of them; I found it galling.
  19. The movie drags down everyone involved, regardless of their apparent talent.
    • Chicago Tribune
  20. A real stinker. It doesn't have the courage of its own bad taste, or that of its villain.
  21. Knoxville, Jed Rees and Bill Chott act daffy and more impaired than their counterparts, and that never sat right with me. This may not be the equivalent of acting in blackface, but it's awfully close.
    • 35 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    A sort-of combination of "Lambs," "Batman Begins" and "The Joy of Cooking," Hannibal Rising ostensibly dramatizes the atrocities that turned Hannibal Lecter from loving child to serial killer. But this film is larded up with so many food references that I'm undecided whether this story belongs in a film compendium or a recipe file.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The only two onscreen items with any star quality belong to Simpson, and they're barely contained in shirts that seem to be holding on for dear life. Comedy fans, beware; breast fans, rejoice!
  22. Without the brute vigilante junk, this 82-minute picture would be approximately 2 minutes long.
  23. Monaghan’s comic timing saves this go-nowhere affair from 100 percent lousiness.
  24. Dominated by Adam Sandler's D-minus Bela Lugosi impression, the 3-D animated feature Hotel Transylvania illustrates the difference between engaging a young movie audience and agitating it, with snark and noise and everything but the funny.
  25. Macy's character finds romance with the Madrid, N. M., diner owner played by Marisa Tomei. They're the only two people on screen who relate in any way. But there's no movie here. There is only a tired "City Slickers"-inspired idea for a movie.

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