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3,629 movie reviews
    • 81 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The disjointedness of The Headless Woman might be the result of narrative complexity or of directorial ineptitude or (my favorite) of narrative complexity mangled by directorial ineptitude. If the residual fog ever clears, maybe I'll be able to tell you for sure.
  1. Like the nuclear sub it's named after, the picture is big, shiny, and expensive. It's also cold, hard, and cumbersome, and lacking the barest hint of emotional or psychological depth. [9 Mar 1990, Arts, p.10]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  2. What's the point of the picture, except to allow Kutcher fans occasional peeks at acting talent he usually keeps hidden?
    • 33 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    David Chappelle's performance as a cabbie is amusing, but the film should have been packaged with a Surgeon General's Warning - "Cigarettes is bad for you."
  3. As dopey as its heroes, and the cast's admirable energy isn't enough to keep the story punching through the final round.
  4. One thing is certain: It's a bomb trying to be a hit, and at that it'll never succeed.
  5. Davis contributes his usual dignity -- not easy when you're playing a character who thinks he's John F. Kennedy dyed black -- but it's not enough to save this silly thriller-comedy.
  6. The star's over-the-top energy isn't enough to make this hopelessly vulgar, numbingly repetitious farce worth watching.
  7. The story is irresponsible and the filmmaking is awful.
  8. Romano tries hard, but it takes real big-screen talent to draw laughs and emotions from material as flimsy and formulaic as the script.
  9. So vulgar and incoherent that even Hackman's gifts can't score a touchdown.
  10. In sum, Van Helsing is yet another video game disguised as a wide-screen epic. Here's hoping the box office drives a firm wooden stake through its hokey Hollywood heart.
  11. The film tries to revive the sort of good-hearted optimism associated with Frank Capra classics of the 1940s era, but pictures like "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" were never so simplistic, syrupy, or tedious to sit through.
  12. Surely it couldn't be meant as dramatic realism! But it is. And amazingly, the movie gets worse as it goes along.
  13. Talking dogs were cute, once. It's a tad disconcerting, however, when a canine starts lip syncing to the voice of Carl Reiner so it can complain about flatulence.
    • 21 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    With the mounting number of first-rate, even masterly foreign-language films locked out of movie theaters due to wary distributors, it's worth pondering why such laughable dreck as German actor-writer-director Vadim Glowna's House of the Sleeping Beauties actually made it through.
  14. Downright awful.
  15. 8MM
    A private eye enters a horrific world of degrading sex and bottom-feeding pornographers.
  16. A total lack of chemistry between the stars -- neither of whom is particularly good at romantic comedy in the first place -- and you have a promising package that grows steadily less lovable as it goes along. Down with this movie!
  17. Creepy.
  18. Violent and vapid, but the visual jolts may please horror buffs.
  19. The junior Giannini, who has inherited Giancarlo's handsome looks, portrays his mercurial character with energy and flair. Madonna doesn't. Indeed, it's hard to remember the last time a certified celebrity gave a performance so monotonous, unimaginative, and all-around tiresome to watch.
  20. This fact-based drama is very well-meaning but also cloying, sentimental, and simplistic. Gooding's fake-toothed grin deserves an Oscar for best makeup, though.
  21. Stiller strives to be a wild and wacky villain, Vaughn endeavors to be a likable and average hero, and both fall flat on their faces, like everything else in this unspeakably stupid comedy.
  22. This movie has promising ingredients. But you'll leave wanting much, much more.
  23. In short, it's dull, derivative, and as lifelike as a heap of historical figurines. Few will remember this Alamo for long.
  24. Weitz doesn't have the chops for satire, let alone black comedy.
  25. Like a nincompoop version of "The Usual Suspects."
  26. The filmmakers seem well in control of their chaotic material, but what can be said when the movie features wall-to-wall teenage alcohol abuse.
  27. Bacon lavishes his camera on her (Sedgwick) in various states of dress and undress, but the script, by Hannah Shakespeare - talk about having to live up to a name! - is a cheat. It rarely expands on the boy's crises in having to deal with such a mother.

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