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  1. The meandering story and channel-surfing style prevent it from gathering the emotional momentum it would need to get below the hero's skin and let us know what really makes him tick.
  2. The multicultural cast gives a shred of substance to what's otherwise a standard adolescent gross-out flick.
  3. Energetic acting helps compensate for a contrived script and directing that's sometimes as heavy as its cheerfully rotund characters.
  4. The story is an odd mixture of preachiness and paranoia, but the stars provide sizzling performances and the action moves at a lively clip.
  5. Harrowing and imaginatively made.
  6. The action is dynamically filmed and Willis is at his best. Suspense is soon hijacked by outright gore and grisliness, though.
  7. The film is a so-so slog through a torrent of tired jokes.
  8. The story's emphasis is on action, but there are some sensitive moments and interesting ideas along the way.
  9. Director Claire Kilner and screenwriter Neena Beber don't walk the tightrope between comedy and drama skillfully enough to make either aspect work as well as it should.
  10. Forgettable fun.
  11. Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid, and Bill Murray give riotous performances, but be warned that the comedy is overloaded with gross-out humor from beginning to end.
  12. The movie has almost enough corny appeal to offset its lack of originality, though, and Walken is fun as Cagliostro, the court's great prognosticator and all-around weirdo.
  13. The comedy is appealing as Hollywood's umpteenth variation on the Cinderella story, but think about its patrician views of upper-class privilege and you might find it too simplistic for comfort.
  14. Too bad the acting is uneven. And the ineptly done English subtitles will have you laughing in all the wrong places.
  15. Salomon directed the silly but diverting action yarn, which benefits from the talents of Freeman, Quaid, Driver, and White.
  16. I must report that Reservoir Dogs has little of intelligence to say - except for a few implicit comments on the nature of loyalty and betrayal - and that it's violent to the ponit of sadism. [5 Oct 1992]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  17. More sugary than satisfying.
  18. The story has possibilities, but you'll spot the big plot twists long before they happen, and the acting by Judd and Cavaziel is strictly by the numbers.
  19. There are some novelties, like views of people surfing down sand dunes, but there's also far too much self-congratulation by surfers. Don't step into this not-so-new wave unless you're a die-hard surfing buff.
  20. Informative, but very slow going.
  21. The action is fast, furious, and occasionally quite funny.
  22. There are a few good laughs, but not nearly enough clever ideas to keep things hopping for two hours.
  23. I don't mean to imply that this film is any good or that it contains an ounce of genuine insight. But as a template for the big-baby genre, it's invaluable.
  24. The more the picture reveals, the less interesting it gets, transforming its hero from an intriguing mystery man into a standard-issue screen vigilante -- and steadily upping the violence, complete with harrowing torture scenes, in a lame effort to keep our juices flowing.
  25. Potter's trademark devices are all present, including the way characters burst into songs lip-synced to vintage recordings on the sound track.
  26. Based flimsily on a minor F. Scott Fitzgerald story, it's an anecdote stretched to would-be epic proportions.
  27. There's a little humor, a little suspense, and not a hint of reality. You'll tune out quickly, unless you're 11.
  28. The story's can-do attitude and moments of soaring music make it a must-see for moviegoers seeking positive visions on the screen.
  29. Kevin Kline has some amusing moments, but Meg Ryan's acting runs out of energy, and Lawrence Kasdan's directing is too laid-back to help her out. [7 Jul 1995, p.13]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  30. Less a heart-stirring historical study than a nostalgic fantasy, built on a foundation no firmer than Cruise's superstar persona.

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