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3,589 movie reviews
  1. Wrenching on both personal and political levels.
  2. The material is right up Schrader's alley, and while his vision of the first "Exorcist" chapter isn't a masterpiece, it's far superior to the Renny Harlin prequel to "The Exorcist" released last year.
  3. This is moviemaking on the highest dramatic, psychological, and moral plane.
  4. Faucher's filmmaking is exquisite, Naymark's acting is luminous, and superb use of music lends a crowning touch.
  5. In sum, the classical Ron Howard and his splendid cast have made a spellbinding movie that joins "Million Dollar Baby," as well as "Raging Bull," the first two "Rocky" pictures, and "Fat City" as one of boxing cinema's all-time heavyweight champs.
  6. Or
    Yedaya's prizewinning debut film is acted and directed with uncommon psychological realism.
  7. Touching, transfixing, unique.
  8. You run across animation this ingenious about as often as a moving castle comes your way.
  9. Hou's sensitivity plus Ozu's inspiration equals sublimity of sight and sound.
  10. Riveting, suspenseful, and a perfect antidote to the too-tricky documentary "Super-Size Me."
  11. Riveting and unique.
  12. There's much subtle beauty in the last movie completed by Merchant Ivory Productions before Merchant's untimely death.
  13. Superbly acted, movingly written, and directed with a tough-minded lyricism rarely found in today's films. A summer movie to love.
  14. Should be required viewing for every concerned citizen.
  15. Suspenseful, surprising, and psychologically rich.
  16. As stylish as it is suspenseful.
  17. Weerasethakul's latest has received mixed responses on the film-festival circuit, yet while it's anything but commercial, it's also anything but unadventurous.
  18. This is a brilliant, if challenging, film.
  19. A plan for a perfect murder goes wildly wrong in this 1958 melodrama by one of France's great filmmakers.
  20. This is a lively, life-affirming documentary no viewer is likely to forget.
  21. Its leisurely, deliberative style is a perfect complement to the emotions it deals with - emotions so penetrating that I warn you at the outset how jarringly intense you may find Bergman's most brilliant drama in decades.
  22. The filmmaker keeps things lively by roaming far and wide with her camera, returning to the statesmanship side of the documentary often enough to let us follow relevant events as they unfold.
  23. A travelogue unlike any other.
  24. On the screen, Burton turns out to BE the ideal filmmaker for this deliciously bizarre yarn. He's given free rein to his fantasies in past movies, but rarely as wittily and consistently as he does here.
  25. A true American tragedy, directed with skill and conviction.
  26. An ingeniously scripted psychological thriller.
  27. The movie's underlying theme is the complex relationship between objects and memories, worked out through a taut, compelling story and superbly understated acting. Ryuichi Sakamoto composed the atmospheric score.
  28. This low-key drama is a miracle of mood, atmosphere, and sensitivity.
  29. Filmed to perfection by the great Christopher Doyle and others.
  30. This deliciously offbeat Canadian comedy gets its charm from marvelous acting and from a screenplay bursting with ideas. Great fun.

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