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  1. Many will welcome the movie's interest in spirituality, but some may wonder why it's couched in a celebration of sensual pleasures ranging from sex to cigarette smoking.
  2. Gilliam's visual style has never been more energetic or inventive, and nobody could be attracted to dope after this portrait of drug abuse as a hallucinatory quagmire.
  3. The Normandy locations are evocative, but director Sophie Barthes compresses Emma’s multiyear rise and fall into what seems like a month or so.
  4. CQ
    Coppola's satirical debut movie is too ambitious for its own good. The cast is good, though, and ambition isn't the worst fault a fledgling filmmaker can have.
  5. The story has charming and uplifting moments as well as strong performances by an impressive cast.
  6. What diminishes the film's impact is Mary Agnes Donoghue's schematic screenplay, which follows Astrid from home to home as unswervingly as a faithful pet.
  7. Try to imagine "In the Company of Men" with a feminist twist and you'll have the gist of this fervently acted, ultimately unconvincing drama.
  8. The action of this South Korean melodrama is fast and furious, but its emotions and ideas don't manage to keep up.
  9. Expertly made, thanks largely to Jim Caviezel's fervent portrayal of Jesus and Caleb Deschanel's skillful camera work. But the film contains little to learn from, unless one is unfamiliar with basic Christian history.
  10. A romantic comedy that's pleasant, if not exactly spellbinding.
  11. Steven Spielberg's historical drama is more stilted and didactic than its fascinating subject deserves, gathering great emotional force only in a harrowing scene depicting the Holocaust-like suffering of slave-ship captives.
  12. The drama is as obsessive as its heroine. Crossword mavens may enjoy it, but it's too monomaniacal for comfort.
  13. While it's a splendidly acted film, A Beautiful Mind is also a wasted opportunity.
  14. Quaid and Church are funny, but too much of this film is not half as smart as it thinks it is.
  15. Bird's keen visual imagination keeps the action grimly watchable.
  16. This sequel to Jia's excellent 1997 drama "Xiao Wu" is less original and absorbing than its predecessor, and less visually impressive than "Platform," his 2000 look at Chinese sociopolitical change.
  17. As speculative storytelling goes, Mozart's Sister is ingenious but as moviemaking it's plodding.
  18. The subject is likable and the story has possibilities, but why does every single performance sink into a self-indulgent mess of hammy overacting?
  19. Like most movies aimed at the younger set, Racing Stripes has easily absorbable lessons to teach: Be yourself, never stop trying if your goal is worthwhile, and so forth.
  20. This is a quintessential Allen comedy: squirmy relationships, dark Jewish humor, an assumption that everybody in Manhattan has money and a touch of glamour, and -- as with most of Allen's movies since the first few years of his career -- not nearly as many laughs as it gamely tries for.
  21. Soft, sentimental, and as unlike real family life as you can get.
  22. Nobody in it seems to possess a nervous system.
  23. Eddie Murphy has impressive energy, but he needs mountains of makeup and special effects to accomplish what Jerry Lewis did with sheer talent in the original 1963 version of the comedy.
  24. From a psychological standpoint, this is murky territory but Jacobs presents it as the height of enlightenment – a confluence of two damaged souls. At least "Good Will Hunting," another movie that played this game, wasn't blah.
  25. Viard's energetic acting is the French production's most memorable asset.
  26. Good acting and understated filmmaking turn off-putting material into a mildly engrossing drama, if not a particularly compelling one.
  27. Too bad the clever bits are swamped by no-brainer gunfights, rescues, and chases galore.
  28. The delayed release of this 1975 drama provides an interesting view of her (Breillat) early development as a world-class filmmaker.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Days of Thunder wants to be an action drama, but it's really just a star vehicle of the most rudimentary sort, with nothing to offer Cruise except a chance to look pretty and chant time-tested punchlines. Ditto for the rest of the cast, which may be talented but gets little chance to show it here. [3 Jul 1990, p.13]
    • Christian Science Monitor
  29. The best you can say about This Means War is that it would make a good date movie for couples in the witness protection program.

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