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Highest review score: 100 Séraphine
Lowest review score: 0 The Green Hornet
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3,477 movie reviews
  1. At once sympathetic and unsentimental, this is a model of low-budget storytelling on a human scale.
  2. Funny, sad, and tinged with magic realism, this ambitious comedy-drama is as original as it is nimbly directed.
  3. Ronald Harwood's screenplay, based on his stage play, brings an impressive range of moral and political issues into play. The acting is also strong.
  4. Its grimness is explicit, so approach it with caution.
  5. Blends compassion for individuals with explanations of the socioenonomic factors that influence them.
  6. A refreshingly novel ride.
  7. Most moviegoers will leave buzzing about the climactic Battle of Helm's Deep. But in my eyes, this is Gollum's show more than anyone else's, even the special-effects wizards behind the scenes.
  8. The humor is uneven and sometimes crude, but much of the mock-documentary is surprising and amusing.
  9. Even if baseball isn't your favorite sport, or if you don't like sports much at all, you'll find something to catch your attention in this smartly made (if unblushingly vulgar) new comedy. [7 July 1988]
  10. Leconte reconfirms his growing importance to French cinema with this precisely crafted, marvelously acted drama, which makes a powerful statement on capital punishment.
  11. Best of all, Ben Kingsley as the menacing man in the yellow suit, brings the picture pungently to life every time he flashes his enigmatic smile.
  12. Plays out its drama with enough old-fashioned sobriety to lend the proceedings a classical air, offering the comfort of familiarity rather than the thrill of discovery. [13 Aug 1992]
  13. Some of the film's points are made a bit too heavily, but the subject is as timely as it is timeless, and many of the performances strike a pitch-perfect balance between parody and passion.
  14. The willingness to blend professionals and nonprofessionals is Duvall's most interesting directorial trademark. Most commercial filmmakers hesitate to use this technique, but he doesn't see it as risky.
  15. The Four Feathers ends on the same dubious note as "Black Hawk Down" and other recent war movies, suggesting that loyalty in the trenches -- not the reason for fighting in the first place -- is all that matters. Many will disagree.
  16. This well-acted melodrama paints a convincing portrait of its Montana milieu, and its best scenes suggest real insights into the paradoxical attitudes toward masculinity and sexuality that American men often feel compelled to assume.
  17. Chalk this razzle-dazzle chase picture up as effective Friday-night entertainment, not the heart-stirring romantic thriller it might have been. That's the real truth about "Charlie."
  18. Poignant, spirited, revealing.
  19. The barometer for whether you'll enjoy Amélie is whether you liked "Moulin Rouge" last summer. If snappy visuals, tangy colors, mood-drenched scenery, and a good-hearted heroine make you as happy as a box of Parisian chocolates, it's definitely for you.
  20. Has a sense of emotional urgency and deep-dwelling grief.
  21. Milos Forman's drama is full of outrageous material that will offend liberals and conservatives alike, but it's positioned on the cutting edge of contemporary debates about free speech, feminism, and the effects of mass media on modern society.
  22. Swank gives one of the year's most complex and hard-hitting performances in the demanding central role.
  23. A gifted cast and a surprisingly delicate ending are the movie's best assets.
  24. Lots of brilliant filmmaking and high-spirited acting, at least until the story turns repetitious and formulaic in the last 30 minutes.
  25. Few American filmmakers put more faith in the ability of words to stimulate mind and heart.
  26. An amiable look at a bygone time and a set of ideas about the world that once held far more power and magic than it does today.
  27. Roddam's minor but imaginative 1979 movie.
  28. Doesn't make it a masterpiece, but it's fun.
  29. Offers much food for thought.
  30. The action is as perky as the main characters.

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