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3,573 movie reviews
  1. Wittily written and deliciously acted, Lonergan's debut film is a clear cut above the average.
  2. The movie's seven scenes were filmed in real time (as opposed to condensed editing-room time) over the course of a year, giving the drama an extra touch of realism and humanity.
  3. Worth viewing by anyone concerned about world events.
  4. Rarely has a dance movie done so many cinematic pirouettes with such a graceful sense of audience-pleasing fun.
  5. Sometimes enticing, frequently savage.
  6. The movie has no profound insights to offer, but its nimble acting and lifelike dialogue make it entertaining as well as thoughtful. Think "Stand by Me" meets "Ghost World," and you just about have it.
  7. Lohan is sparklingly good as the look-alike little girls, and the movie as a whole has enough bounce and energy to overcome a few dull spots and a too-long running time.
  8. There's no over-the-top music or comedy sequence to place this with the very best Disney animations, though, and Phil Collins's songs won't be to everyone's taste.
  9. The movie is enriched by its fine acting and by its creative respect for an innovator whose influence still permeates contemporary art.
  10. Unique and fascinating.
  11. Excellent acting, and a plot that combines suspense, whimsy, and political resonance make this Palestinian comedy-drama an unusual treat.
  12. No masterpiece, but that shouldn't dissuade moviegoers from giving it a whirl as a flavorful alternative to the summer's more gimmicky fare.
  13. Add marvelously imaginative directing -- finally Yakin fulfills the promise he showed in "Fresh" almost a decade ago -- and you have a colorful, creative, deliciously frolicsome romp.
  14. Moore turns the camera on himself too often for comfort, but he provides an eye-opening array of facts and revelations.
  15. The movie's cutest twist is that the monsters are more scared of kids than kids are of them, because they think human children are toxic.
  16. Although the action tends to become melodramatic and even overwrought at times, the imaginative power of Campion's images and emotional insights (especially with regard to the heroin) rarely allow the story to seem artificial or exaggerated. [12 Nov 1993]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  17. At times, the film meanders from its course and loses dramatic focus. But it's vividly acted and creatively directed.
  18. Some may find the movie too crowded and preachy to serve as a meaningful history lesson, but it will delight anyone who thinks our cynical age could benefit from recalling the vigorous idealism and venturesome artistry of a bygone era.
  19. Also predictable is the film's simplistic treatment of themes from religion and myth… It's curious that Spielberg and Lucas see these venerated objects not as symbols of divine inspiration but as repositories of a blind, undiscriminating force that can be wielded (like the three wishes from a genie or a magic lamp) by whoever gets their hands on them. [13 June 1989, Arts, p.11]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  20. Full of old tricks - cuts between worried faces and overheated gauges inching into the red zone - but director Mostow pulls most of them off with conviction and pizazz.
  21. The cinematography is gorgeous from first frame to last, but the story occasionally rings false.
  22. The performances are excellent and the filmmaking is remarkably restrained, although moments of perverse violence are necessary to the real-life story being told.
  23. Anderson's cinematic style gets more adventurous from one movie to the next, and he begins this story with bursts of originality that leave his respected "Rushmore" far behind.
  24. The farce is energetically written, breezily acted, and never quite as dumb as the lunkheads it's about.
  25. Clooney shows strong filmmaking imagination in his directorial debut, but the movie's driving force is Charlie Kaufman's screenplay, a genre-bending romp that blurs all boundaries between the factual and the fantastical.
  26. If one's domestic environment is a kind of autobiography, then the five households visited by this entertaining documentary reveal fascinating lives indeed.
  27. Just loopy enough to be tantalizing, involving, and fun.
  28. At its best it's as refreshing as it is daring. Superbly acted.
  29. Solomon keeps the drama generally clear and interesting, though some touches make the film-noir plot seem too pretentious.
  30. Solid acting and engaging characters round out the neatly assembled tale.

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