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3,556 movie reviews
  1. There are a few clever lines and Cleese has some sensational moments, but that's not enough to make the farce seem fresh.
  2. The picture goes for sentimentality rather than substance every chance it gets, and the cast falls right into its syrupy trap.
  3. The movie means well, but neither its emotions nor its performances ring very true.
  4. Everyone works hard, but the results are sadly short of style and personality or irony and intelligence.
  5. This is a great subject for a movie, but Hollywood has squandered the opportunity, using it as a prop for warmed-over melodrama and the kind of choreographed mayhem that director John Woo has built his career on.
  6. Most of the characters are one-dimensional, and Avary's over-the-top directing doesn't make them interesting for more than a few isolated moments.
  7. This low-budget drama tries very hard to convey messages of tolerance and compassion, but it's too weakly acted and directed to have much impact.
  8. The story is a string of sub-Scorsese clichés, and if engaging actors like Malkovich and Hopper seem to be sleepwalking through their roles, imagine how unwatchable Diesel manages to be.
  9. Perhaps they truly believe war is an inescapable aspect of human life. If so, why make movies that rub our faces in its horror? If artists have no antidote to war's evil or insight into the suffering it brings, their motive in depicting it must be merely to sensationalize its terrors and make money from the morbid fascination it holds for audiences. We deserve better.
  10. The kind of comedy that aims at "edginess" and "sassiness" without managing to be edgy or sassy for a second.
  11. Four chuckles and a lively final-credits sequence are a mighty poor score for 99 minutes of alleged comedy, and the sentimental stuff is even worse.
  12. Eventually you realize the whole movie has been about young showoffs who think it's uproarious to gross out neighborhood grownups.
  13. Preposterous plot, bad acting, and dialogue that provokes more laughs than shivers.
  14. The film is as tricky and superficial as its low-life characters, using visual flimflam to mask its lack of substance.
  15. The violent story is long on nastiness, short on credibility.
  16. What remains discomforting is their sheer failure to be funny.
  17. This superficial treatment makes so many dubious decisions - oversimplifying issues, for instance, so there'll be more time for high-flying emotion - that 1960s veterans may be moved to protest rather than praise.
  18. Like the nuclear sub it's named after, the picture is big, shiny, and expensive. It's also cold, hard, and cumbersome, and lacking the barest hint of emotional or psychological depth. [9 Mar 1990, Arts, p.10]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  19. Carpenter pulls out all the action-adventure stops, but he and coscripter Larry Sulkis forgot to write dialogue the audience could listen to without howling in disbelief.
  20. It's encouraging to see Hollywood tackle themes of faith and religion, but here, too, Shyamalan is timid, reducing them to fuzzy New Age clichés. Add wooden acting, stilted dialogue, and a faux-arty style, and you have a thudding disappointment.
  21. xXx
    The infuriating thing about XXX isn't that it delivers thrills and spills to moviegoers who don't know any better, but that its Hollywood hype reinforces the notion that brain-dead entertainment is what movies are all about.
  22. 8MM
    A private eye enters a horrific world of degrading sex and bottom-feeding pornographers.
  23. The dialogue is dumb ('zilla has the best lines, "arrrrrggh" and "maaroarrr"), New York is waterlogged, and Godzilla isn't on screen enough.
  24. The consequences aren't remotely as comic as they're meant to be.
  25. Falls flat on screen, weighed down by far-fetched plot twists.
  26. South Korean melodrama uses a unique location, dominated by fishermen's floating huts, as the background for an overheated story that grows steadily more grotesque and unpleasant as it proceeds.
  27. The story is mildly entertaining in its hackneyed way, but there's no excusing the picture's exploitative treatment of almost all the female characters.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    The funny scenes are as far apart as oases in the Sahara. [22 May 1987]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  28. The junior Giannini, who has inherited Giancarlo's handsome looks, portrays his mercurial character with energy and flair. Madonna doesn't. Indeed, it's hard to remember the last time a certified celebrity gave a performance so monotonous, unimaginative, and all-around tiresome to watch.
  29. Let's look at the bright side. If this movie bombs as it deserves to, we won't have to sit through "Analyze Those" a few years from now!

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