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3,559 movie reviews
  1. Isn't for everyone, but horror fans with strong stomachs will find it a memorable monsterfest that rarely loses its bite.
  2. Don't expect much from the scratch-and-sniff "odorama" gimmick; the mischievous John Waters set a higher standard for that novelty in "Polyester" (1981).
  3. The best scenes capture the blend of irony, melodrama, and real emotion that distinguishes Fassbinder's most memorable pictures.
  4. Unexpectedly subtle cinematic style.
  5. Admirers of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" and other Dick literature will enjoy this nonfiction look at the writer, his career, and his eccentricities, some of which were as bizarre as his fiction.
  6. On one level, it's an unsettling biopic and an acerbic look at a bygone media age. On another, it's a cautionary tale with uncommon relevance and bite.
  7. It gains a major charge of dramatic energy from Kurt Russell's ferocious acting, almost certainly the best of his career.
  8. It will frustrate viewers who like stories to make instant sense, but fans of provocative puzzles will have mind-teasing fun.
  9. The computer-driven effects are impressive, but the adventure is hampered by a flat screenplay, dull acting, and just a hint as to why the dark side of the Force will eventually transform cute little Anakin into the evil Darth Vader.
  10. Figgis still deserves credit for taking more artistic chances than a dozen ordinary directors.
  11. It would be even more impressive if the story and characters lived up to the inventive techniques, though.
  12. The acting is excellent, and the movie has a good-natured spirit to match its ultimate faith in the hero's deep-down goodness.
  13. Be warned that the violence-prone Spielberg of "Saving Private Ryan" and "Schindler's List" is also on display.
  14. The movie is Allen's most successful in years, even if you don't see it as a self-made commentary on his own career. Credit goes less to the comic dialogue than to the razor-sharp performances of an excellent cast.
  15. Its most vivid scenes -- a visit with an insane ophthalmologist, a showdown at Anderton's supposed crime scene -- have the kind of anything-goes creativity that set "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" apart from the crowd last year.
  16. The picture's thoughtfulness and ambition make it unusually suspenseful, gripping, and disturbing.
  17. Bravo works too hard at extolling Castro -- The film's historical footage is compelling, though, and provides plenty to think about.
  18. Sarandon narrates and Ormond reads excerpts from Hahn's memoir, supplemented by archival footage and interviews with the survivor herself.
  19. It's an uneven film, but Dickens admirers shouldn't miss it.
  20. The performances are engaging and the views of rural Brazil are captivating, making the film a solid audience-pleaser even though its story often seems familiar and sentimental.
  21. Pi
    This intellectual allegory would carry more punch if it didn't slip into melodrama so often, but it marks Aronofsky as an exceptionally promising new filmmaker.
  22. The acting and directing are uneven, but many scenes have strong emotional and political power.
  23. Although there's quite a bit of nudity and sex, the potentially sensationalistic story is acted with sincerity and directed with a creative eye.
  24. The story's rambling, meandering style is just right for the melancholy subject being explored, and all the acting is excellent.
  25. It's surprising no filmmaker has adapted Dodie Smith's novel before now, and pleasing that Mr. Fywell and company have done such a responsible job with it. It's one of the season's most captivating surprises.
  26. Kennedy documents their efforts with skill and compassion, almost entirely avoiding the pitfalls of sentimentality and victimology. He and his likable "cast" deserve a standing ovation.
  27. Lounguine tells the story with more discipline than you'll find in his earlier films, painting a crowded portrait of a society moving toward a future it can neither confidently predict nor look forward to with anything but nervous anticipation.
  28. The action is light and lively all the way, poking inventive fun at everything from nosy little brothers to clueless hotel managers and romantic Romans who aren't as glamorous as they claim to be.
  29. Splendidly acted, sensitively directed.
  30. This unevenly paced comedy is an amusing parody of monster movies from "Them!" to "Alien."

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