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3,543 movie reviews
  1. Davis contributes his usual dignity -- not easy when you're playing a character who thinks he's John F. Kennedy dyed black -- but it's not enough to save this silly thriller-comedy.
  2. In short, this isn't a poignant drama about courage and imagination -- it's a contrived fantasy about courage and imagination.
  3. Talking dogs were cute, once. It's a tad disconcerting, however, when a canine starts lip syncing to the voice of Carl Reiner so it can complain about flatulence.
  4. This fact-based drama is very well-meaning but also cloying, sentimental, and simplistic. Gooding's fake-toothed grin deserves an Oscar for best makeup, though.
  5. A romantic comedy-drama has to make sense, though, and Love Actually doesn't, actually.
  6. It's a sort of soullessly cheerful cynicism that is about as far from Seuss as one can imagine.
  7. Weak acting, even by Hoffman. Aniston is so far above this material she should never, ever have signed on.
  8. As soon as I finish writing this review, I'm going to try traveling a few hours in the past. That way, I can improve my life by skipping this movie!
  9. It's hard to enjoy this when you're barraged by bathroom humor, animal stunts, and gags about a character whose memory loss is so bad he's called Ten-Second Tom.
  10. Like the recent "Mona Lisa Smile," this tale could have been an effective feminist fable if it weren't so calculated.
  11. Romano tries hard, but it takes real big-screen talent to draw laughs and emotions from material as flimsy and formulaic as the script.
  12. This belated "reimagining" is as beguiling as a dried-out palm tree.
  13. Surely it couldn't be meant as dramatic realism! But it is. And amazingly, the movie gets worse as it goes along.
  14. So stupid you'll wish you'd brought a duffel bag of your own.
  15. The nasty, sometimes violent story was written by Christian Forte, a newcomer who is clearly under Quentin Tarantino's unpleasant spell, and directed by Kevin Spacey, an unusually gifted actor who doesn't yet show any special talent for filmmaking.
  16. The animals are cute and Murphy gives a lively performance, but as with his remake of "The Nutty Professor," the original is still the best.
    • Christian Science Monitor
  17. In short, it's dull, derivative, and as lifelike as a heap of historical figurines. Few will remember this Alamo for long.
  18. Strenuously unfunny sequel.
  19. How could such a high-octane cast produce such low-octane horror?
  20. Poor writing and directing are the culprits - and whatever possessed the gifted Moore to make her role a nonstop Diane Keaton imitation? There oughta be a law!
  21. In sum, Van Helsing is yet another video game disguised as a wide-screen epic. Here's hoping the box office drives a firm wooden stake through its hokey Hollywood heart.
  22. Great premise, but the ensuing trials and tribulations - not to mention hapless attempts at comedy - are as off-key as a karaoke scene in which Hudson sounds worse than any audition Simon Cowell has ever had to sit through.
  23. The concept of dueling negotiators has strong dramatic potential, but Gray seems more interested in gimmicks and gunshots than in the psychological face-off between sharp-witted foes.
  24. The special effects are extra special. The screenplay is idiotic, though, and Diesel speaks his dialogue like a Sylvester Stallone clone who never finished third grade.
  25. The film contains so many endings that it's hard to tell what impressions the filmmakers want us to leave the theater with. Buy a copy of the book instead. It remains an excellent read.
  26. The blend of live action and animation is competently done, but the subtly mean-spirited screenplay has more sour meows than hearty laughs.
  27. Stiller strives to be a wild and wacky villain, Vaughn endeavors to be a likable and average hero, and both fall flat on their faces, like everything else in this unspeakably stupid comedy.
  28. As he showed in the recent "Catch Me if You Can," also a Hanks vehicle, Spielberg has little talent for emotional realism, not to mention psychological suspense. He should scurry back to "Jurassic Park" as soon as the next flight leaves.
  29. Labors mightily to be a frolicsome entertainment, but the results are - well, labored. The dialogue isn't snappy, the story isn't surprising, there's little chemistry between the stars.
  30. It seems to have had the opposite effect on the director's taste, as she strives for new levels of raunchiness.

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